Eco-Friendly Watches Made From Natural Materials

Wristwatches and analog clocks may seem like a piece of the past, but we’re of the belief that every modern man should own and wear a watch. Whether to keep track of the day’s events, to accessorize, or for the rare occasion that someone without a smartphone politely asks for the time, wristwatches are still fashionable. Many are also sustainable. 

Using the most natural woods and materials from around the world, these brands design and create beautiful timepieces, distinct to each owner. They also give back—to social good organizations and environmental initiatives, making your watch purchase that much more meaningful. 

Instead of checking your phone for the time, invest in a sustainable wooden watch. Sleek, comfortable, and perfect for work and play, these watches deserve to be a part of every man’s wardrobe. 

1. Garwood

Features | 12-month limited warranty, worldwide shipping
Based In | Los Angeles, CA
Price | $99–$149

Designed and handcrafted in California, each unique Garwood watch is made using one of three kinds of sustainable woods: American Maple (sourced in New York), Indonesian Sandalwood, or African Zebrawood. Paired with sapphire crystal glass with various face colors, no two watches are the same. Sustainable, stylish, and created for everyday function, this American-made watch is the perfect addition to every conscious man’s wardrobe. 

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Features | 24-month limited warranty, engraving options, tree planting program
Based In | Florence, Italy
Price | $60–$299

An Italian brand founded in Florence in 2009, WeWOOD‘s wooden watches are timeless, fashionable, and an emblem of eco-luxury. Every watch, made from remnants of exotic hardwoods is not only sustainable but also free of harmful toxins and artificial materials. Even better, the brand is passionate about taking care of the planet through reforestation. Working in collaboration with nonprofit environmental organizations like Trees For The Future and American Forests, WeWOOD plants one tree for every watch purchased. They aspire to have one million trees planted by 2020.

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3. Tense Wood Watch

Features | 24-month limited warranty, engraving options, customizable, free shipping in Canada & USA
Based In | Vancouver, Canada
Price | $119–$1,159

For men looking to design their own watch, Tense is the place to shop. A Canadian company founded in 1971 by craftsman and clock designer Ken P. Lau, this sustainable and luxurious brand continues to thrive almost fifty years later. Using 100% reclaimed and recycled wood materials, as well as Swiss and Japanese movements, every Tense wooden watch is unique, handcrafted, and eco-conscious.

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4. Woodzee

Features | 90-day limited warranty, worldwide shipping
Based In | Chico, CA
Price | $85–$100

While you might be familiar with Woodzee for their sustainable eyewear, the California brand also crafts watches—including three wooden watches for men. Paired with Swiss movements, stainless steel cases, and either nylon or American-made leather bands, Woodzee’s wooden watches are perfect for the modern man. The Wanderlust II even comes with a protective case made from recycled paper and is water resistant up to 100m.

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5. Jord Watches

Features | 12-month limited warranty, engraving options, free shipping worldwide, Apple-compatible bands
Based In | St. Louis, MO
Price | $139–$429

Raw Materials. Refined design. This is the way of Jord, a US-based wooden watch brand passionate about sustainability, efficiency, and experiential living. Each handcrafted timepiece is made with one of thirteen different kinds of natural wood and finished off with a domed sapphire crystal glass. The company even fashions wooden bands to go with Apple watches.

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6. Lux Woods

Features | 12-month limited warranty, engraving options, worldwide shipping, Apple-compatible bands, give back program
Based In | Raleigh, NC
Price | $60–$80

Handmade in the USA, Lux Woods is as passionate about craftsmanship as it is about giving back to the environment and marginalized communities. Working with both Plant a Billion and Feed the Children, this Raleigh-based accessory brand gives back with every watch purchased. A small business with humble beginnings, the company values its customers and prides itself on selling one-of-a-kind timepieces that are both sustainable and fashionable. Like Jord, they also offer Apple watch wooden bands.

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7. Holzkern

Features | 24-month guarantee, worldwide shipping, give back program, solar-powered collection
Based In | Vienna, Austria
Price | €129–€269 

For the small team of makers at Holzkern (wood core in German), crafting accessories from raw and natural materials is a way to connect with ancient civilizations and the planet. Using wood and stone, this Austrian brand designs watches for men that are not only stylish and distinct, but also sustainable. Further, the company donates to reforestation projects and good social organizations for every watch sold.

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8. Woodstone

Features | 12-month limited warranty, free worldwide shipping, tree planting program, groomsmen gift packages
Based In | Istanbul, Turkey
Price | $119–$219

For minimalist men seeking a clean and uncluttered design, we recommend shopping the Woodstone wooden watch collection. Handcrafted with quality, sustainable woods, the accessory brand prides itself on offering an alternative timepiece option in a world where most things are made of metal and plastic. The company also partners with Trees for the Future, a nonprofit providing sustainable jobs for farmers in Africa. When you purchase a Woodstone watch, ten fast-growing, crop-yielding trees are planted in your name. 

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9. Kerbholz

Features | 24-month Feel Good Guarantee, worldwide shipping, give back program
Based In | Cologne, Germany
Price | €129–€200

Kerbholz wooden watches are designed to sustain: ten percent of every sale is used to support various environmental initiatives, as well as social good projects. Founded in Germany by a group of four friends in 2011, the brand produces modern accessory collections—including men’s wooden watches—using the highest-quality natural materials. We especially love the sleek Elements collection for eco-conscious men.

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10. Narwood

Features | 12-month guarantee, free shipping worldwide, tree planting program
Based In | Bexhill On Sea, England
Price | £60–£80

Whether you live in the UK or just want a conscious accessory from Britain, Narwood‘s wooden watches are a fashionable addition to every man’s wardrobe. Contemporary, unique, and made from the highest quality natural woods and quartz movements, Narwood watches boast sustainable fashion at its finest. Each timepiece also comes with a handcrafted bamboo box—perfect for storing and protecting your accessory. For every Narwood watch sold, a tree is also planted through OneTreePlanted.

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11. Etsy

Features | Varies
Based In | Worldwide
Price | Varies

For a truly unique accessory, consider shopping for a wooden watch on Etsy. Showcasing products from small artisans and makers worldwide, as well as vintage and antique wooden watches, Etsy is a fabulous place to find a one of a kind timepiece. A few of our favorite men’s watch brands on Etsy includes Paul Ven in London and Modply in Michigan.

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