Gifts That Say Bon Appétit!

For the person who took up cooking in 2020, these gifts will inspire their continued journey as they learn new methods and whip up exciting recipes. This list includes nontoxic pans, spices, organic oils, and more, and each item has been carefully selected to enlivening your loved one’s kitchen and set the foundation for delicious meals.

Don’t forget to check out our favorite sustainable gifts for this year (and gifts for him, too).

1. The Always Pan | Our Place

Our Place is rooted in creating community through a shared meal and thoughtful cookware. The brand’s signature pan not only looks beautiful sitting on top of the stove, but it replaces eight traditional pieces of cookware. (So your loved one can fry, sauté, steam, and more.) Perfect to gift the host in your life who loves to cook a big meal without the extensive cleanup. For more nontoxic cookware, here are our favorite sustainable pots and pans.

Shop | $150

2. The Duo | Brightland

Brightland creates consciously crafted organic oils and vinegar. The company uses olives from a family-run farm in California, and the oil is made without the added chemicals or compounds found in most olive oils. Equally remarkable, the signature glass bottles are created in collaboration with artists and decorated with organic water-based sprays and inks. It’s a gift that looks as good as it tastes.

Shop | $74 for two bottles

3. The Essential Apron | Hedley & Bennett

Hedley & Bennett aprons are unisex, handcrafted, and made with 100% cotton. They range from lightweight to heavy-duty, and they are all tested and verified by a team of chefs. Perfect for the serious cook or craftsperson who isn’t scared to get a bit messy.

Shop | $95

4. “In Bibi’s Kitchen” | By Hawa Hassan with Julia Turshen

This cookbook honors heritage, family, and the wisdom of food. Written by Somali chef Hawa Hassan, and in collaboration with renowned food writer Julia Turshen, the book boasts 75 recipes and stories from Bibis (a word used for grandmother in parts of Africa). Not only is this a cookbook but also a travelogue. Filled with stunning imagery that sparks a feeling of wanderlust, it’s designed for the person who loves food and travel.

Shop | $35

5. Bamboo Compost Bin | Bamboozle

Who knew a compost bin could be this beautiful and sustainable? This one is made in the USA from biodegradable and durable bamboo fibers. It holds up to 4.4 liters of compostable scraps and is a lovely gift for veggie-loving chefs looking to reduce food waste.

Shop | $40

6. Masala Dabba | Diaspora Co. x Tiipoi

Diaspora Co believes “the future of our food system is BIPOC-led and equitable AF,” and the company was founded to create a radically new, decolonized, and equitable spice trade. We love the Masala Dabba as a gift, which features heirloom single-origin Indian spices and is beautifully placed in an artisanal brass Dabba.

Shop | $200

7. “The Self-Care Cookbook” | Gemma Ogston

Nourishing the body with wholesome meals is an act of self-care. For an affordable gift, this book is filled with 60 vegan recipes from chef Gemma Ogston. Her plant-based meals nourish the body, mind, and soul. And for even more cookbooks, here are a few more of our favorites!

Shop | $20

8. Cast Iron Conditioner | Lovett Sundries

For the cast-iron lover in your life, this conditioner is perfect for seasoning vintage cast-iron and well-used pans. Made by a family company in Pennsylvania, the mixture is a simple four ingredients—sea salt, coconut oil, flaxseed oil, and castor oil. Another affordable yet useful gift for aspiring chefs.

Shop | $17

9. Dutch Oven | Caraway

Caraway is committed to creating clean cookware free from harmful chemicals such as PFOA, PTFE, PFAs, lead, cadmium, nickel, and other toxic metals. This Dutch Oven is perfect for the person who cares about aesthetics and uses eco-friendly, nontoxic cookware. Plus, shouldn’t every chef be gifted a dutch oven?

Shop | $125

10. Kamado-San | Toiro

This double-lid donabe rice cooker is handmade with care using one of Japan’s most highly-regarded ceramic techniques. This beautiful kitchen staple develops character with age and makes high-quality rice, as well as hearty stews and soups.

Shop | $135

11. Un-Baking Paper | Seed & Sprout

For the baker in your life, encourage them away from single-use tin-foil and wax paper. Traditional baking sheets can’t be recycled because of the coating, and they contain dioxins that are harmful to people and the environment. This reusable silicone “paper”  creates less waste and can be used repeatedly by simply washing it.

Shop | $21

12. Chef’s Knife | Equal Parts

Every aspiring chef needs a chef’s knife, and this one comes in at under $100. It’s also made consciously from German steel (a lower carbon alternative) and is free from BPA and other harmful toxins. The handle is ergonomic, too!

Shop | $59

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