Making Green Beauty A Reality

When it comes to the products people buy, consumers are increasingly adopting a green mentality.  Natural and organic ingredients across product categories (e.g., organic skin care) are becoming more popular for their positive health and environmental impacts. But it takes both consumers and brands to take action to protect people and the planet. The beauty industry is responding to consumers by making eco-friendly products and packaging a reality for those who love their beauty products, but also love the earth. Here are five ways the beauty industry is stepping up. Check to see if your favorite brands are taking the steps below.

1. USING Recycled Packaging

Reusable bags are something every eco-friendly shopper takes with them to the grocery store but have you ever thought about reusable bottles? More and more companies are employing creative ways to use recycled bottles and packaging for their beauty products. Here are 6 examples we love. You can also play your part as a consumer by recycling or reusing beauty product bottles that you normally would throw out. Plant flowers in an empty shampoo bottle. Use your old body scrub bottle to hold all of your makeup brushes. Keep containers out of landfills and recycle!

2. ADOPTING THE Organic and Sustainable Movement

Harsh chemicals and toxins are the last thing you want in your everyday cleanser, concealer, mascara or even your perfume. Every woman should want only the best ingredients to keep her skin, hair and face looking amazing. The organic market has shown major growth of 20% in 2014 alone, and more consumers are buying organic products. Organic makeup and beauty products are free of harmful chemicals, making it safer for the environment and the workers that make the products.

3. BANNING MicrobeadS

The Microbead-Free Waters Act was passed in 2015, which banned microbeads as an ingredient in any formula. Microbeads are tiny plastic particles that go from the soap you use to wash your face, all the way into the ocean. Microbeads pollute waters, and contaminate the food chain with toxins. Although mircobead products are still being used, as of 2018 they can no longer be produced. This is a win-win for your bath products and for the eco-system.


More and more beauty brands are taking a healthier, more eco-focused approach to not only their products, but also their manufacturing. Many brands that have adopted natural ingredients also manufacture their products with renewable energy sources through wind-powered factories.


The beauty industry is making major changes when it comes to the best products with the best ingredients. Companies like Lush show that when it comes to cosmetics, soaps, and other essential beauty products, putting the environment first is possible. Their eco-friendly green policy is a leading industry standard that includes never testing products on animals, avoiding the use of harmful ingredients, minimizing waste and efficient energy usage.

Products made without toxins aren’t just better for you, they’re better for the environment. How do you incorporate eco-friendly products into your beauty routine?

Bobbi Peterson is a blogger dedicated to sustainability, education, and helping people achieve a more environmentally-conscious life. She graduated with degrees in Communication, Journalism, and Technical Writing. She hopes to provide others with the knowledge to make conscious decisions every day.