15 Ethical & Fair Trade Shoe Brands For Every Occasion


Ethical Shoe Brands

As consumers we recognize the power of our vocalized objections to make a positive difference for the people that make the clothes we wear everyday, ensuring they have fair wages and environmentally safe working conditions. Unfortunately, shoe production is not exempt from the sweatshop labor and environmentally hazardous production processes involved in fashion manufacturing. 

In our search for ethical brands, we've compiled a list of our favorite footwear brands producing ethically-made shoes that range in function, style and price. From hiking and running, to work, or a night out, these 15 brands make it easier to fill your closet with ethical, high quality staples for every occasion. 


Based In | Nashville, TN
Ethics | Artisan-made in Peru
Best For | Handmade leather shoes
Product Range | Men’s & women's boots, flats, oxfords, sandals
Price Range | $84-$278

Nisolo collaborates with local artisans in Peru from the design to the handmade production of their leather shoes, chukka boots, and sandals for both women and men. Nisolo provides fair wages and full-time employment to their artisans and each shoe has heart put into it from every person who works at Nisolo. We love their gorgeously-designed, well-made shoes and their fast, free shipping both ways.

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Based In | San Francisco & New York City
Ethics | Direct partnerships with factories
Best For | Women’s staple shoes
Product Range | Women’s loafers, sandals, boots
Price Range | $95-$285

If you’re looking to buy shoes that are long-lasting, ethically-sourced, and not marked up 8x the production price, Everlane is your one-stop shop. Their black, white, and brown shoes are investments that will be staples in your closet for years to come. Want to know where Everlane’s shoes are made? They feature all their factories on their website with an interactive map, bringing you one step closer to an ethical wardrobe. If you sign up for their site updates, you’ll receive free shipping for your first order within 24 hours.

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Based In | Portland, OR & Uganda
Ethics | Employment & scholarship for Ugandan women
Best For | Interchangeable sandals
Product Range | Women’s sandals, flats, loafers, & booties
Price Range | $49-$149

Sseko believes that all females deserve the right to education, and is making that happen through their product line. They employ women in Uganda, Ethiopia, and other parts of East Africa to create beautiful shoes, totes, and scarves, and use proceeds to provide scholarship and employment opportunities. Ambassadors like philanthropist and actress Sophia Bush has even created her own Sseko sandal! We are obsessed with their ribbon sandals, which can be tied in an infinite number of ways, including a tutorial on their site - unique for you, empowering for them.

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Based In | France
Ethics | Ethical production, organic materials, zero waste
Best For | Running shoes
Product Range | Men’s & women’s athletic footwear
Price Range | $75-$120

Veja is a leader in eco and ethical production for athletic shoes. Veja buys organic and ecologically friendly materials from fair trade family farms in Brazil and the amazon, respecting fair trade standards. Based in France, the brand partners with a social charity that helps the disadvantaged reintegrate into society through work. Veja tightly controls its production and only produces orders placed six months in advance. Veja’s packaging is made of recycled and recyclable cardboard.

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Based In | Addis Adaba, Ethiopia
Ethics | Worker’s rights in Sub-Saharan Africa
Best For | Premium leather shoes
Product Range | Men’s & women’s loafers, boots, chukkas
Price Range | $30-$170

Known as the world’s only Fair Trade Certified footwear manufacturing factory, Oliberte is committed supporting worker’s rights in Sub-Saharan Africa. Based out of Addis Adaba, Ethiopia, Oliberte is a sustainable lifestyle brand that employs over 70 staff, the majority of whom are women, to handcraft premium leather and rubber into shoes you’ll keep forever. With a lifetime warranty, they are committed to outstanding customer service, in addition to giving back to the community and environment. They truly do believe in trade, not just aid.

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Beckett Simonon

Based In | Made in Portugal & Colombia
Ethics | Made-to-order, responsible production
Best For | Men’s sneakers & Oxfords
Product Range | Men’s shoes & boots
Price Range | $125+

Beckett Simonon is doing things a bit differently - all of their products are custom made-to-order. The brand runs different campaigns each month with just a few products and once the campaign ends, only then do they start manufacturing. This dramatically reduces waste and allows the company to take ethical and sustainable manufacturing seriously. Each product is individually handcrafted by experienced tradespeople in family-owned and operated factories in Europe and South America. You can be sure their products are not only beautiful but also ethically and responsibly made.

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El Naturalista

Based In | Mutilva Alta, Spain
Ethics | Eco-Friendly Production & Design
Best For | Vegan and Chrome-Free Shoes
Product Range | Men’s, Women’s, & Children’s Casuals, Sandals, Ankle Boots
Price Range | 71 €-133 €

El Naturalista keeps comfort and design in mind when creating their lively line of shoes for men, women, and children. In addition, they are committed to using recycled products when possible, and have recently expanded to include a vegan and chrome-free line. With factories in Spain and Morocco, they believe in economically empowering communities where handmaking shoes are common and a staple of their culture. Our favorites include their colorful Mary Jane’s and chic ankle boots!

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Based In | San Francisco, CA
Ethics | Ending tire waste one pair of shoes at a time
Best For | Casual footwear
Product Range | Men’s & women’s slip-ons, sandals, boat shoes
Price Range | $44-$65

By intercepting tires before they ever get to landfills, Indosole stops waste and repurposes old tires into comfortable, casual shoes for both men and women. As a certified B Corp, their durable footwear is artisan-made in Indonesia, ensuring their factories are professional, safe, and healthy for their employees. Summer will be here before you know it - there’s no better time to stock up on a pair of these sandals! Plus, shipping is always free in the US!

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The People's Movement

Based In | San Francisco, CA
Ethics | Eco-conscious & up-cycled materials
Best For | Casual footwear
Product Range | Men’s & women’s slip-ons, sandals, boat shoes
Price Range | $44-$65

The People’s Movement, or MOVMT, takes repurposing plastic to a new level. They pair up-cycled plastic bags cleaned from Bali with natural and eco-conscious materials to create casual shoes and joggers. At extremely affordable prices, their clean, simplistic look is perfect for everyday wear. With over 268,000 tons of plastic debris floating around in the ocean, purchasing MOVMT shoes can help stop waste and start a movement.

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Deux Mains

Based In | Orlando, FL & Port-Au-Prince, Haiti
Ethics | Ethically-made sandals from Haiti
Best For | Island footwear
Product Range | Men’s & women’s sandals
Price Range | $37-$69

Deux Mains prides itself on being both stylish and sustainable, through their stunning and classic sandals. Providing jobs in Haiti, artisans use their own “two hands” to craft soles made of repurposed tires and local leathers. Employee-owned and operated, they were born out of 2010 Haiti earthquake and their staff is determined to rebuild their lives and prosper. Their key partnerships include Kenneth Cole and REBUILD, a nonprofit that provides job training and economic development for those in Haiti. Whether you’re lounging by the pool, or strolling on the beach, Duex Mains lets you feel good and look good, too.

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The Root Collective

Based In | Guatemala
Ethics | Leather & textiles paired together in Guatemala
Best For | Women’s flats
Product Range | Women’s D’Orsay flats, peep toes, ballet flats
Price Range | $39-$119

In a time where products can be mass-produced, The Root Collective wants you to know that everything you buy is made by someone, and they know just who that someone is. Working with shoemakers and textile-weavers in Guatemala, The Root Collective has improved the lives of locals who were in poverty or at-risk of being in gangs. As a certified B-Corp, they believe ethically made shoes can change lives and start a culture of kindness. We’re suckers for flats, and we’re about to stock up on their adorably colored and patterned pairs.

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Based In | Kampot, Cambodia & Denver, CO
Ethics | Ethical E-commerce partnerships
Best For | Women’s shoes from diverse ethical brands
Product Range | Women’s flats, loafers, booties, flip flops
Price Range | $35-$220

MadeFAIR believes in capitalism, just probably not the way you’d think. MadeFAIR began as a way to change widespread problems like worker exploitation and environmental degradation by investing in ethical small businesses in order to help them scale. As a for-profit retailer, they work with brands like the ones we’ve mentioned above such as Sseko or The Root Collective to all be found in one marketplace. Whether you’re looking for comfy Komodo flip flops or gorgeous Fortress of Inca booties, you’ll be able to find a variety of styles in one place.

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Native Shoes

Based In | Vancouver, BC Canada
Ethics | Environmentally-friendly shoes for the family
Best For | Children’s shoes
Product Range | Men’s, women’s, & children’s boots & shoes
Price Range | $30-$110

Native Shoes was founded in Canada back in 2009, with the goal of creating “Future Classics”. They combine casual silhouette style shoes with evolving technology, creating a lightweight, innovative, and future-forward shoe for men, women, and children. Mindful of the environment, they have a low-emission manufacturing process and no animal by-products in their shoes, all packaged with recyclable materials. As far as children’s shoes go, we’ve never seen anything as playful, stylish, and futuristic all in one!

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Based In | Los Angeles, CA
Ethics | Cruelty-free shoes made in ethical working conditions
Best For | Unique children’s shoes
Product Range | Men’s, women’s, & children’s casuals & high-tops
Price Range | $20-$85

Keep has an intent focus on the 3 C’s: Consciousness, Community, and Craft. Committed to ethical working conditions and vegan and cruelty-free shoes, they have been a leader in the conscious consumerism industry since 2006. With an assortment of textiles and patterns sourced from around the world, your shoes are sure to stand out amongst the rest - they even have patterns for pizza fans and cat lovers. Shoe shopping has never looked so fun.

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Based In | Bogota, Colombia
Ethics | Fair trade & middleman-free
Best For | Daring & bright looks
Product Range | Men’s & women’s moccasins & boots
Price Range | $147-$170

Mamahuhu was born out of the tradition for quality shoemaking in Colombia, and believes that luxury quality doesn’t need to include high markups. Instead of simply employing women artisans from disadvantaged areas around Bogota, Mamahuhu offers them microloans and flexible schedules to help set up their own workshops; they then receive purchase orders and are taught the process behind shoe production themselves in order to be self-sustainable companies. They currently employ over 110 artisans who work with materials sourced within Colombia to create both men and women’s shoes. Their bright colorblocking style and rugged look will impress any risk-taking fashionista.

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