A Week Of Outfits With Eco Stylist
Faye De Lanty

The Good Trade’s Week of Outfits Series highlights women that have personally inspired us to shop and live with intention. Each woman takes her own unique approach to slow fashion and demonstrates how beautifully sustainable fashion can come to life. Today we’re excited to share a week of outfits from Faye Delanty, the eco stylist behind Fashion Hound!


Location | Sydney, Australia 
Job | Eco Stylist, Salvos Stores Australia
Where To Find Her | Her website and Instagram
Favorite Brands | Salvos Stores of course and I also love Lois Hazel (Australia), Reformation (US), and Stella McCartney (UK)
Favorite Vintage Stores & Precincts | Fabrique Vintage (Sydney), Brick Lane precinct (East London). and Williamsburg (Brooklyn, NYC)

I am the very proud eco stylist and media ambassador for Salvos Stores Australia. It’s the op shop/thrift store retail arm of the Salvation Army, and it’s this retail arm that funds a huge portion of the charity’s mission!

It’s my job and life’s purpose to change the perception of preloved clothing and show consumers that secondhand never ever has to mean sacrificing style.

It’s my job and life’s purpose to change the perception of preloved clothing and show consumers that secondhand never ever has to mean sacrificing style.

When you shop at a store like the Salvos, you empower local community, divert textile and household waste from landfills, and support the mission of the charity. In the case of the Salvation Army, that’s to give hope and support to people battling with drugs, gambling or alcohol addiction, homelessness, domestic violence, depression and even natural disasters. 

My role didn’t exist at first—I actually created it. It arose from an authentic space where thrift shopping was all I could genuinely afford. When I was living overseas from 2012–2014, I was on a very tight budget, but didn’t think I should have to miss out on looking cute. So I would challenge myself to recreate thrift store versions of what I saw in magazines and on celebrities for minimal spend.

I quickly learned that this not only gave me a leg up but that it could help other people and the planet too. I found my purpose and it’s an absolute privilege to do the work I do.

Thrift shopping was all I could genuinely afford…but I didn’t think I should have to miss out on looking cute.

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My dressmaker and I customised this Vintage Calvin Klein Sweater I found on Etsy by adding a side corset and distressed panel feature. I was seeing them everywhere on the high street but wanted to create my own one-of-a-kind sustainable version. It’s now one of my favourite pieces and will definitely be coming out again this winter. 

These jeans are by the incredible ethical brand Outland—these are the jeans Meghan Markle wore on her tour to Australia last year. And the silver boots are a gift from my hubby, I’ve had them for years.

Today’s Pieces:

Vintage Sweater from Etsy
Outland Denim jeans
Gifted boots


I definitely believe in investment pieces you will treasure for a lifetime. I love the contrast of high low here, and also the tone-on-tone with clashing textures. This is definitely a look I gravitate to time and time again!

Today’s Pieces:

Slip Dress from Salvation Army
Calvin Clein Blazer from Salvation Army
Sneakers from Salvation Army
Louis Vuitton bag was a birthday present to myself


I adore this bomber jacket I found on Gumtree (kind of like an Australian Etsy/eBay combo) for $50. I wore this to Australian Fashion Week and got lots of comments on the cool contrast of street and chic, particularly the combo of epic chandelier earring bling juxtaposed with Army fatigue vibes.

The corset belt was made by my dressmaker from a deconstructed collared shirt I found for $2 at the Salvation Army. These jeans are also from the Salvation Army, and customized by me.

Today’s Pieces:

Kusaga T-Shirt
Handmade Belt
Jeans from Salvation Army (Customized by Faye)
Gifted Valentino Bag
Gifted Boots


This is one of my favorite DIYs! I replicated a Gucci-inspired fanny pack using a $2 patent toiletry bag, a stretchy belt, and vintage brooches all from the Salvation Army. See more about it here.

Today’s Pieces:

Vintage Burberry Trench from Salvation Army
Tee from Salvation Army
Jeans from Salvation Army
Heels from Salvation Army
Leopard Print Shades She’s Had For Years


This outfit is one of my fave summer go-tos: peek-a-boo lace and lightweight pants. The lace top and bralette were $5 a pop from the Salvation Army!

Today’s Pieces:

Top & Bralette from Salvation Army
Graziela Pants
Gifted Slides

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