A Week Of Outfits With
Conscious Blogger Emily Waddell

The Good Trade’s Week of Outfits Series highlights women that have personally inspired us to shop and live with intention. Each woman takes her own unique approach to slow fashion and demonstrates how beautifully sustainable fashion can come to life. Today we’re excited to share a week of outfits from Emily Waddell, the blogger behind The Honest Consumer and founder of Give a Damn Goods!


Age | 23
Location | Seattle, WA
Occupation | Founder of The Honest Consumer and Give a Damn Goods
Where To Find Her | The Honest Consumer website and Instagram
Favorite Brand | Everlane, Mata Traders, & Dazey LA

I didn’t want to support brands that didn’t share my values—and I didn’t know where to find brands that did share my values.

My journey with ethical fashion started in college. As a social entrepreneurship major, I learned how for-profit businesses could positively impact communities and uplift people. On the flipside, through my own research, I learned how the fast fashion industry was negatively impacting developing communities which broke my heart. For a while I was scared and didn’t buy any clothing or accessories. I didn’t want to support brands that didn’t share my values—and I didn’t know where to find brands that did share my values. This led me to start The Honest Consumer. I wanted to make it easy for consumers to discover ethical clothing and accessory brands positively impacting the world.

In my junior year of college, I was able to travel to Haiti during a study abroad program and witness how some ethical fashion brands are creating sustainable employment opportunities. The jobs these brands create in developing countries are so important, because they allow community members to lift themselves out of poverty. And the purchases we make in the Western world do impact the success of these socially-responsible brands and the growth of how many people they are able to employ. Seeing the impact firsthand made me even more passionate about exploring ethical fashion.

I realized that you don’t have to have a certain sense of style to be part of the ethical fashion movement.

When I first started exploring ethical clothing I felt like I had to choose between my quirky style or ethical fashion. The ethical fashion space seemed so focused on minimalistic style and neutrals, and I thought my fun, lighthearted sense of style wouldn’t fit in. I didn’t think I would be able to find quirky patterns and bold-colored clothes that were ethically-made. But the more I dove into researching brands for my blog, I started to find smaller ethical clothing brands that did fit my style. I realized that you don’t have to have a certain sense of style to be part of the ethical fashion movement. Through some of the guides I’ve created on The Honest Consumer, I’ve been able to encourage consumers to explore ethical fashion, no matter where they are in their journey.

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What better way to start the week than reminding people to give a damn? I enjoy bold ethical clothing because people tend to comment on what you’re wearing. This creates an opportunity to start a conversation and share the story behind the garment. I love that my Give a Damn shirt and bright yellow shorts start these mindful conversations. These clothing items are comfortable and great for summer weather, too! All of the brands I’m wearing today focus on empowerment through employment.

Today’s Pieces:

Give a Damn Shirt from Give a Damn Goods
Tonle Culotte shorts
Everlane Crossover Sandals
Branded Collective Copper Cuff
Empire of Bees Leonie Handbag


Comfort is always important to me. I work from home, so I always appreciate casual clothes like the t-shirt dress. The loose fit keeps me cool during the day and my brightly-colored secondhand sweater gives me a bit of extra warmth for those chilly Pacific Northwest nights. The simplicity of the dress makes it fun to accessorize. I chose to accessorize with the Bolo Necklace due to the varying length of the piece—I appreciate how it can be worn multiple ways.

Today’s Pieces:

Everlane Weekend Tee Dress
secondhand sweater
Acacia Creations Bolo Necklace
ABLE Purse
Retrospecced Retro Recycled Glasses
Everlane Crossover Sandals


I love this outfit for so many reasons, mainly because it represents self love. My Hot Mess Express Tee encourages people to embrace the messiness of life and ditch that social media image of perfection. And I’m all over the place all the time, so it’s very appropriate. My pink shoes read “self love.” Walking in self love is a wonderful reminder. Self love is a journey, and it’s perfectly okay to love yourself…even when you’re a hot mess. I bought this pink leather jacket when my fiancé and I traveled to Italy last summer. It was my souvenir, so whenever I wear it, it brings back memories of pasta, gelato, and Italian hospitality.

Today’s Pieces:

Hot Mess Express Tee from Give a Damn Goods
J. Crew Fair Trade Eco Jeans
Pink Leather Jacket from traveling in Italy
Z Shoes Self Love Shoes
Kind Karma Druzy Stud Earrings
Dynamikos Cleopatra Sunglasses
Empire of Bees Leonie Handbag


Honestly, even as an ethical fashion blogger, I’m not fancy and 100% styled every day. This morning I was feeling the super comfy and casual style. One of my favorite things about these leggings is the large pockets. They are so deep you can fit your phone in them if you’re working out or running a quick errand. I love that PACT apparel is incredibly soft due to the use of organic cotton.

Today’s Pieces:

Pact Leggings
Pact Lightweight Lounge Tee
Allbirds Wool Runners
Retrospecced Retro Recycled Glasses


I adore summery colors. The bright color of the Japanese GoWeave Essential Jumpsuit is a gorgeous shade of blue. This jumpsuit has it all with a v-neckline, pockets, and a tie around the waist. I accessorized this with some gold-colored accessories from brands empowering women and youth! The Gold Coin Choker is great for layering necklaces and pairing with other gold pieces. It is such a versatile piece of jewelry. I feel empowered in this outfit knowing that the people who made my clothing and accessories were treated with respect.

Today’s Pieces:

Everlane Essential Jumpsuit
Everlane Crossover Sandals
Kind Karma Gold Coin Choker
Purpose Jewelry Vista Earrings
Empire of Bees Leonie Handbag

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