A Week Of Outfits With Conscious Style Blogger Ellie Hughes

The Good Trade’s Week of Outfits Series highlights women that have personally inspired us to shop and live with intention. Each woman takes her own unique approach to slow fashion and demonstrates how beautifully sustainable fashion can come to life. Today we’re excited to share a week of outfits from Ellie Hughes, the ethical fashion blogger behind Selflessly Styled!


Age | 27 Location | Portland, OR Occupation | Marketing at Brew Dr. Kombucha Where To Find Her | Her blog and Instagram Favorite Brands | VETTA for versatile pieces and Nisolo for shoes!

“I believe that in order to be truly sustainable, even “sustainable fashion” must be consumed slowly and thoughtfully.”

I jumped headfirst into ethical fashion after watching The True Cost on Netflix in 2015. While I was naive to the complexities of navigating the multifaceted layers of ethical/sustainable fashion, I had seen enough in that single documentary to ask “Who made my clothes?” It motivated me to quit purchasing fast fashion immediately. Due to the understandably higher price tag of well-made items, I quickly turned towards minimalism to fit my budget.

After years of fighting to resist impulse purchases and trends, I now find myself sincerely satisfied with a tiny wardrobe (you can see everything in it here). I believe that in order to be truly sustainable, even “sustainable fashion” must be consumed slowly and thoughtfully.

I started Selflessly Styled as a resource to connect consumers with responsible brands, and the blog has taken me on such a journey over the past three years! I briefly worked as a freelance stylist, helping women find their personal style and cut down the clutter in their closets. Then, I had the privilege of working on the inside of an ethical fashion brand for a couple of years while running Selflessly Styled on the side.

As for now, I am shifting away from product reviews and brand collaborations in order to recalibrate my work. It’s been really cool to see so many women (and a few men!) step into the space of blogging about ethical fashion brands, and I no longer feel like my platform needs to fill that void. Instead, I’m going to be focusing on content based around contentment and research of the issues in this industry… and hopefully some fun creative photoshoots still!

The more I study, listen, and travel, the more I realize I have to learn, but I am hopeful for the future, as so many people have gained interest in this movement over the past few years.

“The more I study, listen, and travel, the more I realize I have to learn, but I am hopeful for the future.”

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My office is really casual (that probably comes as no surprise since we’re a kombucha company!), but I still like to feel put-together at work. Neutral colors with little details always feel like “me,” and this leather bag is what I carry every single day – it can be worn as a purse, backpack, crossbody, etc.!

Today’s Pieces:

Everlane Shoes Reformation Jeans VETTA Top GLDN Necklace Sseko Bag


Summer in Portland can get quite warm, so I opted for this breezy and very versatile dress from VETTA as I spent the day in and out of meetings. In order to make the dress feel a little more casual, I paired it with sneakers. I’d swap them out for heels to wear this out to dinner. My favorite kind of outfits are ones that suite multiple occasions like this!

Today’s Pieces:

Yatay Shoes VETTA Wrap Dress GLDN Necklace


Travel Day! I spent all day flying to Ireland where I met up with my husband for a fun press trip that I got to tag along on. I’m always cold on airplanes, so I opted for my favorite sweater and an all-black ensemble for the long journey.

Today’s Pieces:

Nisolo Sneakers Everlane Jeans VETTA Sweater Jewels & Aces Earrings Sseko Bag


My beloved light-wash jeans came out to play again as we hit the town in Dublin! I love a simple look like this with high-waisted pants, a tucked in top, and a heeled boot; it always feels chic but is so easy to throw on even when you’re tired from jet-lag. (P.S. I spilled red wine all over these jeans at dinner, but magically the stains have come out thanks to rubbing white wine on them in the moment and following up with stain remover when I got home!)

Today’s Pieces:

Nisolo Chelsea Boots Reformation Jeans Kowtow Top Jewels & Aces Earrings Sseko Bag


The same blouse I wore to the office on Monday now made for an easy-breezy outfit to explore the most magical island off the coast of Ireland. This was a day where I needed to be prepared for both rocky terrain and elegant meals, and these trusty neutral closet staples did the trick beautifully.

Today’s Pieces:

Nisolo Chelsea Boots Everlane Jeans VETTA Top Jewels & Aces Earrings


A truly adventurous day, I donned the same pant/boot combination as the day before (outfit repeating is a big part of my life). I needed the weather-proof boots, raincoat, and beanie to take me through a rainy morning of trail hiking and castle exploring and an afternoon spent chasing waterfalls.

Today’s Pieces:

Nisolo Chelsea Boots Everlane Jeans Kowtow Top Thrifted Raincoat Sseko Bag Sseko Beanie


Time to head back home… just in time to make it to the office on Monday! For this travel-day outfit, I paired some of my favorite basics with a bright bandana to add a little personality to the look (or maybe I’m subconsciously trying to fit in with the flight attendants?! Who’s to say.)

Today’s Pieces:

Nisolo Chelsea Boots Everlane Jeans Tradlands Shirt ABLE Denim Jacket Thrifted Bandana Jewels & Aces Earrings Sseko Bag

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