For When Carhartt Overalls Aren’t Sustainable Enough

Originally considered utilitarian workwear, overalls (also called dungarees) blend the best of both worlds, combining effortless fit with function. Unfortunately, most overalls, especially those made with denim or cotton, aren’t so sustainable; the production process usually requires thousands of gallons of water or the use of toxic chemicals.

But have no fear: There are brands doing good work! The below brands use eco-friendly materials and sustainable production practices to create overalls, shortalls, coveralls, and everything in between. They also have ethical working conditions and often set aside profits to give back.

For budget-friendly options, check out Etsy’s vintage selection or thredUP! If you’re more of a jumpsuit fan, we’ve got a guide for sustainable jumpsuits, too.

1. Outerknown

Ethics | Organic & recycled materials, Fair Trade Certified, eco-friendly practices Sizes | XS–XL (US 0–16) Delivers To | Worldwide Price Range | $148–$168

Long overalls or shortalls? Outerknown carries both! Launched by professional surfer Kelly Slater, the brand creates sustainable fashion inspired by nature. Over 90 percent of the fabrics are either organic, recycled, or regenerated, and every piece is ethically made in accordance with the Fair Labor Association. So whether you’re hoping for colorful linen shortalls or classic denim overalls, you’ll find it all here.

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2. Arielle

Ethics | Organic & recycled materials, fair trade, ethically made in NY, plastic-free packaging, secondhand shop Sizes | XS–L (unisex sizing) Delivers To | Worldwide Price Range | $199

For timeless, genderless pieces we love, check out Arielle. These denim overalls are made entirely with GOTS certified organic cotton from Texas and India. Plus, it’s all fair trade and ethically produced in NYC’s garment district. Did we mention the five pockets (yes, five!), adjustable shoulders, and relaxed fit? Keep in mind the unisex sizing when you order, and then enjoy your new, effortless piece.

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3. Whimsy + Row

Ethics | Upcycled & organic materials, ethically made, low-waste, carbon-neutral, nontoxic dyes, gives back, eco-friendly packaging Sizes | US 0–12 Delivers To | Worldwide Price Range | $172

Whimsy + Row’s corduroy or linen/cotton overalls are fun, flirty, and perfect for layering, thanks to the fitted waist and criss-cross back! To make these beauties, the brand sources eco-friendly materials (any leftover textile is donated) and creates the overalls in small batches. These low-waste and carbon-free practices mean your pair of overalls will be exceptionally sustainable.

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4. Loup

Ethics | Ethically made in NYC, repair program Sizes | XXS–4X (US 00–24) Delivers To | Worldwide Price Range | $120–$198

We know firsthand how hard it can be to find plus-size options for overalls. That’s why we love Loup, which currently goes up to 4X. Go for the corduroy shortalls, black overalls, or flared fits—whatever your heart desires! By locally designing and producing in New York City, this small business is also able to cut out the middleman. We especially love the repair program to guarantee the life of your piece. If they get a tear, simply send them back, and Loup will sew them up good as new for you!

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5. Boyish

Ethics | Recycled & OEKO-TEX certified materials, nontoxic dyes, eco-friendly packaging, ethically made in Turkey & Austria, carbon-neutral, gives back Sizes | XXS–XL (US 000–14) Delivers To | Worldwide Price Range | $188

Boyish is leading the way, showing fashion brands can be impactful instead of harmful. This sustainable brand uses OEKO-TEX certified and recycled materials for its pieces, like recycled cotton for the vintage-style overalls. Plus, the team touts important certifications around ethical production, organic fabrics, and more. For a casual look, definitely check out these relaxed overalls.

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6. Swoveralls

Ethics | Organic & recycled materials, ethically made in the USA, gives back Sizes | XXS–3X Delivers To | USA & Canada Price Range | $65-$125

Part sweatpant, part overall, Swoveralls are known as “the comfiest thing you never knew you needed.” They’re also unisex, so anyone can wear them (don’t miss the zipper for easy bathroom access!). Each pair is hand-cut and sewn by artists in Los Angeles, using a blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester for the smoothest, softest fit. Considering there’s also swovie shorts (its take on overall shorts), enticing patterns, kid-friendly sizes, there’s truly something for everyone here.

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7. Komodo

Ethics | GOTS certified organic & sustainable materials, ethically made in Asia, gives back, free of single-use plastic Sizes | 1–5 (UK 8–16, US 6–14) Delivers To | Worldwide Price Range | £90–£125

Komodo has been around since the 1980s and continues to be a leading ethical brand in the UK. These dungarees are made with a mix of organic cotton and cellulose fibers from trees. And they are handcrafted in factories across Nepal, Bali, and India—all of which hold ethical certifications, like SA8000. There are several styles here, but what we love most about this collection is the range of colors, including pale pink and bright red.

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8. Conscious Clothing

Ethics | Made-to-order, plant-based fabrics, nontoxic dyes, low-waste, eco-friendly packaging, reduced carbon footprint, ethically made in the USA, size-inclusive Sizes | XS–4X Delivers To | Worldwide Price Range | $190–$230

Conscious Clothing believes in careful consumption, long-lasting designs, and slow fashion. Based in Michigan, this family-owned and run business works with an in-house team of women to bring every order to life. Since these overalls are handmade, you can expect them to ship within three weeks. It’s fairly size-inclusive as well, with options going up to 4X. While we like the regular overalls, we’re also eyeing the coveralls that remind us of Rosie the Riveter. 😎

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9. For Days

Ethics | Natural & GOTS certified organic materials, sustainable practices, zero-waste, take-back program Sizes | XS–XXL Delivers To | US Price Range | $64

For Days believes in recyclable fashion. That’s why everything here is zero waste and can be “swapped” back to the brand when you’re done to be remade into something entirely new. This closed-loop brand also works exclusively with sustainable fabrics, like GOTS certified organic cotton. Technically considered a romper but with an overalls-inspired design, the Relaxing Romper is easy, comfy, and budget-friendly.

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