Organic Bedding For A Natural Home

There's nothing sweeter than a good night's sleep. Comfort and quality are key to restful night, and natural materials are key to our long-term health. We’ve created this guide to natural and organic bedding companies that are doing good for the earth and your health by using eco-friendly materials like 100% organic cotton, bamboo, linen and tencel - keeping the toxins out of your bed.

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1. West Elm
Organic Sheets & Bedding

Ethics/Eco-Friendly | Organic, Fair Trade Certified, GOTS Certified
Features | Monogramming
Price Range | $29 (sham) - $209 (duvet cover)

West Elm is a powerhouse known for their modern and clean styles - and now they have a 100% organic cotton bedding line. Made in a Fair Trade Certified facility, their seasonal styles are perfect for the master bedroom, family room, or the guest bedroom. Some of their products are also available for monogramming - customize their line for your home. Their pintuck duvet cover in deep gray, handstitched in India, is our personal favorite!

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2. Boll & Branch
Organic Sheets & Bedding

Ethics/Eco-Friendly | Organic, Fair Trade Certified
Features | 30-night guarantee, US orders ship free, baby/crib sheets
Price Range | $45 (pillowcase set) - $275 (sheet set)

Boll & Branch’s stunning sateen sheets will make you want to sleep for days. Their 100% organic cotton bedding is breathable, luxurious, and supports the anti-trafficking organization, Not For Sale. Need crib sheets or a hand-embroidered sham too? They’ve got you covered. Even their packaging is eco-friendly - what more could we ask for?

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3. Nest Bedding
Organic Sheets & Bedding

Ethics/Eco-Friendly | Made in the USA, GOTS Certified, organic materials
Features | Tencel and bamboo sheet sets
Price Range | $30 (shams) - $229 (mattress topper)

Nest Bedding has everything you need to make your bedroom a comfortable, restful space. Their natural & organic sheet sets are made from eco-friendly materials like Tencel, bamboo, and GOTS-Certified organic cotton. Their mattresses provide the perfect level of support and are handmade in the USA. 

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4. PlushBeds
Organic Sheets & Bedding

Ethics/Eco-Friendly | GOTS Certified, organic cotton
Features | Tencel and bamboo sheet sets
Price Range | $30 (shams) - $229 (mattress topper)

PlushBeds' rigorous certifications make for healthy and luxuriously soft bedding. Made from renewable and eco-friendly materials, their sheets and comforters are perfect for sensitive skin. We love that their comforters are made from 100% chemical- and cruelty-free wool and are designed to keep you warm in the winter, while still being breathable for summer use.

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5. The Ultimate Green Store
Organic Sheets & Bedding

Ethics/Eco-Friendly | All-natural, organic
Features | Wide selection of bedding styles
Price Range | $38 (pillowcases) - $498 (relaxed linen duvet covers)

The Ultimate Green Store is your one-stop shop for green shopping! They stock brands like Coyuchi, Live Good, and Holy Lamb Organics, ideal for conscious consumers who want to “sleep the green life”! A wide variety of styles and bedding options are available, all non-toxic and crafted with organic cotton.

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6. VivaTerra
Organic Sheets & Bedding

Ethics/Eco-Friendly | Organic, GOTS Certified
Features | CarbonFree shipping on orders over $100
Price Range | $20 (pillowcase set) - $300 (duvet cover)

Started in 2004 in California, VivaTerra’s mission is to inspire sustainable living around the world. Their product line includes Bambeco's artisan-crafted linens, all inspired by humanity and Mother Nature. Crafted in fair trade and sustainable environments, their linens are luxurious and eco-friendly, making for a wonderful night's sleep. We love their selection of artisan-made pillow covers and their wide variety of home goods in addition to their bedding!

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7. Cariloha
Organic Sheets & Bedding

Ethics/Eco-Friendly | Sustainably made from bamboo viscose
Features | Bamboo sheets
Price Range | $44 (pillowcase set) - $279 (comforter)

Cariloha's sheets are made entirely from the viscose derived from bamboo, which means that they're soft, breathable, and sustainably-made from a renewable resource. Their sateen and classic bamboo sheets come in calming, classic classic colors and are thermal-regulating, so you can enjoy them year-round.

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8. SOL Organics
Organic Sheets & Bedding

Ethics/Eco-Friendly | Organic, fair trade
Features | 30-night trial, free shipping and returns
Price Range | $30 (pillowcases) - $170 (king size sheets)
Perks | Use code GT20 for 20% off

SOL Organics stands for sustained organic living, and their bedding will have you resting in pure luxury. Their gorgeous and simple sateen products are Fair Trade Certified, made with 100% organic cotton. SOL also sells bedtime accessories such as nighttime aromas and warming therapy. We are obsessed with the soft blue hue in their pleat sheet set, which comes with 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, and two pillowcases. Soft, smooth, and ethical.


9. Coyuchi
Organic Sheets & Bedding

Ethics/Eco-Friendly | Organic, Fair Trade Certified, GOTS Certified
Features | Wide selection of bedding
Price Range | $38 (pillowcase set) - $598 (California King sheet set)

Coyuchi has soft, pure bedding that you’ll dream of (no pun intended) even when you’re at work! Their organic cotton is crafted into countless bedding designs, from their modern Cambria sheets to their adorable Dotted Lantern look. Add a touch of comfort to your living room too, with their classic blankets and throws. With styles for baby to teen to parents, they are sure to please.

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10. Loop
Organic Sheets & Bedding

Ethics/Eco-Friendly | GOTS Certified, organic, Fair Trade Certified
Features | 30-day returns
Price Range | $35 (pillowcases) - $200 (sheet set)

For more than 10 years, Loop’s mission has been to create quality products that have as little impact on the environment as possible. Using soft hemp linen for their pillows and organic cotton for their sheets, they are educating consumers everywhere about living green. Simple, elegant, and good for people and the planet.

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