Vegan Leather Boots For Adventuring

After a long winter (and three earlier seasons of staying relatively indoors), we’re cautiously ready to get back outside however we can. Whether you’re gearing up to go on an Earth Day hike or weekend-long camping trip, a good pair of boots is a must-have.

We’ve found vegan hiking boots that come with the same traction and durability as the leading brands but without the use of leather or animal by-products. Take nothing from mother nature and leave nothing behind with these five pairs of vegan boots.

If you’re embarking on a solo trip, here’s how you can safely hike alone. Enjoy!

1. Thesus Outdoors

Brand Ethics | Vegan & virgin plastic-free, recycled materials, ethically made in a family factory in Portugal
Best For | Everyday wearability
Our Pick | The Weekend Boot in Black ($200)
Price Range | $200

Thesus Outdoors’ collection of footwear pushes the boundaries when it comes to sustainability; 90 percent of the brand’s materials and production can be transparently traced! The Weekend Boots are vegan, 98 percent virgin plastic-free, and made in Portugal from repurposed marine plastic, vegan glue, and natural rubber. These sustainable and stylish hiking boots come in six staple colors and limited-edition options.

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Brand Ethics | Vegan & recycled materials, eco-friendly practices, gives back
Best For | Room & comfort
Our Pick | Sky Arkali Hiking Boot in Dragonfly & Aqua Haze ($200)
Price Range | $200

HOKA offers the best in cushioned running shoes, especially with the Arkali vegan hiking boots. The Arkalis are perfect for any outdoor adventure, including running, climbing, and hiking. Thanks to the adjustable heel and ankle straps, they’re exceptionally designed to work well for both narrow and wide feet. HOKA is invested in corporate, human, and environmental responsibility, through and through.


3. Will’s Vegan Store

Brand Ethics | Carbon-neutral supply chain, plastic-free packaging, ethically made in Italy
Best For | Waterproof boots
Our Pick | WVSport Waterproof Boots ($162)
Price Range | $133–$162

Since 2012, Will’s Vegan Store has made it easy to go with the sustainable choice. In addition to bags, belts, and apparel, this UK brand also crafts athletic footwear for all genders. There are more than a dozen options, but our favorites are the waterproof hiking boots. They’re extra durable, breathable, and long-lasting, plus they have the traction needed for challenging hikes. Will’s Vegan Store is a certified carbon-neutral company investing in renewable energy to offset emissions.

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4. Forsake

Brand Ethics | Climate-neutral, plastic-free packaging, responsibly made in China
Best For | Trails & terrains
Our Pick | Cascade in Azure ($110)
Price Range | $100–$110

Forsake takes the philosophy of “do no harm” very seriously. In 2020, Forsake officially reached net-zero carbon emissions and became a climate-neutral company. All footwear, including their vegan hiking boots, are responsibly made in China and then shipped by freight as opposed to carbon-heavy flight. For straightforward trail walks, the vegan hiking shoes are a top pick. (Looking for non-vegan hiking boots for tougher terrain? They got you covered, too.)

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5. Astral Boots

Brand Ethics | All vegan footwear, fairly made in Vietnam & China
Best For | Lightweight hiking boots
Our Pick | TR1 Merge W’s in Pine Needle Green ($140)
Price Range | $120–$150

For nearly two decades, Astral Boots has focused on low-impact and high-quality, sustainable footwear. All Astral hiking boots are vegan and produced in Vietnam and China under fair working conditions. These trail shoes are lightweight, ventilated, and water-ready, whether you’re wading through rivers or climbing rocky mountains. There are several styles to support however you feel most grounded.

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