The Good Trade’s Week of Outfits Series highlights women that have personally inspired us to shop and live with intention! Each woman takes her own unique approach to slow fashion and demonstrates how beautifully sustainable fashion can come to life. Today we’re excited to share a week of outfits from Andrea Hartman, the blogger behind Seasons + Salt!


Age | 34
Location | Oregon
Job | Full-Time Mom of 3 / Writer + Content Creator at Seasons + Salt
Where To Find Her | On Instagram and Facebook
Favorite Brand | I can’t live without my Everlane! But I also love independent designers and the way their pieces bring unexpected shapes and dimension to my wardrobe. Some of my favorite pieces from the last year are my wide pants by Lauren Winter, and the Lou Jumpsuit by REIFhaus (in both linen and denim). And I love clogs, No.6 and Bryr are my favorites.

I’m a little obsessed with personal style. I love studying what people wear, I think it’s a compelling way to communicate an aspect of who you are. I love lived-in clothes, that feel like home and convey a signature look. Often, the longer I wear something the more I love it. If I had to sum up my personal style in a few words I’d say: simple, but not basic.

A few years ago, I joined the capsule movement and loved it. Very quickly after that, my eyes were opened to the concept of slow and ethical fashion. I began reading blogs that talked about the ethics behind the apparel industry. I watched The True Cost. And once I became aware of the dirty side of fashion, I couldn’t un-know it. Two years ago, I made a promise to myself that I would no longer be a part of it, and I haven’t looked back. It’s been amazing learning about brands and designers who value ethics just as much as they do style. People are far more important than clothes and no one should be subject to terrible working conditions, or worse – abuse, just so we can purchase cheap clothing.

The beauty of the slow fashion movement is that the consumer is so much closer to the maker, sometimes even buying direct. I love knowing who made my clothes or how they were made. It makes them feel special and timeless, items to treasure and love rather than treat as a disposable commodity.

I no longer ‘capsule’ but I strive hard to maintain a lean wardrobe. I don’t want to have too many choices when getting dressed, and I like everything in my closet to be something I love.


I’m on my feet a lot, so comfortable footwear is essential. Even better when it makes a statement. I recently bought these Veja sneakers and, now that they are broken in, I love how comfortable and warm the leather is.

Today’s Pieces:

Cardigan from Imby | Everlane U-Neck Tee | Elizabeth Suzann Clyde Work Pant

Veja v-10 Shoes | Everlane Day Market Tote


This jumpsuit is such a fun item to wear! It makes a big statement with minimal effort. It’s light and breezy, perfect for transitional seasons like Spring and Fall.

Today’s Pieces:

Levi’s Jacket | Matter Prints All Day Jumpsuit | Everlane Blush Oxfords | Everlane Day Market Tote


Whenever I need a pick-me-up or don’t know what to wear, black is my default. I always feel good in black. It’s chic, matter-of-fact and I love to mix in pieces like an unexpected garment shape (this top) or a contrasting shoe (like the bourbon clogs!).

Today’s Pieces:

Jamie + the Jones T Top | Everlane Modern Boyfriend Jeans in Black | No.6 Clogs

Everlane Petra Backpack | Favor Jewelry Verge Necklace


Vintage denim is one of my very favorite things to wear! I bought these for a song at a local boutique and then had them hemmed. I recently discovered there is a world of vintage denim on Etsy! It’s a great place to look. Just be sure to have a measuring tape on hand to compare the online measurements to a pair of your favorite jeans.

Today’s Pieces:

Everlane Square Top | Vintage Levi’s 501’s | Avarcas Pons Shoes

Velé Crossbody Clutch | Ray-Ban Sunglasses from Zappos


Today I’m wearing my other favorite thing: Kamm pants! These pants live up to the hype. The thick, sturdy canvas wears so beautifully and holds up to my everyday life of mommin’ with three busy kids. I never worry if these are going to rip or get a stain. And of course you can’t beat the shape. The secret is that there is no side-seam! And the button-fly of course.

Today’s Pieces:

Thrifted Ralph Lauren Shirt | Jesse Kamm Sailor PantsNo.6 Clogs | Everlane Petra Backpack


I bought the linen version of this jumpsuit in spring ‘16 and I lived in it all summer and into the fall. And it was my favorite again this spring and summer. When REIFhaus released a black denim version this fall, naturally, I was eager to add it to my closet. I now have the ability to wear one of my favorite pieces in the colder months! This jumpsuit (both the warm and cold weather version) is my go-to on many occasions, and I always feel like ‘me’ when I wear it. Bonus: it’s made in Portland!

Today’s Pieces:

3⁄4 Sleeve British Tee from Zappos | REIFhaus Denim Jumpsuit | No.6 Clogs | Cuyana Saddle Bag


I love these wide leg pants by Lauren Winter, who also happens to be a Portland designer. The pants are almost like a skirt, but not. If I had a nickel for every compliment I received about them, I’d be a rich woman. Styling these was tricky at first but, after a year, I’ve learned how to balance the proportions just right. Most of the time I need a slim-fitting top to offset the volume at the bottom. The Murphy Shell by Tradlands does just the trick – it’s a combo I’ve worn on more than one occasion!

Today’s Pieces:

Tradlands Murphy Shell | Lauren Winter Wide Pant | Nisolo Mariella Mules | Cuyana Saddle Bag

Be sure to check out Andrea’s blog, Seasons + Salt – or follow her on Instagram!