Creating A Modern & Minimal Bedroom

As many of us embrace a more mindful approach to our everyday, we’re simplifying and streamlining our spaces and schedules, decluttering our homes as much as we are our minds. When it comes to decor, we’re turning to pieces with easy upkeep, minimalist style, and timeless design. We’re starting with our bedrooms—because how healthy is a lifestyle really if it doesn’t include good sleep?

Equal parts convenient and quality-crafted, The Bed by Thuma is well-loved for several reasons, including its warm walnut color, quick assembly (five minutes! no tools needed!), and the 9” of space underneath its platform bed frame for our suitcases, storage bins, and seasonal clothes.

The sturdy and quiet foundation comes courtesy of noise-minimizing Japanese joinery and cushion-coated slats. And even the corners are rounded to protect our shins. 

None of these features happened by chance; for two years, the company designed and prototyped dozens of beds. That’s because, it notes, most beds come with a long list of undesireable features like squeaks, toxic materials, and cheap designs. But the Thuma team worked diligently to make The Bed innovative and accessible. “For the most-used piece of furniture in our lives, we thought it was time for something better,” it says.

Our beds are the foundation of our lives, where we start, end, and sometimes spend our days.
— Thuma

Thuma considers our beds the foundation of our lives, “where we start, end, and sometimes spend our days.” Yet, the company notes, no one really loves their old bed frame. So when the brand set out to solve the most intimately felt problems in the bedroom, they started with where we rest our heads.

The Bed is also designed with sustainability in mind, because sustainable living is best achieved when we reduce our consumption instead of redirecting it. When we opt for pieces, like this one, that can grow old with us (and move homes with us), we limit our creation of waste.

The Bed is backed by a lifetime warranty so that we can prioritize endurance over excess. It’s also handcrafted from repurposed wood and available in five sizes from Twin to California King (starting at $695) with two PillowBoard colors to choose from: Dark Charcoal (pictured) and Light Linen. Plus, The Bed is Greenguard Certified, meaning it meets strict limits for chemical emissions.

The more we tailor our bedrooms to our personal tastes, the more they can become our sanctuaries. Whether we have an affinity for bedtime reading or aromatherapy, Thuma offers other essentials too like the sustainable wool bedside Sleeve and lavender-bergamot Do Not Disturb Candle so that we can turn our bedrooms into customized places of comfort. (P.S. There’s also a Nightstand that pairs perfectly with The Bed.)

This article is in partnership with our friends at THUMA.