Green Dorm Supplies For Mindful Studying

It’s a huge step to get to decorate your first space outside of your parent’s house. If you’re off to college this fall, that means your dorm room is going to become your safe haven. It’s your place for late-night studying, emotional journalling, and the first stepping stone in establishing how you live independently.

When searching for all the necessary knick-knacks and supplies to make your dorm feel more at home, aim to create a space that is eco-conscious. Think small and minimalist—after all, the space will most likely not be large. Consider secondhand when you can; you’ll save money and give new life to old pieces.

Below are nine conscious staples for starting off life in your new dorm room, so you can practice earth awareness in your new space.

1. Reusable Storage Bags | Stasher

Stasher is helping to lead the plastic-free movement by creating an alternative to plastic baggies. These reusable containers are made from silicone, which is a natural resource. They are made in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors that can be used to store laptop cords, headphones, makeup, and of course, on-the-go snacks.

Shop | $8+

2. Natural Cleaning Supplies | Puracy

These all-natural, nontoxic, and plant-based cleaning supplies are an affordable alternative to some of the other more luxury natural cleaning supply brands. Puracy also sells cleaning supply sets as a perfect way to bring all of the staples for natural cleaning into your new dorm.

Shop | $5.99

3. Glass & Cork Reusable Cup | Package Free

This college essential is easily purchased in plastic form. For a more sustainable alternative, we love this glass one from Package Free (plus, it’s a great conversation starter). Check out their office supplies page for even more recycled and plastic-free back-to-school essentials like pencils, notebooks, and binders.

Shop | $35

4. Recycled dot grid notebook | decomposition

We love this “decomposition” notebook that not only has cute designs but is also made in the USA from 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper. The perfect notebook to make you feel good about the planet while taking notes.

Shop | $10

5. Organic Bedding | The Ultimate Green Store

One big (and long-lasting) choice a new college student can make is to opt for organic and eco-friendly sheets and blankets. This online shop makes it easy to find bedding that specifically fits dorm room beds, along with other essentials for a green dorm room.

Shop | $24+

6. Dorm Room Furniture Rental | Fernish

If you need furniture or accessories for your student housing, consider renting instead of buying cheap accessories that you’ll only use for one year. Fernish offers rentals starting at $7/month for 3–12 months, and you can even put your rental costs towards purchasing the item if you like it. Cort also provides off-campus and dorm furniture rental, and they offer delivery and setup for beds, mattresses, and futons.

Shop | $7+

7. To-Go Bamboo Utensils | To-Go Ware

Eating in the cafeteria between classes and late night study sessions makes it easy to grab the plastic utensils offered. This awesome set of bamboo to-go utensils can conveniently be thrown into a backpack and washed when finished.

Shop | $12.95

8. Cloth Napkins | Dot & Army

Reusable napkins are a simple zero-waste swap for any home. In a dorm, they are especially convenient and easy to grab for quick clean-ups and keeping your small space feeling polished. This set includes 18 napkins, all made from 100% cotton, and can easily be thrown into the wash.

Shop | $38

9. Bamboo Hangers | Only Hangers

It’s easy to opt for cheap, plastic hangers when getting ready to go off to college. However, hangers are one of things that do stay with you for a long time, and college is just the start of adulthood. When buying your first hangers, start with a set of sustainably-made bamboo ones instead.

Shop | $8+


Courtney Jay Higgins is the Associate Editor at The Good Trade. She is also a Yoga Instructor, vegetarian, wellness and fashion enthusiast. Originally from Colorado, her soul found California when she came to get her degree in Visual Communications at the Fashion Institute Of Design & Merchandising. She has a background in telling a story through writing, creative direction and content creation. Check out her blog and Instagram for her unique perspective on the mergence of fashion and spirituality.