Beautiful, Sustainable Blooms in NYC

Whether you’re planning an event or picking up a bundle of blooms for the kitchen table, buying locally and sustainably-grown flowers versus the conventional variety is a great way to lessen your carbon footprint. The conventional flower industry relies heavily on toxic chemicals and excessive amounts of water, harming both the planet and the workers harvesting the stems.

Wherever you live, consider buying blooms that are grown closer to home, rather than the stems that travel thousands of miles to reach the vase on your bedside table. These five New York City-based florists keep the environment in mind through every step of their arrangements, from the way the blooms are grown to how they dispose of the scraps created along the way.

1. Saipua

The people behind Brooklyn-based Saipua believe that everyone needs a little more flowers in their life. Flaunting hauntingly beautiful arrangements, Saipua uses fresh flowers grown sustainably at their farm located at “World’s End” in upstate New York. The farm runs almost entirely on solar energy and all the flower scraps from Saipua’s Brooklyn studio are sent back to the farm where they are composted. 

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2. Gardenia Organic

New York’s first sustainable florist, Gardenia Organic sources flowers locally and from sustainable Fair Trade Certified growers abroad. Gardenia Organic takes recycling seriously, using recycled glass vases and composting any flower waste created during the arrangement process. They focus on what is fresh and seasonal too, offering an arrangement called “today’s pick” that’s based on what their flower growers have available on any given day. 

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3. Molly Oliver Flowers

An organic farmer herself, Molly Culver of Molly Oliver Flowers is dedicated to sourcing locally-grown flowers: over 90% of the flowers Molly uses are grown within a 200-mile radius of New York City. Molly Oliver specializes in floral design for events, crafting arrangements for eco-friendly weddings and celebrations. She also hosts workshops in the five boroughs on farming and flower design. 

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4. Taproot

This Crown Heights-based florist sources flowers from 25 farms surrounding the New York City area. By sourcing locally, Taproot prides itself on being able to use unusual, delicate blooms that wouldn’t survive long trans-Atlantic flights. Taproot specializes in wedding day arrangements, and also offers floral design classes for the do-it-yourselfers out there.

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5. Peartree  

Located in an historic building in Greenpoint, the Peartree studio is brimming with whimsical, romantic arrangements. During the summer, Peartree sources flowers from all over the New York area, including the Hudson Valley, the Catskills, and Long Island. Liza Lubell, the mind behind these lush arrangements, often works with local ceramicists to make beautiful vases, supporting the local maker community.  

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