The Good Trade Weekly Watchlist is our journal of noteworthy belief driven brands, products and ideas that we’ve come across in the last week. You’ll find more features in real time across our social channels or by subscribing to our mailing list.

Blake’s Watch List


We recently learned about sustainable fashion label, ONO Creations. ONO make bags using a cork/tencel combination which is unique as they are the ones who have developed it, and it is the only sustainable cork leather fabric available on the market. All ONO’s products are human, animal and eco-friendly.

Proper Assembly

Proper Assembly is a Brooklyn upstart that offers a range of backpacks, duffels and handbags. Their products are inspired by the daily NYC commute and built with quality and durability in mind. What gets Proper Assembly on our watch list this week though is that they have made the bold move to give away 100% of profits throughout the holiday season. Bold move for a little brand with big style. Excited to watch this brand grow.

AmyAnn’s Watch List

Chilote house slippers

I recently received a pair of Chilote House Slippers handmade fair from Patagonia. The slippers are well made, beautiful and perfectly comfortable. Each pair is made “slow” with care and pride by independent artisan women doing what they know & love – knitting.

Brett Lauren

Brett Lauren bracelets are made of genuine gemstones, crystal and plated copper and created in the US exclusively by women. The making of Brett Lauren bracelets provide jobs for women with disabilities and transitioning out of homelessness. The brand is also partnered with charitable organizations like HDSA, domestic violence shelters, and Wounded Warriors.

Terhi Pölkki

I’m loving Terhi Pölkki’s aesthetic of minimalist luxury with a tough edge. Their sustainable and high quality ecological vegetan leather shoe range is made ethically in Portugal and Finland.