Socks Are An Underrated Accessory

Socks, in my opinion are the most underrated accessory. We usually don’t think about socks as an accessory at all, but as an undergarment that is not meant to be seen. However, socks, like undergarments, are more important to the overall look and feel of an outfit than we often give them credit for. As someone who is drawn towards more toned-down basics, I’ve found that incorporating some unique sock options has been a nice way to spice up some otherwise pretty simple outfits.

Below are five sustainable brands making socks in a variety of colors, designs and fabrics. Many of these brands offer great sustainably-made products other than socks, so be sure to check those out as well!

1. Plaid Mesh Socks by Darner, $38 | These mesh socks, hand-sewn in Los Angeles, add a little bit of luxury to any everyday outfit. They can be dressed up or down, peeking out of tennis shoes or tucked beneath a sling-back heel—you decide!

2. Organic Cotton Socks by Pansy Co, $9 | If you’re obsessed with the beautiful colors of Pansy’s bras and underwear, you’ll love these organic tube socks they’ve dyed to match. These socks are perfect for a night of slippin’ and slidin’ on your wood floors while listening to Solange.

3. Unisex Sock by Los Angeles Apparel, $8 | These unisex socks, made in Los Angeles, are sure to make you the most effortlessly-cool person in the room. Like, sipping an oat milk cortado while scribbling poems in a tiny notebook cool.

4. Organic Cotton Socks by Pact, 5 for $28 | These sustainable socks made with certified organic cotton harken back to my elementary school days, when socks were the only thing that could spice up such a drab uniform. They come in a pack of five unique pairs, perfect for work or for play.

5. Leopard Socks in Sharp Red by Swedish Stockings, $14 | This is a very sophisticated sustainable sock. Classy like a stocking, but still fun enough to add some flare to your going-out for a drink (or staying in for a drink) outfit.


Celeste M. Scott is the Social Media Coordinator at The Good Trade. She is a writer and photographer who is passionate about film and Internet culture. She can often be found sifting through the racks at her local Savers. You can find her work on her website and Instagram.