Detoxify Your Closet

Organic food has long been a must-have for fashionistas around the world – wholesome, clean and healthy – food to match the holistic, clean living lifestyle that so many of the fashion industry subscribe to. You know the mantras – healthy body, healthy mind, nourish from the inside, and even that old adage: you are what we eat. So it is somewhat surprising that more of the industry is not turning to organic fashion. Our skin is the body’s largest organ and our clothing, which can be laden with chemicals, sits on it every day of our lives.

Of course, the ethical fashionista is way ahead of the game with organic fabrics being a main stay of a sustainable and eco-friendly wardrobe. So get on board and read our top tips on how to detoxify your closet and how and where to incorporate a little more organic into your fashion choices.

1. What Lies Beneath

Organic lingerie is a no-brainer. I mean, we are talking about exposing your most intimate areas to chemicals and dyes commonly used in textile production. Choosing organic is especially relevant for those with sensitive skin that can be irritated by toxins in your clothing. If you struggle with eczema, rosacea, even thrush, this is something to consider. Once you have switched to organic cotton underwear and nightwear you won’t go back – I’d go as far to say you will even sleep better (on that note you might want to think about going organic for your bed linen too).

Clever materials like organic bamboo silk give you all luxury you could need and for everyday we, organic cotton is so much softer to touch. We are big fans of Luva Huva who stock organic cotton knickers that are pretty to boot. For nightwear, the Australian brand Alas does the most deliciously comfortable organic cotton sateen around – check out their Floating Pyjamas and Robe which are available at Gather&See now. Healthy living inspiration Gwyneth Paltrow is a fan. Need I say more?


2. Look for the Label

Certification can be a bit of a minefield. For organic first-timers, knowing where to begin can be a touch confusing with so many labels purporting to using organic materials only for you to find it is a tiny percentage of the garments makeup. Where possible, search out certified organic materials. The big one is GOTS. If you see this mark you know you are in good hands. One of our absolute favorite organic brands Kowtow, works exclusively with GOTS and Fair Trade cotton. If ever you needed an incentive to go organic their beautiful collection might just be it. 


3. Get the Basics Right

We all know it can be hard to choose everything organic. But you can certainly build the foundations of your wardrobe from hardworking organic basics that you accessorize with other items. Kowtow’s Building Block T shirt is the most perfect white tee you could ever hope for – a real wardrobe essential, while their Rehearsal Pants have that chic, slouchy style that so many of us crave. Breton stripes never go out of fashion so stock up on their tees and dresses for a perennially stylish addition to your wardrobe. And for the ultimate organic piece choose their Keepsake Trench in a gorgeous heavyweight organic cotton. You’ll wear it over everything.

4. It’s Cool to Care

You probably don’t need us to tell you how much more rewarding fashion is if you know that the people producing your gorgeous garments are working in safe conditions and are paid a fair wage. But the human context is so important in organic fashion. Between 1 and 3% of agricultural workers worldwide suffer from acute pesticide poisoning with at least 1 million requiring hospitalization each year, according to a report prepared jointly for the FAO, UNEP and WHO. These figures equate to between 25 million and 77 million agricultural workers worldwide. By increasing our demand for organically grown fibers, we can help more farmers work in a chemical-free environment.


5. See and Feel The Difference

The ethical fashionista is a bit of a fabric snob, but with good reason: organic cotton is unbelievably soft. Try it for yourself. It washes better, lasts longer and doesn’t bobble in the way that regular cotton can. Check out Tricotage‘s collection of dresses for the ultimate in premium quality organic cotton. It has a heavy weight and slight stretch which drapes elegantly off the body – the perfect dresses for work. Meanwhile Cus‘s pretty dresses are made from pure organic cotton printed in a gorgeously summery print. Tempting indeed.


6. Protect the Environment

Feel good about the fact that in choosing organic you are helping the environment. A recent study of organic cotton in one region of India, commissioned by PUMA found a 40% reduction in global warming potential, 72% lower primary energy demand, and lower water consumption. Climate change is one of the biggest threats to humanity – we all need to start taking responsibility for reducing the impact our choices have, especially with climate change skepticism coming into US government policy. Now, more than ever, it is important to take things into your own hands and do your part!