Creative Works By Women,
Releasing In March 2018

With March being National Women’s History Month and the month of International Women’s Day, we are thrilled to share a curated list of some of the best female creations released in March. Whether you are looking for a new read, fresh sounds, or a weekend film, this list of women-centered content is a perfect way to celebrate the amazing female writers, musicians, filmmakers, and performers of our generation.

// BOOKS //

#MeToo Poetry Anthology

Author | 80+ women poets

We are so deeply moved by the fantastically curated collection of poetry in the #MeToo Poetry Anthology. Featuring more than 80 women poets belonging to the #MeToo movement—a global campaign seeking cultural transformation by encouraging everyone to speak out about sexual violence and harassment—the collection was aptly released earlier this month on International Women’s Day. 

Published by Fair Acre Press in the UK, the anthology has been called a compilation of poems born out of collective rage—many of the poems are difficult to read and express immense pain and anger. Even so, the anthology is undeniably powerful and a compelling read; readers will find that each poem is an invitation to share in the hurt, as well as the healing, of women all around the world. 

Reviews | “It is a powerful, timely book which harks back to Maya Angelou’s ‘And Still I Rise’ and forward to a time when women’s voices are valued and validated.” – Sue Mackrell, Poet

Price | $15; All profits benefit Women’s Aid UK

Purchase the #MeToo Poetry Anthology


The Woman’s Hour

Author | Elaine F. Weiss

It’s been 10 years since Elaine F. Weiss’s last book, and we could not be more excited to get our hands on a copy of The Woman’s Hour: The Great Fight To Win The Vote, released on March 6th. The book tells of the last push to ratify the 19th Amendment in Tennessee in 1920, granting all women in the United States the right to vote.

A hefty but essential read (the book is 416 pages), Weiss brilliantly keeps readers turning the page as she reconstructs the 70-year battle for legalizing votes for women.

Reviews | “The Woman’s Hour is an inspiration in the continuing struggles for suffrage, and for race and gender justice, and for democracy.” —Blanche Wiesen Cook, Author & Historian

Price | $17

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Patriot Number One

Author | Lauren Hilgers 

Set to release on March 20th, Lauren Hilgers’s first book, Patriot Number One: American Dreams in Chinatown, is a remarkable biography of an immigrant family transplanted from rural southern China to Flushing—a predominately immigrant neighborhood in Queens, New York City.

A story about modern immigration, the allure of the American dream, and the New York City Chinese working class immigrants, Hilgers’s debut book is exceptional journalism and gifts readers with an intimate journey into one of America’s most significant immigrant neighborhoods. We highly recommend grabbing a copy for your spring reading list.

Reviews | “A timely, informative book that offers a truthful account of the immigrant and exile experiences in the Chinese-American context. Hilgers captures the lives of her subjects with generosity, nuance, and psychological acuity.”—Ha Jin, Author & Poet

Price | $17

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Doing Harm

Author | Maya Dusenbery

We have so been looking forward to the release of Doing Harm: The Truth About How Bad Medicine and Lazy Science Leave Women Dismissed, Misdiagnosed, and Sick, written by Maya Dusenbery and published on March 6th. 

Dusenbery, the editor of the award-winning website, combines compelling research, professional interviews, and personal female stories to create this masterpiece book on women’s healthcare and medical treatment. An alarming, gripping, and imperative piece of literature—everyone needs a copy. 

Reviews | “Maya Dusenbery brings new life to one of the most urgent yet under-discussed feminist issues of our time. Anyone who cares about women’s health needs to read this book.”  – Jessica Valenti, Author

Price | $19

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// ALBUMS //

Oidophon Echorama

Artist | Gloria

A combination of garage rock, modern psych pop, and talented female vocals, we are swooning over the March-released album from Gloria—a French, six-member band. With a unique and sometimes edgy sound, each track on this short (but addictive) EP transports us back a few decades. 

Reviews | “Six-song EP of swaggering and sweet psych-meets-garage-meets-girl-groups from a mysterious French band.”- Tim Sendra, All Music

Price | $6

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Artist | Lucy Dacus

The New York Daily News is calling her indie rock’s newest poet laureate, and we couldn’t agree more. With honest, moving, and bold lyrics, Lucy Dacus’s second album Historian is what we’ll be listening to all month long. Released earlier this month, Dacus—a Virginia singer/songwriter—has an alluring sound. Her sultry voice paired with an array of instruments makes for a moody, rock-inspired album. 

Reviews | “Historian is a complete album, cavernous in its emotional depths and regally sophisticated in its songwriting, yet palatably relatable at the point of contact.” – Kieran Devlin, Writer

Price | $10

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Artist | Soccer Mommy

A ten-track intimate reflection album by Sophie Allison (aka Soccer Mommy), Clean is a perfect mix of bedroom-pop and indie rock jams. We especially love Allison’s raw and personal lyrics and her willingness to be vulnerable with her listeners. At only 20 years old, this female singer/songwriter from Nashville is already making an impact, and we are thrilled to support her debut album.

Reviews | “This Gabe Wax-produced official debut retains the former bedroom project’s intimacy, vulnerability, and distinctively sinuous style. – Marcy Donelson, All Music Assistant Editor 

Price | $10

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// FILMS //

Ladies First: A Documentary

Deepika Kumari, an Indian girl born into poverty, discovered archery at a young age; by age 12 she began winning awards at reputable tournaments. She would eventually go on to become one of the best female archers in the world, as well as compete in the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Ladies First tells Kumari’s story. With a diverse filmmaking team—including female producer Shaana Levy and female executive producer Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy—the March-released documentary has already won numerous awards and continues to encourage equality for women in India, as well as around the world.

Reviews | “Ladies First is a fascinating, well-made, bold documentary that is not about Deepika Kumari and her failures on the world stage, or even her successes on the national one. It’s about challenging the ingrained cultural mentality that Indian women are somehow lesser than their male counterparts.” – Jonathan Wilson, Writer

Watch Ladies First


Oh Lucy!

From female writer and director Atsuko Hirayanagi comes this heartwarming and charming film, Oh Lucy!, released on March 2 and starring Japanese actress Shinobu Terajima. Regarded as one of the most critically acclaimed performers of her generation in Japan, Terajima plays Setsuko—a single and lonely woman who travels from Tokyo to Los Angeles in search of her runaway American English teacher (played by Josh Hartnett). A truly remarkable film, the movie will be hosting screenings across the United States this spring. 

Reviews | “Japanese filmmaker Atsuko Hirayanagi explores the transformative power of human connection in Oh Lucy!, a film which seems to play like a standard culture clash comedy but reveals itself to run significantly deeper.” – Nikki Baughan, Writer

Watch Oh Lucy!


Roxanne Roxanne

With actress Chanté Adams playing the lead (she won at the Sundance Festival for Breakthrough Performance) and Moonlight’s Nia Long, we could not be more excited for Roxanne Roxanne to premiere on Netflix this month.

A hip hop biopic, this incredible film tells the true story of Lolita Gooden (aka Roxanne Shanté), played by Adams, a 14-year-old battle rapper living in Queens during the early 80s. The film, originally screened at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, follows Shanté’s career in music, as well as her personal life. You can watch the movie on Netflix beginning March 23.

Reviews | “A musical biopic with plenty of swagger and style that will get hip hop fans of a certain age nostalgically swooning over vintage track suits and old-school dance moves.” – Leslie Felperin, Writer

Watch Roxanne Roxanne


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