Tie-Dye Is Back, Baby

Whether you want to DIY-dye in your home or want to support sustainable brands’ new collections, you can easily show off your creativity and individuality this summer.

We’ve rounded up eight brands that are bringing back the tie-dye aesthetic, using sustainable materials like hemp and Tencel, for a more mindful and colorful wardrobe. Brighter days and styles are ahead.

Would you rather DIY your own? Dye is a great way to add new life to old garments or salvage a stained favorite. Head to our step-by-step guide to dyeing at home using natural dyes here.


Best For | Pastel colors Standout Ethic | Made in the USA (most products) Our Pick | Sofia Slip Tank Price | $42 (tee)–$187 (dress)

If boho chic and Californian vibes merged into one brand, it’d be LACAUSA. As an ethical and sustainable brand, all products are made under safe working conditions, employees are given fair wages, and the team prioritizes a low-waste design process. With shipping options for the US, Canada, and Europe, you can stock up on plenty of women’s tie-dye apparel.

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2. Karen Kane

Best For | Inclusive sizing options Standout Ethic | Give back to 10+ causes Our Pick | Tie-Dye Dress Price | $19.99 (sale dress)–$168 (shirtdress)

Karen Kane is a certified B Corp that crafts women’s apparel and prioritizes inclusive sizing up to 3X—including our pick, the Tie-Dye Dress. It’s also committed to eco-friendly practices: reusing hangers, sourcing biodegradable materials for packaging, and conserving more than 100,000 gallons of water through new fixtures in on-site facilities. With tie-dye options in a range of prices and sizes, all available internationally, you can find the right fit for you.

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3. Pact

Best For | Dyeable basics Standout Ethic | Fair Trade Certified Our Pick | Lace Camisole Price | $40 (leggings)–$60 (dress)

Pact produces organic apparel for the whole family, all made under Fair Trade Certified working conditions. Available to ship across the US and Canada, this sustainable and affordable brand is always our go-to for easy basics! Made with breathable, soft cotton, this camisole is perfect for lounging, layering, running errands, and everything in between. (Also if you’re looking for affordable basics you can dye yourself, Pact has plenty of white tees!)

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4. Ninety Percent

Best For | Dip-dye and stripes Standout Ethic | 90 percent of profits shared Our Pick | Dip-Dye Maxi Skirt Price | £60 (tee)–£170 (pullover)

Ninety Percent has one of the most community-driven business models around. The UK-based womenswear brand gives away 90 percent of its profits to worthwhile causes (as decided by consumers!) and to the people who make its apparel possible. Available worldwide, we love its sustainable materials, including organic or recycled cotton, eco-friendly Tencel, natural linen, hemp, and EcoVero (sustainable wood pulp). For tie-dye lovers, the Tie-Dye Forever collection will definitely be a one-stop-shop for you.

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5. Sourcery

Best For | Women’s workwear Standout Ethic | 100 percent naturally sourced silk Our Pick | Stevie Slip Dress Price | $76 (blouse)–$348 (dress)

For stunning, relaxed apparel, we turn to Sourcery and its 100 percent naturally sourced silk. (And best of all, no dry cleaning is needed!) Using certified nontoxic dyes, Sourcery has created tie-dye tops, dresses (like this dreamy dress!), and skirts that are perfect for the 9-5 and beyond. By avoiding synthetic materials like polyester, it’s avoided nearly 200 years of decomposition in landfills. With shipping options to the US and Canada, you’ll feel as luxurious as you do sustainable.

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6. Jungmaven

Best For | Hemp clothing Standout Ethic | Sustainable hemp & organic cotton Our Pick | Dip-Dye Venice Shorts Price | $26 (socks)–$160 (tee)

Once founder Robert Jungmann learned about the benefits of hemp (easy to regenerate, provides clean water and soil, consumes carbon dioxide waste), he launched Jungmaven to bring hemp apparel to the masses. Today, you can find hemp-based clothing here for adults and children, alongside home goods like bedding and linens. Designed with bold colors (peep these shorts, for example), unique patterns, and a distinct skater-meets-boho vibe, this internationally available brand combines style and sustainability.

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7. Big Bud Press

Best For | Unisex apparel Standout Ethic | Tie-dyed by hand Our Pick | Magic Batique Stripe Tie-Dye Tee Price | $34 (tote)–$105 (sweatshirt)

For apparel anyone can rock, we’re big fans of the unisex, size-inclusive, made-in-the-USA brand Big Bud Press. This small business uses sustainable and ethical manufacturing processes, like dyeing its tie-dye collection by hand in Los Angeles. That also means every piece, like this mesmerizing Batique Stripe tee, is one-of-a-kind. You can channel the 1970s era wherever you are, when you opt for international delivery.

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8. Loup

Best For | Jumpsuits Standout Ethic | Made in NYC Our Pick | Rainbow Tie Dye Slate Coveralls Price | $47 (tee)–$243 (jumpsuit)

Loup’s limited edition tie dye collection is one that we can wear beyond the summer, featuring tees, sweatshirts, and jumpsuits for cooler weather. Made in New York City, and designed with just the right amount of stretch, the brand’s garments are designed to be your favorite for a long time. We especially love that many of their garments (like the tie-dye sweatshirts) go up to 2X.

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Are you loving the tie-dye trend? Have you DIY-dyed at home? 🌀 Share in the comments!