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A well-fitting jean jacket can transform your style, layer your look, and of course, keep you warm. But denim production can be costly in terms of environmental and human damage. Most cotton used in denim is grown with toxic chemicals, which many farmers are forced to pick in unsafe working conditions. Once the cotton is sourced, thousands of gallons of water are needed for production. There are better alternatives.

Instead, we can choose sustainable and organic denim. While the price-point is higher, it’s because we’re investing in practices that align with our values: Fair labor and local production, responsibly grown and sourced materials, upcycling and recycling, and carbon-neutral shipping. Plus, authentic, well-designed denim can last for a lifetime, so it’s well worth the investment. 

We’ve selected our favorite jackets for the upcoming fall season below, but if you’re looking for something more affordable, shop for pre-loved jackets! For secondhand and vintage gems, we recommend apps like DepopEtsyeBay, or Poshmark. Check out these tips for thrifting online and our advice on how to shop for vintage denim. Wear your new find with confidence! ✨

1. Warp + Weft

Ethics | Vertically integrated, eco-friendly practices, fair labor & production
Sizes | XS–6XL
Our Pick | All Gender Jacket in Nitro ($98)
Price Range | $98

The family-run team behind Warp + Weft has been in the denim business for more than thirty years, which is why they know a thing or two about the perfect jean jacket. A classic American style with a twist, the All Gender Jacket is sustainably made with cotton denim. With a nod to Seattle’s grunge scene, these are two vintage washes to pick from, Nitro and Amoroso. Best of all, we love that this brand offers inclusive sizing on its denim jackets through 6XL.

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2. Boyish

Ethics | Certified organic, sustainable, & recycled materials, eco-friendly practices & packaging, zero waste, fair labor & wages, carbon-neutral, gives back
Sizes | XXS–XL
Our Pick | The Harvey | Gilda ($188)
Price Range | $188–$298

Inspired by “boyish” styles and California vibes, Boyish is a Los Angeles brand focused on sustainable women’s denim. The Harvey is a vintage-inspired jacket with a raw hem, slight crop, and distressed feel. Like many Boyish pieces, this jacket is sewn with upcycled fabrics, natural TENCEL, and recycled cotton—minimizing waste and maximizing sustainability.

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3. Nudie Jeans

Ethics | Organic & recycled cotton, eco-friendly production, fair labor & wages, lifetime repairs, secondhand shop, carbon emissions offset
Sizes | XS–XXL
Our Pick | Nina Worker Jacket ($230)
Price Range | $230–$480

Nudie Jeans is a leader in production transparency and sustainable garments, and 100 percent of its denim is sourced from organic cotton. With every purchase—including the 90s style Nina Worker Jacket—Nudie offers free repairs for life, so you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Plus, when you’re done using them, you can send ‘em in to Nudie’s Reuse initiative, which turns your old jeans into new ones.

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4. Nicole Zïzi Studio

Ethics | Recycled & sustainable materials, ethically made, made-to-order
Sizes | XS–XXL
Our Pick | Recycled Plastic Denim Trucker Jacket ($300)
Price Range | $300

Nicole Zïzi Studio is an apparel brand inspired by streetwear style and sustainability. Pieces here are created using recycled post-consumer plastic, like the Denim Trucker Jacket made from old bottles littered across Haiti and Honduras. The new fabric is then cut and sewn in New York using fair trade and ethical production, so there’s less harm done to people and the planet. Since these are made-to-order, production can take up to seven weeks.

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5. DL1961

Ethics | Vertically integrated supply chain, sustainable & recycled cotton, eco-friendly production, ethically made, solar-powered, gives back
Sizes | XS–XL
Our Pick | Simone Crop Shirt ($169)
Price Range | $159–$199

DL1961 has a vertically integrated supply chain and makes everything in-house to minimize energy and emissions—including recycling 98 percent of its water usage. This gorgeous crop “shirt” can also be used as a layering jacket, thanks to its raw hem, patch pockets, and durable corduroy. A perfectly neutral staple for our fall wardrobes.

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Ethics | Sustainable & organic materials, ethically made by women, fair wages, eco-friendly & low waste practices
Sizes | XXS–XXL
Our Pick | Naibi Cropped Jacket ($135)
Price Range | $135–$180

ABLE employs artisans from around the globe and pays far more than just “living” wages to help sustainably lift people from poverty. The brand’s Naibi Cropped Jacket is handcrafted in Mexico like all its denim—made with sustainable cotton and Lyocell and 100 percent recycled water throughout production. This slimmer fit and distressed wash gives you a serious edge.


7. Levi’s

Ethics | Sustainable cotton, eco-friendly production, fair labor & wages, gives back, secondhand shop
Sizes | 2XS–4X
Our Pick | Ex-Boyfriend Trucker Jacket ($79.50)
Price Range | $79.50–$498

For most of its denim, Levi’s sources cotton from sustainable farmers and leverages water-efficient practices. This jacket in particular is sustainably made with 100 percent cotton and offers an oversized, extra-relaxed look—ideal for fall and winter. With versatile styles for all and responsible production, it’s clear why Levi’s has been a household name for decades.

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8. Sézane

Ethics | GOTS certified organic & eco-friendly materials, recycling program & packaging, ethically made, powered by renewable energy, gives back
Sizes | XS–XXL (US 2–14)
Our Pick | Denis Jacket ($185)
Price Range | $145–$210

This beautifully crafted jacket from Sézane is crafted with 100 percent organic GOTS certified cotton. We love the small touches, like the wide pockets, round pleats and longer length in the back, and stylish buttons. The French-based brand also prioritizes eco-friendly and ethical production, recycled packaging, and giving back through DEMAIN, its philanthropic initiative. 

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Ethics | Upcycled denim & materials, zero waste, eco-friendly & ethical production, carbon-neutral shipping, made-to-order options
Sizes | XS–L
Our Pick | Mid-Blue Match Cropped Jacket (£275)
Price Range | £275–£2,200

E.L.V. DENIM combines two older denim pieces to create new jackets that are unique and zero waste. Using only seven liters of water during production (as opposed to 7,000 liters—what it would take to make a new jacket), these sustainable pieces are designed and sewn in London for a minimal footprint. But don’t worry if you don’t live in the UK; they can be delivered worldwide with carbon-neutral shipping.


10. Kings Of Indigo

Ethics | Organic & recycled materials, ethically made, eco-friendly production, upcycling options
Sizes | XS–XXL
Our Pick | Anna Jacket (£289,99)
Price Range | £139,99–£389,95

Kings of Indigo, an Amsterdam-based brand, is committed to five pillars for sustainability: planet-friendly materials, efficient water use, social responsibility, eco-friendly transport, and being as low-waste as possible. The Anna Jacket is a classic-style trucker jacket, but embroidered with Japanese- and Americana-inspired badges for a pop of fun.

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Ethics | GOTS certified organic & recycled cotton, circular loop processes, free repairs & take-back program, ethical production, gives back
Sizes | S–XL
Our Pick | Skylaar Undyed (£119,90)
Price Range | £119,90–£149,90

Searching for denim that isn’t dyed at all? Check out German brand ARMEDANGELS. This biz says it’s “ignored fashion” since 2007, opting for cleaner, more sustainable practices. Take for instance. the Skylaar, a genderless jacket made from organic and recycled cotton and completely undyed, saving 90 percent of energy in comparison to regular production.


Featured image from Warp + Weft

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