Living A Low Waste Lifestyle

One of the simplest ways we can be more sustainable is to make eco-friendly swaps in our homes, offices, and on-the-go. For example, picking up a reusable cutlery set saves thousands of plastic forks and knives from ending up in landfills. Imagine the collective impact we could all make with these small shifts.

While it hasn’t always been easy to find zero or low waste shops, there are stores out there to help us live a greener and cleaner lifestyle. Even now, when in-store shopping isn’t an option everywhere, these online shops encourage us to embrace sustainable living (starting with plastic-free packaging, of course).

From North America to Europe to Australia—here’s where to shop zero waste online. If you’re looking for a wider scope of products, including books and clothing, check out our guide to ethical and sustainable Amazon alternatives here.

1. Package Free

Shop Location | New York City, NY
Best For | Zero waste kits
Ships To | Worldwide

NYC-based Package Free has hundreds of plastic-free options, starting at just $1.50. Our recommendation is to start with one of the Zero Waste Kits curated for whatever your needs are, whether that’s dish cleaning, shaving, or even cocktails. With worldwide shipping available, you can order the low waste goods you need anywhere, anytime.

Shop Package Free Shop

2. EcoRoots

Shop Location | Aspen, CO
Best For | Personal hygiene and skincare
Ships To | USA

When you’re making the switch to plastic-free, EcoRoots understands your needs. The Colorado company offers zero waste products made in-house and goods sourced from small businesses for your home, kitchen, and bath and beauty routine. Need a natural makeup remover? Chamomile toner for sensitive skin? What about a zero waste shaving kit? You can find it all here, sent to you in recyclable packaging.

Shop EcoRoots

3. Wild Minimalist

Shop Location | San Anselmo, CA
Best For | Cleaning supplies
Ships To | Worldwide

Make the sustainable swap with Wild Minimalist products, particularly around home and cleaning. This family-run company, inspired by their time backpacking around the world, carries nearly everything you need for a waste-free lifestyle. For zero waste cleaning, you can stock up on wooden brushes, loofahs, and brooms—many of which have hundreds of five-star reviews. It’s even delivered to you in recyclable and compostable packaging.

Shop Wild Minimalist

4. Marley’s Monsters

Shop Location | Eugene, OR
Best For | Fabrics, towels, and wipes
Ships To | Worldwide

Started by a mama-to-be who was mindful of waste, Marley’s Monsters crafts hundreds of wood- and fabric-based goods with sustainability and simplicity in mind. All items are proudly handmade in Oregon, including its best-selling UNPaper toilet paper, cloth napkins, and face masks that can be used time and again. And affordability is key, too: Most items range from $5 to $20 and everything ships plastic-free.

Shop Marley’s Monsters

5. The Earthling Co.

Shop Location | Reno, NV
Best For | Shampoo and soap bars
Ships To | Worldwide

Upgrade your hair care routine into an eco-friendly one with The Earthling Co.’s popular shampoo and soap bars. Made in the USA, these plant-based bars are sent to you sans plastic, and the company donates a portion of proceeds to environmental initiatives around the globe. The brand also carries a number of low waste items, like dish brushes, reusable produce bags, and bamboo toothbrushes.

Shop The Earthling Co.

6. Net Zero Co.

Shop Location | Vancouver, Canada
Best For | Food & drink storage/prep
Ships To | Worldwide

Spend a lot of time in the kitchen? You’ll want to check out Net Zero Co.’s eco-friendly alternatives for food prep, storage, and drinks. We love the reusable sealer bags, stainless steel lunch sets, and even the bubble tea mason jars! Plus, you can opt for a bundle to maximize your budget and sustainability. Net Zero also donates a portion of proceeds to the Eden Reforestation Projects, which plants trees around the world.

Shop Net Zero Co.

7. Waste Not

Shop Location | North London, England
Best For | On-the-go products
Ships To | The UK

London-based Waste Not is a zero waste shop for consumers all across the United Kingdom. From bamboo cutlery sets to vegan wax food wraps, the brand has curated all the basics anyone needs to make the swap. Best of all, Waste Not’s line of on-the-go products make commuting, traveling, and office life greener. Not sure where to begin? The team created a “Start Here” guide to help you navigate a plastic-free lifestyle.

Shop Waste Not

8. The Kind Store

Shop Location | Essex, England
Best For | Menstrual & sexual health products
Ships To | The UK & Europe

The Kind Store does the heavy lifting for you when it comes to sustainable swaps; this UK-based shop curates over 100 independent and zero waste brands. For menstruating people, we recommend seeking out plastic-free periods and sexual health items here, including organic pads, period underwear, and reusable applicators. Ten percent of annual profits are also donated to the Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary, so your purchase is low waste but high impact.

Shop The Kind Store


Shop Location | Fremantle, West Australia
Best For | Parenting products
Ships To | Australia

ZERO STORE is Australia’s largest zero waste marketplace, making it a one-stop shop if you’re looking to make the switch. Launched by two sisters, ZERO STORE grew out of a need to find sustainable, affordable, and easily accessible swaps for everyday items. Today, you’ll find all sorts of goodies for kids and parents, like teething toys, postnatal care, and reusable nappies. Every product is vetted for quality, performance, and ingredients before it ends up on the shelves.


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