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Despite having a bachelor’s degree in Screenwriting, I didn’t quite get into watching movies until this past year. Though initially it was the rise (and eventual fall) of MoviePass that got me to the movies in the first place, the stream of incredible films that came out over the past year is what kept me going back to the theater again and again. Oscar nominations came out last week, and while I am less than happy with the Academy’s nominations, I am still celebrating the films that tugged at my heart strings this past year in my own way.

I’ve pulled together some of the most iconic outfits from movies that stood out to me this past year, and recreated them with ethical and sustainable pieces. I’m hoping you’ll find some outfit inspiration, be inspired to watch these films, or best case scenario, both!

If Beale Street Could Talk

Photo via Annapurna Pictures | Costumer Design by Caroline Eselin-Schaefer

Sharon Rivers (Regina King)

If Beale Street Could Talk is one of those films that makes you believe in love again. I mean, what else would you expect from Barry Jenkins, director of the Oscar-winning film Moonlight? As beautiful as the love story is between the main characters, Tish and Fonny, perhaps an even more striking testament to the power of love is the lengths to which Regina King’s character, Sharon Rivers, is willing to go for the wellbeing of her family. Regina portrays the power of motherly love exquisitely in this Golden Globe-winning performance, and she looks absolutely stunning while doing so. Here, I’ve recreated Sharon’s costume from my favorite scene in the film: a slow-mo walk off of an airplane in Puerto Rico.

Vintage Linen Green Dress by The Birdcage Vintage, $56 | Vintage

Harry Wool Blend Crombie Coat by Monsoon London, $215 | Ethically-made, sustainably-sourced

Recycled Fabric Bandana by Whimsy + Row, $28 | Made in USA, fair labor standards

Cateye Sunglasses by Keepwood Eyewear, $70 | Sustainable bamboo

Eighth Grade

Photo via A24 | Costume Design by Mitchell Travers

Kayla Day (Elsie Fisher)

Of all the movies I’ve seen in the past year, Eighth Grade is by far the movie in which I saw myself the most. This coming of age story follows the extremely awkward Kayla Day, played by 15-year-old Elsie Fisher, in some of the most trying moments of her eighth grade year. The film so poignantly captures what it’s like to be painfully shy in your preteen years, bringing about a whirlwind of emotions throughout. This outfit reflects Kayla’s character at one of her most confident moments. I imagine my eighth grade self would feel pretty good about herself in this outfit, just like Kayla did.

Marcell Overalls by Lacausa, $130 | Made in LA, ethical labor practices

Luxe Frank Tee by Lacausa, $73 | Made in LA, ethical labor practices

V-10 Sneakers by Veja, $125 | Ethical production, organic materials, zero waste

Sorry To Bother You

Photo via AnnaPurna Pictures | Costume Design by Deirdra Govan

Detroit (Tessa Thompson)

If I had to choose, Sorry To Bother You would probably rank as my top film of 2018. The film takes a bold stance against capitalism, featuring an incredibly off-the-rails twist towards the end. Though many might be turned off by the film’s absurdity, no one can deny that the characters had some memorable costumes. Tessa Thompson’s character, Detroit, in particular had some outfits that will be imprinted on my memory, probably forever. Her statement earrings, boxy blazers and bold makeup in the film were extremely telling of her character’s fierce activism and dedication to the causes she believed in. After much digging, I was happy to find some ethical and sustainable dupes of her statement accessories.

Oversized Blazer by Everlane, $175 | Ethical production process, radical transparency

I’m Mad As Hell! Earrings by WokeandBespoke Shop, $10 | Thoughtfully designed

A Star Is Born

Photo via Warner Bros. | Costume Design by Erin Benach

Ally (Lady Gaga)

If you weren’t a Lady Gaga fan before A Star Is Born, then odds are you are now. Though I have some mixed feelings about the film itself, I was amazed at Gaga’s performance (and incredibly surprised at how much I’ve listened to “Shallow” since having seen the film). I was also amazed at Gaga’s character, Ally’s, wardrobe—how chic it is, without trying too hard. This casual little number featuring statement leopard pants and minimal gold jewelry feel so down to earth, that I might even wear it myself.

Straight Brim Charcoal Hat by Equal Uprise, $80 | Responsible production practices

Lapel Cropped Tank by Hackwith Design House, $123 | Made in USA, made to order

Marshall Pant by Reformation, $158 | Made responsibly in USA, sustainable practices

Interlink Necklace by Vrai, $240 | Ethical labor practices

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Photo via Netflix | Costume Design by Rafaella Rabinovich

Lara Jean Covey (Lana Condor)

This one is an honorable mention of sorts, because while To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before was not a contender for the Oscars, it was a film that I found myself going back to again and again in 2018. Without giving too much away, the film portrays, ever so poignantly, the story of a teenage girl pretending her way through her first relationship. Much like Eighth Grade, To All The Boys has a way of getting the introverted girl experience right in so many ways. Not to mention, Lara Jean’s outfits are always just as adorable as she is. Here I’ve recreated one of her many enviable looks.

Garment Dye Tank Dress by Los Angeles Apparel, $32 | Made in Los Angeles, ethical labor practices

Relaxed Poplin Shirt by Everlane, $55 | Ethical production process, radical transparency

1990 Baby Blue Satin Bomber Jacket by Rematch Vintage, $39 | Vintage

Mara Mini Crossbody Bag by Matt & Natt, $91 | Vegan, recycled materials, ethically-made, cruelty-free

What were your favorite movies of 2018 and why? Let me know in the comments! ✨

Celeste M. Scott is the Social Media Coordinator at The Good Trade. She is a writer and photographer who is passionate about film and Internet culture. She can often be found sifting through the racks at her local Savers. You can find her work on her website and Instagram.