Drink Responsibly

Earth Day (observed annually on April 22nd) is a day to appreciate everything the Earth does for us and to focus on how we can protect it for the future. What better way to celebrate then to show the planet some gratitude this month with a cold beer from a sustainable brewery. 

1. Anderson Valley Brewing Company

Where To Find Them | Boonville, CA

Why We Love Them | Hard to miss with their mascot the “beer” (a bear with deer antlers) Anderson Valley is committed to reusing water to help the California drought, donating healthy grains to local livestock, running on 40% solar power, and using recycled cans. Spend an afternoon on their free 18-hole frisbee golf course, with payment for lost frisbee’s in push-ups. Known for their malty Boont Amber Ale, they’ve recently begun releasing a variety of Gose sour beers, which are a personal favorite, and are perfect for a daytime outdoor BBQ or kayaking excursion.

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2. New Belgium Brewing Company

Where To Find Them | Fort Collins, CO

Why We Love Them | New Belgium Brewing Company releases a yearly sustainability report so you can keep up with all the good they are doing for the world. In 2016, 99% of their waste did not end up in a landfill since they find a variety of ways to recycle and reuse it. You can find their famous Fat Tire Amber Ale all over the US, or head to their brewery in Fort Collins and celebrate Earth Day there. Not sure which of their beers are for you? Take advantage of their beer flights to get a taste of a variety of beers they (or any other brewery) offer to discover your favorites.

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3. Brooklyn Brewery

Where To Find Them | Brooklyn, NY

Why We Love Them | Brooklyn Brewery works on sustainability through their beer, warehouse, offices, tasting room, and community. In 2016, across the Mississippi Alluvial Valley, they planted 375 acres of CO2 converting trees. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on their limited Serpent Belgian style golden ale aged in bourbon barrels it will not disappoint. Their local favorite, Brooklyn Lager is perfect for hanging in a hammock and taking in all the scenery.

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4. Ninkasi Brewery

Where To Find Them | Eugene, OR

Why We Love Them | Focusing on giving back to their community through fundraising and donating profits to charities, Ninkasi Brewery has upcycled over 40 millions pounds of grains since 2009. They also use solar power to provide a portion of energy to produce their incredible beers. Known for their IPA’s with names as mind blowing as the beer, from their hard hitting double IPA, Tricerahops, to their IPA, Dawn Of The Red, Ninkasi kills the game.

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5. Hops and Grain

Where To Find Them | Austin, TX

Why We Love Them | From making dog treats with their grains to having conscious water practices, Hops and Grain creates a fun atmosphere for their devoted customers. Frequently changing the brews they have on tap you’ll never get bored at their Austin taproom. Their crisp pale ale, A Pale Mosaic, and malty porter, A Porter Culture, will hit the spot any day of the week. I’d say to pour one out for the #1 homie Earth, but I’m sure the earth would prefer you just drink it instead.

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6. Alaskan Brewing Company

Where To Find Them | Juneau, AK

Why We Love Them | Do you dream of enjoying a beer with one of the most majestic views on earth? Alaskan Brewing Company will make any explorer thrilled. They hold the torch for being the first craft brewery beginning in 1998 to use a CO2 recovery system to clean the CO2 produced during the fermentation process. The aptly named Hopothermia, an American Double IPA, that Alaskan Brewing Co describes “pairs best with large wild game that you have caught with your bare hands.” Can’t get any more in Alaskan than that.

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7. Sierra Nevada

Where To Find Them | Chico, CA

Why We Love Them | Possibly the most well known craft brewery, Sierra Nevada, has been committed to sustainability since day one, as well as making some of the best beers in the world. By offering some of their well known brews, like their Pale Ale and Torpedo IPA in cans they are able to, not only make a more portable beer for adventuring, but the cans are more easily recyclable. So throw a couple in your backpack to enjoy the mountaintop views during a hike, or just hang out with some backyard cornhole.

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8. Heritage Brewery Co

Where To Find Them | Manassas, VA

Why We Love Them | Focused on giving back to veterans and patriots and where all the furniture in the tap house is recycled or repurposed, Heritage Brewing Co works hard to put in the hours to create beer that inspires and helps the planet. Celebrating all things America, check out their East Coast Pale Ale, The Teddy, which is dedicated to Theodore Roosevelt, who created the United States National Forest Service and established five national parks. Any of which would make a wonderful backdrop for celebrating Earth Day.

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So raise a glass and make a toast to the beautiful planet we all call home this summer, and don’t forget to recycle the bottle!