Where To Find Eco-Friendly Bikes

One of the most sustainable (and safest) ways we can get outside is by biking, from that lazy evening stroll to uphill rides guaranteed to make you sweat. No matter your preference, deciding to bike instead of hopping on public transportation or into a car means you’re limiting your carbon footprint, and that’s kind of our thing.

If you’re looking to pick up a bike or even just some cycling gear, we suggest starting with secondhand shops and co-ops in your area. These local businesses are your best bet for repairs (or, for co-ops, learning how to do your own!), custom recommendations, and investing in your community. You can even find bikes on eBay—look for ones from highly-rated sellers that have free local pickup near you to save on shipping.

If you’re having a tough time finding the right specs, sourcing a small part, or picking up the best in biking gear, we’ve rounded up 10 brands who may be able to assist. Five of these brands offer all kinds of bikes ranging from commuter styles to tricycles, while five focus on the accessories and apparel you need for quality time on the open road. Regardless of category, all brands are putting sustainability and responsible production at the center of their work, so you can rest (and ride) easy.

Don’t forget to wear a helmet and bring along a reusable water bottle. Happy biking! 🚲


1. Detroit Bikes

Ethics | Made in the USA, American-sourced steel Best For | Commuter bikes Ships To | USA Prices Start At | $450

As the largest bicycle frame manufacturer in the United States, Detroit Bikes knows a thing or two about quality and sustainability. Each bike frame is completely assembled in-house using Chromoly sustainable steel, the same sturdy material found in race cars. Made for those on-the-go, this line of commuter bikes is well worth the investment for those in busy cities or urban streets. (And here’s a quick tip: You can pre-order bikes that are currently sold out and have it shipped to a local bike store near you for assembly.)

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2. Pashley Bikes

Ethics | Ethically made in the UK, produced with sustainable steel Best For | Carrier cycles & tricycles Ships To | International destinations Prices Start At | £675

For nearly a century, Pashley Bikes has handcrafted bikes out of Stratford-upon-Avon in the UK. The close-knit team, including nearly 40 skilled craftsmen, uses sustainable steel for durable frames that last for years to come. In addition to regular bicycles, Pashley also hand-builds tricycles, foldable bikes, and carriers for both individual and industrial use. With UK and international shipping options available, you can see the renowned Pashley quality for yourself.

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3. Brooklyn Bicycle Co

Ethics | Ethically made in safe, fair working conditions, produced with sustainable steel & vegan leather Best For | Step-Through Bikes Ships To | USA, Canada, Argentina Prices Start At | $479

Brooklyn Bicycle Co aims to make your bicycle purchase as simple as possible, while still ensuring the quality of its bikes. Ethically made in safe working conditions, each frame is built with sustainable steel, and several models come with vegan leather grips or saddles. With its Buy & Ride program, each order is shipped to your local bike shop for professional assembly so all you need to do is pick it up. Unsure if there’s one near you? See the extensive list of Partner Shops!

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4. Booomers

Ethics | Ethically made in Ghana, produced with bamboo, gives back Best For | Bamboo bike frame Ships To | North America, West Africa, and Europe Prices Start At | $499

For a truly sustainable bicycle, we love Booomers: The team uses bamboo, which is lighter than steel, as durable as aluminum, and as eco-friendly as you can get. Booomers employs dozens of young people in rural Ghana where each member receives living wages and safe working conditions. Each purchase also supports local philanthropic initiatives. A note to international customers: While you can order both city- or gravel-ready bikes, we recommend ordering the frame alone and building the rest on your own—or with help from a local bike shop!

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5. Georgena Terry

Ethics | Made in the USA, sustainable steel, women-owned Best For | Custom women’s bikes Ships To | Continental US Prices Start At | $4,500 (Deposits are $1,500)

Ever wanted a custom bike of your own? Look no further than Georgena Terry who hand-builds every order from scratch, with delivery available across the United States. Utilizing steel frames from Wisconsin and wheels from Michigan, each bike is built exactly to your preferences and specifications, including height, brakes, gears, and color. For our most avid bikers, a Georgena Terry bicycle invests in both your regular rides and a woman-owned business.

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—Biking Gear & Apparel—

6. Rapha

Ethics | Ethically made, sustainable materials, give back Best For | Riding essentials & accessories Ships To | North America & the UK

Whether you’re on a pro team, hitting the gravel for a morning workout, or an aspiring cyclist, Rapha has conscious apparel for all people. Sourced from sustainable materials like organic cotton and responsible wool, Rapha’s line of jerseys, vests, bib shorts, and more are all made to withstand every kind of ride. For maximum sustainability, Rapha offers free repairs for many pieces in order to extend its life cycle. The associated Rapha Foundation invests over $1 million a year in the next generation’s cyclists.

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7. Patagonia

Ethics | Certified B Corp, ethically made, sustainable materials, give back Best For | Mountain biking apparel Ships To | International destinations

Patagonia, our go-to for most outdoor-related activities, aims to keep its carbon footprint as low as possible. The team has made significant investments in regenerative and organic materials, responsible production, and supporting philanthropic initiatives centered around climate change. Patagonia offers an extensive line of apparel for mountain biking for all people; and while orders can ship worldwide, the brand recommends shopping locally instead to minimize waste and emissions.

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8. Team Dream

Ethics | Ethically made, made in USA, produced in small batches Best For | Cycling apparel Ships To | International destinations

Team Dream, a small business based out of San Marino, CA, sells apparel for both the casual riders and the cycling enthusiast. Every piece has been designed in-house and is responsibly produced in small batches within the local area (much of it within 30 miles of the HQ!). Because of this sustainable, limited supply chain, Team Dream has some of the most competitive pricing around. Team Dream orders deliver worldwide, though pick-up in LA is possible if you’re nearby.

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9. Chris King

Ethics | Certified B Corp, reclaimed & organic materials, eco-friendly manufacturing Best For | Individual bike parts Dealers Available In | North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia

Chris King became the first bike manufacturer to become a Certified B Corporation, and it shows. Based out of Portland, OR, it’s been a trusted source of bike parts for over four decades. And conscious creation is a core value to the team: it prioritizes reclaimed steel and aluminum, water-saving production methods, and all of it is made locally in the USA. From hubs to brackets to any small bicycle piece you can imagine, you can find Chris King parts at many dealers and stores worldwide.

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10. Beryl

Ethics | Certified B Corp, eco-friendly office practices, gives back Best For | Bike lights & mounts Ships To | International destinations

If you’re in the UK, you may be familiar with Beryl’s ride-sharing program around London, Norwich, and Watford. But did you know the brand also crafts bike lights for any urban cyclist? For the best visibility and safety, you can pick up one of these award-winning lights starting at just £20. Featured in The Guardian, BBC, and Fast Company, Certified B Corp Beryl makes riding safer and more sustainable.

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