The Good Trade Weekly Watchlist is our journal of noteworthy belief driven brands, products and ideas that we’ve come across in the last week. You’ll find more features in real time across our social channels or by subscribing to our mailing list.

Blake’s Watch List

Senda Athletics

Senda Athletics is taking the soccer industry by storm by offering Fair Trade soccer balls for the word’s most loved sport. Rather than bidding for multi-million dollar sponsorships like other athletic companies, Senda is funneling their resources into higher wages for ball makers and higher standards for manufacturing processes. Rather than sponsoring a few superstar athletes, Senda sponsors the unsung heroes of the game through partnerships with nonprofit partners aiming to empower marginalized communities through soccer.


AmyAnn and I are dog people, no question, and we’re always on the lookout for ethical companies with products for our furry friends. ALLKU designs is a new pet accessory line that uses traditional Ecuadorian materials and patterns, blending ancient South American tradition with modern functionality.  ALLKU products are hand-woven by indigenous Ecuadorian artisans, continuing the ancient practice of textile production, a staple of Otavaleño culture since before the Inca.

AmyAnn’s Watch List

Vindie Wines

Coastal wine and curated music. It can’t get better than that, right? Vindie Wine Company is a dynamic new wine brand creating a unique experience for wine and music lovers. The brand sends its customers small batch wines from coastal vineyards throughout California. The wines are then tactfully paired with music from emerging artists that, yes, make the wine taste better. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds from every bottle goes to support music charity, Sweet Relief.

The Ethical Collection London

Based in the UK, The Ethical Collection sources unique beautiful items created by developing communities and small independent eco-designers. Their products are carefully selected to be both stylish and socially responsible. They’re a great go to for new ethical brands.

Threads 4 Thought

Blake’s family sent me a Threads 4 Thought scarf as a Hanukkah gift this year. I had heard of the brand but had never tried any of their women’s wear or accessories. The scarf I received is so soft and the company is committed to both ethics and eco-friendly practices. I’m currently loving their neutrals collection online.