Do You Need White Noise For Sleep?

Quiet, restful sleep is sometimes hard to come by. Between outdoor noises, family members and pets, and just general distractions, sometimes we need a little helping hand for snoozing.

White noise machines (and even YouTube videos) have become more common over the years, thanks to their neutralizing, soothing sounds. For a more accessible and on-the-go option, consider these white noise sleep apps—many are free with basic features, and can be adapted to fit your preferences. Plus, a few offer pre-set timers, desktop and AirPlay compatibility, and access to up to 25,000 sounds.

Pair with a good mattress, a meditation app, and a sleep eye mask, and you’ll fall asleep quicker than ever. 😴

1. Headspace

Best For | White noise & sleep soundtracks Features | Sleep by Headspace collection, free features Price | Free with limited features, $12.99/month or $69.99/year for premium features

Headspace, one of our favorite meditation apps, helps us stress less and sleep more soundly. The app’s Sleep by Headspace feature includes meditations, sleep stories and audio experiences to support a better night’s rest. You can find unique-yet-effective combos like white noise with violins to help lull you to sleep. You can also try listening to a “sleepcast” without narration for more ambient noise.

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2. Relax Melodies

Best For | White noise & ASMR Features | Sleep sounds & meditations, customized soundscapes, various types of noise Price | $59.99/year, 7-day free trial

With 600K+ reviews and a “Best App For Sleep” award, Relax Melodies pretty much does just what it says it will. Along with 200 meditations, you can customize your own soundscape with ASMR, nature sounds, and white noise like “vinyl crackle.” (You can try testing a free mix here.) There are over 150 options to choose from or combine! Relax Melodies also offers a deep dive into white noise as well as brown, pink, and green noise. You’re only a few minutes away from some serious slumber.

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3. White Noise Lite

Best For | Free use Features | 50+ looped soundtracks, 25K+ sounds, works on desktop, customizable mixes, alarm & timer options Price | Free; White Noise Full ($0.99) & Pro available ($2.99)

Dealing with external noise, tinnitus, or fussy babies? White Noise Lite may help save the day! This free, simple app has a catalog of white noise and white-noise adjacent sounds like “Air Conditioner,” “Vacuum Cleaner,” and “Cat Purring” to cancel out any distractions. There are more than 50 looped sounds (and 25,000 other sounds to choose from!) and an editor tool so you can adjust pitch, volume, sound variance and more. Try it on iOS or Android for free or upgrade to Full or Pro for an ad-free experience.

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4. Calm

Best For | Discounts for students & businesses Features | Sleep collection, discounts & gifting options, timed sounds, works on desktop Price | $14.99/month or $69.99/year, free 30-day trial

While it is best known for its mindful and meditation exercises, Calm creates features for sleep, too. With an entire collection dedicated to rest, you can enjoy various sleep sounds or simple white noise with a premium membership. Best of all, the app can be timed to turn off, works on desktop or mobile, and comes with some recommendations to finally catch some ZZZs.

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5. White Noise Deep Sleep Sounds

Best For | Adults & babies Features | 30+ looped sounds, customizable mixes, AirPlay compatible, timer & autoplay options Price | Free for basic features, $49.99/year for premium features

Parents and babies alike love White Noise Deep Sleep Sounds for its calming sounds. From “Pink Noise” to “Tibetan Metal Singing Bowl” to “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” this kid-friendly app has unique (and mixable) sounds to pacify even the most frazzled mind. The free app will play for eight hours, and you can set it to play on launch or set a custom timer. The app is compatible with both Apple and Google Play, and it works with AirPlay and Apple TV!

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