Small Grills For Summertime

Summer, summer, summertime 🎶. Will Smith said it best, it’s the time to sit back and unwind. Except we can’t imagine relaxing on those warm summer evenings without a barbecue!

Whether you’re a veggie hot dog or turkey burger fan, these sustainable grills will have you BBQing in a flash. Choose from these portable picks below, including small charcoal grills and even a solar grill.

Don’t forget reusable outdoor dishes and eco-friendly cutlery for a truly sustainable meal. ♨️🍽️

1. GoSun

Best For | Camping
Ethics | Solar-powered, REI co-op
Materials | Solar vacuum tube, stainless steel tray, silicone caps & pans
Price | $139

Heading to the great outdoors this summer? Don’t forget to pack a GoSun portable cooker. This solar grill reaches up to 50 watts of energy thanks to the sun, and can easily cook, grill, boil, and even steam the foods you love. Once it’s heated, it’ll be on standby for hours so that you can use it throughout the day and night. We especially love that it works the same year-round, unaffected by cloudy days. 

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2. Uncommon Goods

Best For | Local travel
Ethics | Certified B Corp, sustainable materials, eco-friendly packaging, gives back
Materials | Ceramic, charcoal, bamboo
Price | $140

Uncommon Goods’ reusable and portable grill is as eco-friendly as it is useful. Your order comes with a non-stick grill, plant-based charcoal pods, a bamboo spatula, thermometer, and cutting board—all in a waterproof case. At under 10 pounds, this efficient and effective grill can go with you on road trips, to tailgates, or even on a backwoods hike. Just don’t forget to pack a lighter!

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3. Casus Grill

Best For | Single-use
Ethics | Biodegradable, flame-free
Materials | Bamboo, lava stone, cardboard
Price | $47.95 for 3

As frequent campers, Casus Grill is the single-use grill we’ve always wanted. It’s made entirely with natural materials that will biodegrade after one use. No lighter fluid, chemicals or other flames needed here—you only a lighter to get it started. This grill is ready to go in under five minutes and can easily be added to a compost or campfire area afterward. Pick from a three- or six-pack; both include free shipping.

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4. Everdure

Best For | Portability
Ethics | Plastic-free, sustainable materials
Materials | Steel, enamel
Price | $199.95

For a small charcoal grill that lasts summer after summer, we love Everdure. Made with premium materials like stainless steel, enamel, and a bamboo prep board, it’s plastic-free, unlike most grills. And this cube is brilliantly designed as well, with a removable charcoal tray, storage area, and heat protection shield. All you’ll need to worry about is your menu—hot dogs or burgers?

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5. EcoGrill

Best For | UK
Ethics | Eco-friendly materials & packaging, biodegradable, gives back
Materials | Alder wood & charcoal
Price | £9.99

EcoGrill is perfect for all our grillers in the UK. This grill is made entirely with biodegradable materials (alder wood and charcoal) and comes in three sizes with up to four hours of burn time. A portion of each EcoGrill sold also goes back to reforestation initiatives. You can order one online via UK-based stockists—it’ll be just like grilling over an open fire.

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