A Week Of Slow, Sustainable Fashion

The Good Trade’s Week of Outfits Series highlights women that have personally inspired us to shop and live with intention! Each woman takes her own unique approach to slow fashion and demonstrates how beautifully sustainable fashion can come to life. Today we’re excited to share a week of outfits from Holly Rose, the blogger behind Leotie Lovely!


Age | 32
Location | Paris, France
Job | Writer & Blogger
Blog | Leotie Lovely
Favourite Brand | The Summer House 

I began blogging last year, writing one blog post daily for 365 days about sustainable switches we can all make to live greener. It was an incredibly educating and transformative experience, extremely time consuming and such hard work, but it launched me into a state of discovery that I became somewhat addicted to. During that time, I developed a strict set of ideals when it comes to fashion. 

I believe that for someone to be a truly ‘conscious’ consumer, you have to consider the cradle-to-cradle story of each product you purchase. It means considering all living things affected by production, from the farmers in the field inhaling toxic chemicals to grow fibres for the industry, to people working in factories for wages which don’t come close to covering base physiological needs, to the affects chemical dyes and fibres have on our bodies and, through laundering, on our waterways. Then finally, what issues the product might cause in its afterlife, when we bore of it or it breaks and ends up part of the 12.8 million tons of clothing per year that end up in U.S landfills.

So, for me, anything I wear needs to be made with chemical-free biodegradable or upcycled materials, be dyed as ecologically as possible, produced ethically, be made to last, and be diverse enough to wear throughout the seasons to earn a place in my capsule collection of clothing (click to watch my SPRING / SUMMER / FALL capsules). I really love vintage clothing and enjoy secondhand shopping, so I tend to mix finds from those two genres with a few conscious brands to create my capsule collection of bohemian-esque gear.

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I love the look and feel of ‘pajama chic’, it’s super practical for my Parisian lifestyle as I walk and bike quite a lot here so anything one wears needs to be comfortable as well as practical. 

Today’s Pieces:

Ally Bee Poncho Jumper | People Of Leisure 70’s Bell Bottom Sweatpants

Edge Of Ember Facet Statement Ring | Thrifted Boots


This dress from The Summer House is a super comfy chic cocoon. I absolutely adore it and I can wear it all throughout the year and it’s a go-to no matter the monthly fluctuations.

Today’s Pieces:

The Summer House Puro Dress | Vintage Hat | Thrifted Boots 


I love mixing dressy items with casual and this beautifully embroidered blazer from Victoria Road is so diverse for this reason. It goes with almost everything in my wardrobe and adds a little fancy to the fray.

Today’s Pieces:

Victoria Road NY Mariam Jacket in Winter Garden Embroidery | Secondhand Tank | Vintage Hat

Secondhand Jeans | OFKT Handmade Upcycled Mules


Trunk Collective, where this gorgeous tote is from, is my go-to for consciously made accessories, they have curated such a stunning collection of creations it is hard to pick just one. I’ve had this tote for over a year and it’s the perfect size to fit all my zero waste items plus my laptop.

Today’s Pieces:

Thought Clothing Verity Organic Blouse Top | Trunk Collective Boho Hindi Tote

Secondhand Jeans | Secondhand Isabella Marant Boots


Paris is a really casual place, it’s not what I expected when I moved here. Since I work from home, I try to create outfits that are comfy to sit in all day, but nice enough I can pop out in them for a glass of wine or coffee with a friend.

Today’s Pieces:

People Of Leisure Hunter Green Velour Sweatshirt | Secondhand Novella Royale Trousers

Vintage Hat | Vintage Cowboy Boots


I love this tunic, it’s super diverse and easy to style from summer to winter. I think having a wardrobe which can follow you through the seasons makes life less stressful, so I try to stick to items that are capsule-friendly.

Today’s Pieces:

Bead And Reel Daksha Tunic | Vintage Hat | Secondhand Isabel Marant Boots


I love jumpsuits and overalls, they’re so easy to style and so comfortable (until you have to pee). These overalls from Liz Alig were one of my summer staples and they’ve transitioned into fall so easily. 

Today’s Pieces:

Liz Alig Dilsi Overalls | OFKT Handmade Upcycled Mules | Secondhand Cropped Sweater | Vintage Hat 

Learn more about Holly on her blog, Leotie Lovely, and follow her adventures on Instagram!