Creating A Zero Waste Home

Going zero waste is a process and mindset that takes time. Whether you are just starting out your zero waste journey or you’re already an expert, these brands are helping us re-think our everyday products to consider how they affect the environment, our homes, and our own health.

So join us as we swap out single-use plastics in favor of long-lasting, compostable, and consciously-made alternatives. Below are our favorite zero waste product swaps for a more sustainable home.


There are so many awesome ways to make a kitchen more sustainable. One big swap is to start by getting rid of any plastic. This means swapping plastic tupperware (once it’s no longer usable) for glass containers, or swapping plastic baggies for silicone snack bags. Also consider ending the use of throw-away paper-towels in favor of reusable napkins and reusable towels. Each step is small, but it goes a long way towards creating a new habit. Once you have made the swap, not only will your kitchen look better without plastic and paper towels, but it will also feel greener, too.

1. Produce Bags | ECOBAGS

Plastic bags for our veggies are conveniently placed right next to the produce at the grocery store, making us think we need them. However, the truth is we can bring our own bags (or even go bag-less at the grocery store, just wash the veggies thoroughly when you get home). These produce bags are made from cotton, making them nontoxic, too. No plastic necessary.

Shop | $11

2. Unpaper Towels | Package Free

These reusable cloths eliminate the need for paper towels and are made from 100% cotton flannel. Plus, if there ever comes a day when you can no longer use them (or donate them), the cloth is compostable and the thread is recyclable.

Shop | $20

3. Dish Washing Block Soap | Well Earth Goods

We love the idea of using a bar of soap for all-purpose cleaning needs. This one sits easily on the kitchen sink (though it may need a tray for the suds). It’s completely plastic-free and made with natural ingredients.

Shop | $17

4. Dish Washing Brush | Package Free

This bamboo brush has a fully replaceable compostable brush head, and will look beautiful hung above the sink.

Shop | $12


The bathroom is a place that quickly accumulates lots of trash and lots of plastic. In my zero waste journey, I have thoroughly loved making my bathroom a more eco-conscious place.

One of the first swaps I made was getting rid of plastic floss and switching to a reusable glass container. I also recently started using natural plastic-free toothpaste from the brand Bite. I love popping the dissolvable tablet into my mouth from the cute little glass container. My next swap will either be for a shampoo bar or glass shampoo containers instead of plastic bottles.

There are a lot of changes that can be made in a bathroom to make it sustainable, zero waste and conscious. Here are four of my favorites:


1. Reusable floss | Dental Lace

Not only is the container plastic-free and super-cute, the floss itself is 100% Mulberry silk, making it natural and biodegradable.

Shop | $12

2. Reusable Face Rounds | Marley’s Monsters

These 100% organic cotton reusable face rounds eliminate cotton ball waste entirely and will last for years, just pop them in the wash or wash by hand.

Shop | $20

3. Shampoo Bar | Meow Meow Tweet

A completely natural bar of soap for your hair! We love that Meow Meow Tweet packages their shampoo bars in a paper box that can be recycled or composted.

Shop | $12

4. Zero-Waste Toothpaste | Bite

Bite is revolutionizing the way we brush our teeth. They’ve created the cutest glass jars filled with natural toothpaste tablets that dissolve and foam in your mouth, which means no more plastic. And as a bonus, they’re even easier to travel with than toothpaste tubes.

Shop | $7+


A clean home certainly feels good, but is it good for us, too? We don’t often consider the ingredients in our cleaning products that can be toxic to us and the environment in the long run. Luckily, there are amazing brands that are revolutionizing green cleaning and packaging, helping us to bring less trash to the landfill.


1. Dryer Balls | Grove Collaborative

Dryer balls are a wonderful swap for dryer sheets. These 100% wool ones can be used for hundreds of loads and are completely natural and biodegradable. Plus, they are super soft and cute.

Shop | $16

2. Zero Waste Cleaning Sprays | Blueland

This brand is an exciting alternative to having to buy cleaning supplies that are sold in single-use plastic bottles. Simply purchase their kit, or individual BPA-free shatterproof bottles, fill with water, and add their completely natural, dissolvable tablets for a mindful clean.

Shop | $12–$30

3. Zero Waste Laundry & Dish Detergent | Dropps

Made from plant enzymes, Dropps are natural and dissolvable detergent pods for dishwashers and laundry machines. These pods are completely plastic-free and made with natural ingredients that are good for you and the planet.

Shop | $10+

4. Handmade Reusable Sponges | Etsy

Sponges are a household cleaning staple. Opt for buying a reusable sponge that can be washed and used over again. We love this handmade one from Etsy.

Shop | $10+


Whether it’s our deodorant, makeup, or our razors, we are constantly throwing away our hygiene products. Not to mention, almost all of them come in plastic packaging. It’s time to make the swap to conscious, reusable alternatives that are thoughtfully made-to-last.


1. Reusable Makeup Containers | Elate Beauty

Makeup is something we often forget about in terms of considering zero waste alternatives. Elate has created a collection of reusable, plastic-free bamboo packaged makeup essentials like mascara, lipstick, and eyeshadow compacts.

Shop | $16+

2. Refillable Deodorant | by Humankind

This deodorant is made from natural ingredients and comes in a sophisticated, minimalist, and refillable container. Say goodbye to disposable plastic deodorants!

Shop | $14+

3. Safety Razor | Oui Shave

This refillable razor will look much better sitting in your shower than the plastic ones and completely eliminates the need for plastic. The key with these razors is to keep them from staying wet, in order to eliminate rusting.

Shop | $75

4. Bidet | Tushy

This wonderful brand is helping us shift our thoughts on bidets and ditch the toilet paper. Tushy also has incredible give-back initiatives for communities in need of toilets.

Shop | $69+


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