Staying fresh after hours on a plane or in a car can be a challenge. Not to mention, it’s not always possible to fit our full beauty routine into our suitcase or carry-ons! So what’s a girl to do?

We sought out some of our favorite organic and natural beauty bloggers to get their product recommendations and beauty hacks that they turn to when they’re traveling. There’s advice here for the minimalist makeup maven and the maximalist beauty queen!

Kate from Living Pretty Naturally

Your Beauty Blog | Living Pretty Naturally

Your Travel Beauty Must-Have | “I love Kaia facial wipes for an on-the-go makeup removal or just freshener while I’m on the road. The wipes are made of bamboo fibre, so are environmentally friendly.”

Your Travel Beauty Routine | “Usually I’m off to sunny places, and as a fair-skinned girl, my beauty routine is a lot about sun-care. I’m focused on tinted moisturizers with a good non-nano mineral sunscreen (for example, Sun Love by Annmarie Skincare is great) and I also bring my shades and a cute hat. Also, I take with me a refillable water bottle (mainly for the airports so I can fill up on the go and in places that have safe-to-drink tap water). Hydration is so key while traveling. “

Your Favorite Travel Beauty Hack | “To save space, I take my herbal and vitamin supplements out of their bottles and pack into one small container. Also, on flights, the food can be so terrible. I try to keep my “snack packing” small, so I’ll take a baggie of (for example) of chia seeds with powdered vanilla and cinnamon, maybe some chopped up dates as well. Then, on the flight and I’ll add water on the plane to have a little chia pudding on the go. “

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Inga from Organic Beauty Blogger

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Your Beauty Blog | Organic Beauty Blogger

Your Travel Beauty Must-Have | “It would be too hard to pick just one because there are just so many good quality organic beauty products out there, so I’d say that natural skin care, in general, is what I’m interested in the most.”

Your Travel Beauty Routine | “I keep my beauty bag to a minimum while traveling, so it usually contains the basics: a cleanser, a moisturizer, a couple of hydrating sheet masks, a sunscreen, and a lip balm. I also take my hair and body products with me, because I’m not a fan of hotel toiletries at all.”

Your Favorite Travel Beauty Hack | “If you’re trying to minimize your travel bag as much as possible, take samples instead of full-size or even travel-size products. Also, go for products that you can use in more than one way: a lipstick can be used for both lips and cheeks, a face cream can be used as a body lotion, and so on.”

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Brandie from Thoughtfully Magazine

Your Lifestyle Publication | Thoughtfully Magazine

Your Travel Beauty Must-Have | “Some of my favorite travel staples include Trader Joe’s Micellar Cleanser & Makeup Remover Towelettes, Conscious Coconut Organic Coconut Oil, Ouli’s All Purpose Beauty Ointment, Ecobrow and Zabana Essentials Glow Stick Bronze Bahama Mama.”

Your Travel Beauty Routine | “I like to keep things simple when traveling. I cleanse with my Towelettes in the morning and evening, and remove eye makeup with my coconut oil (also doubles as a body and hair moisturizer). My skin is highly acne prone, so I’ve learned to pack along a small mask in case I experience any break-outs. For daytime, I apply Ecobrow to my eyebrows and my Glow Stick to cheeks, eyes and lips. If I’m in the mood, I also wear eyeliner and mascara but I’ve found that strong brows and a dewy glow create a beautiful, natural look on the go. I also always have my Healthy Human Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle in tow so I can drink lots of water and organic tea.”

Your Favorite Travel Beauty Hack | “Think minimal, intentional and multi-purpose when traveling. I’ve found that traveling light creates a freedom that I really enjoy. I try to get as many functions from a single product as possible and really think through how I will use each product so I don’t bring along items I don’t really need. I also save small size containers from other products to repurpose them for traveling.”

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Emily of Haus of Hounds

Your Beauty Blog | Haus of Hounds

Your Travel Beauty Must-Have | “I LOVE Yuni Shower Sheets! Whether I’m traveling or at home, these wipes are the perfect way to freshen up if you feel sweaty or grimy but don’t have time (or just can’t be bothered) to shower yet.”

Your Travel Beauty Routine | “Though I never skimp on my complexion products (contour and highlight give me LIFE), I keep my eye makeup simple while traveling. I typically just wear winged liquid liner and mascara during the day, and maybe throw on a taupe shadow if I’m going out in the evening.”

Your Favorite Travel Beauty Hack | “When traveling, I always try to bring versatile, multitasking makeup. I know it’s tempting to bring a whole collection of products, but try to pare it down. Leave those big eyeshadow and highlighter palettes at home and focus on bringing just a few shades that you can wear every day!”

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Kim of

Your Beauty Blog |

Your Travel Beauty Routine + Must-Haves | “While I may be a bit of a beauty maximalist in my everyday life, during travel, I pare it all down. Here’s what makes it into my skincare bag:

  • Organic Jojoba Oil – Choose one single carrier oil to use as a hair treatment, makeup remover, body moisturizer and face oil. Jojoba is a longtime favorite.

  • Cream Cleanser – I always opt for travel-sized cleansers to save space in my skincare bag. You don’t need much, so it’s worth it to have a mini-size in your bag.

  • Rosewater Spray – Use this to keep your skin hydrated on the plane, but also during your morning and evening prep. Gentle and aromatherapeutic!

  • Serum – Depending on my skin’s condition, I’ll bring a targeted serum for the road. This addresses either breakouts or dryness, depending on the season.

  • Face Cream – This takes up the most room in my bag, but it’s important. I am never without proper moisturizer and choose one that can be used both morning and night.

  • Eye Serum – Because eye serums are typically in small packaging, I can always sneak this in. It’s another good product type to apply mid-flight to ensure the delicate skin around your eyes don’t get parched.”

Your Favorite Travel Beauty Hack | “Invest in a reusable, TSA-friendly quart-sized bag. I’m always surprised by how many people show up to the airport with sandwich bags that inevitably rip. And speaking of TSA … registering for TSA Pre Check was the best money I’ve ever spent. I don’t even have to worry about taking out said quart-sized bag when I’m in the fast line!”

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Paige of Paige Padgett

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Your Travel Beauty Must-Have | “I am obsessed with new line of sustainable and vegan lipstick. The line is called Civilized Cosmetics. I swipe my lips with Liquid Lip Suede Matte Lipstick before I deplane to look glamorous and revived after a long flight. It gives me the lift and look I need to see clients or go straight to meetings. I even dab a little on my cheeks!”

Your Travel Beauty Routine | “I keep it simple for day. My skin care consists of eye cream, serum, hydration and sunscreen depending on weather and time of day etc. Osea Malibu has an amazing eye and lip treatment I can’t live without. It’s a lovely mult-tasker. W3ll People has a wonderful bio booster serum that is packed with antioxidants. I love it. They also have a great tinted moisturizer. Hynt Beauty has an excellent concealer I use for under eyes, discoloration and blemishes. It’s so good! They also have the best Lumier Radiance Boosting Powder powder. My makeup is Hynt Beauty concealer, w3ll People mascara and Liquid Lip Suede, lip balm or a gloss. In the evening, I smudge brown and black eyeliner around my eyes. Groom my brows a bit and I am done! I use the brown liner as a contour and brow sculptor if I really want to amplify my look but I don’t need may products to do this.”

Your Favorite Travel Beauty Hack | ” I buy travel size containers for anything that isn’t already small enough for my carry-on and pour my products into the travel containers. That way I always have them if my luggage is lost which has happened several times. In fact, I keep an extra set of clothing in my carry on now. If I am checking luggage (I try not to), I roll my clothes and keep all the colors navy, black, white and beige. I bring earrings that I can wear day and night like pretty studs or elegant hoops. I also pack facial wipes to refresh with and a hydrosol spray.”

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