A Week Of Slow Fashion With Bethany From Dearly Bethany

The Good Trade’s Week of Outfits Series highlights a few of the women that have personally inspired us to shop and live with intention! Each woman takes her own unique approach to slow fashion and demonstrates how beautifully sustainable fashion can come to life. We asked Bethany, also known as Dearly Bethany on YouTube and Instagram, to share with us a week of her slow fashion outfits. 


Age | 29
Location | Virginia
Job | Dearly Bethany on Instagram and YouTube (Senior UX Designer by day)
Favorite Brand | Elizabeth Suzann

I’m documenting my daily outfits for a whole year on my Instagram. I was curious as to how my personal style would evolve over 365 days, and I wanted to be open about where my clothes came from and who made them. It’s really a journey, nothing perfect. I’m inspired by slow, neutral fashion, and I reach for unique pieces. It’s a real challenge being that I’m 5’1”, so I like to chat about tailoring and how to flatter a petite frame as I discover what works.

I like to find fabrics like linen that can naturally break down…plus linen is so comfortable for warm weather! I’ve been tempted through this “Year of Outfits Challenge” to get rid of old clothes that were not ethically made just to replace it with more ethical pieces, but that’s not slow fashion. It would be less wasteful for me to keep a piece that still serves a purpose in my closet. 

Like Erin Boyle’s book Simple Matters taught me, each piece needs to do work and “earn its keep” in my home. So I lean toward interchangeable, almost monochromatic pieces. Lots of mixing and matching going on!


(Day 85 of 365)

Today was a very warm day! My old J.Crew silk cami was just the ticket. And I totally got a blue ball point pen mark on my Elizabeth Suzann Clyde work pants today…But I Googled it, and a bit of rubbing alcohol got it out. As for accessories, I’m wearing Nisolo Camilla slides and brass rings.


(Day 86 of 365)

Today I wore the Black Crane linen jumpsuit, and I would argue that it’s the most comfortable piece I own. I accessorized with Nisolo Mariella mules, Luisa clutch and rings, as well as an old choker. 


(Day 87 of 365)

Today I’m wearing an organic cotton Penny Royal tee by Groceries Apparel that Belvele was kind enough to give me. I’m pairing it with high-waisted Elizabeth Suzann Tilda pants, Nisolo flats and rings, and a Madewell bandana.


(Day 88 of 365)

Today I wore the Ursa Minor Delia top, Elizabeth Suzann Tilda pants, Nisolo flats and rings, and an heirloom necklace I inherited from my grandmother. 


(Day 89 of 365)

The Everlane Boxy Striped tee is super comfy in any weather. It’s a thick fabric, but the slits on the side allow for air flow. Today I wore it tucked into my Jesse Kamm cut off shorts. I loved my nude Nisolo Mariella mules so much that adding a black pair to the mix made sense. They are possibly my favorite shoes! I accessorized with an heirloom necklace and Nisolo rings.

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