Furniture Made In The USA

It’s 2018 and we’re taking sustainable and ethical shopping to the next level. Too often, we find mass-produced products lining shelves and being sold at exorbitant prices, only to fall apart after a year or two. But that doesn’t have to be the case—we have plenty of brands with high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship made right here in the USA.

We’ve found 10 American-made furniture shops, many of them through Etsy, and we’re excited to feature these brands for their innovative styles, incredible work ethic, and sustainable sourcing.

Let’s have our homes match our ethics this year.

1. Maiden Home

Furniture Type | Sofas, sectionals, chairs
Features | Made in USA, natural & sustainable materials, nontoxic
Where to Buy | Online; showrooms in Chicago, LA, and Boston
Price | $975 (chair)–$3500 (sectional)

Handcrafted in the hills of North Carolina and Virginia, Maiden Home is revolutionizing the furniture industry. Their line of sofas, sectionals, and chairs are made to order, just for you, and can even include your own custom fabrics and materials. They work with skilled furniture craftsmen who’ve learned these traditions over generations, so you’ll receive the highest quality without the retail markup. You’ll always be in good hands, too—satisfactory customer service is their top priority, including free delivery in 6 weeks or less, a lifetime guarantee, and 30-day returns.

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2. NorthField

Furniture Type | Kitchen tables, desks, tables, kitchen island
Features | Made in USA, natural & recycled materials, VOC-free
Where to Buy | Online
Price | $215 (bench)–$715 (Parsons dining table)

Since 2004, NorthField has been using recycled, reclaimed, and salvaged woods to create stunning wood furniture. Run as a small family shop in Chicago, they use eco-friendly finishes and materials without VOC, ensuring the a safe and healthy home. Their most popular items include rustic kitchen tables and naturally styled desks, making you feel right at home. Customers love the fast delivery, woodsy smell, and easy assembly—this furniture is well worth the investment.

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3. Burrow

Furniture Type | Sofas, ottomans, sectionals
Features | Made in USA, sustainable and recycled materials, nontoxic
Where to Buy | Online, showrooms in various states
Price | $295 (ottoman)–$1745 (chaise king sectional)

With Burrow, you don’t have to decide between cheap and flimsy or heavy and expensive. Their custom furniture works with you and your space to craft beautiful sofas, ottomans, and sectionals. Made in the USA using sustainable materials and eco-friendly packaging, their furniture is delivered right to your door and can be assembled in just 10 minutes. Best of all: Their modular design means you can rearrange the furniture as necessary and you can customize it all, including high or low arm rests. Plus, they’ve added some clever and functional qualities: hidden USB chargers, stain-resistant cushions, and insane durability.

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4. Appel

Furniture Type | Desks, shelves, stands
Features | Made in USA, natural materials
Where to Buy | Online
Price | $20 (coat rack)–$499 (living room set)

Tyler and Lindsey Appel began Appel as a side hustle, and now, they have sold more than 2,000 items across the country. Woodworking was originally a hobby of Tyler’s, and after quitting his stressful job, they have grown to be one of the most well-known furniture shops in Florida. Based in North Sarasota, their made-to-order furniture includes desks, shelves, and even iPad stands, all made with a distressed and vintage feel. If you’ve been looking for wood furniture that comes with a personality at an affordable price, you’ll be so glad you found Appel.

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5. Modern Cre8ve

Furniture Type | Dining tables, coffee tables, benches, beds
Features | Made in USA, natural materials
Where to Buy | Online
Price | $500 (coffee table)–$10,000 (dining table)

Modern Cre8ve hails from Ohio and handcrafts furniture that’s both functional and timeless. Their hardwood furniture are made with locally-sourced hardwood lumber from Amish country and steel from the Cleveland area. We love their modern design infused with old-school wood, creating some of the most beautiful and eclectic furniture you’ve ever seen. Plus, they give back too: a portion of profits are donated to Save the Children. So you’ll feel as stylish as you do impactful.

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6. Greta De Parry

Furniture Type | Stools, bar carts
Features | Made in USA, natural materials, woman-owned business
Where to Buy | Online
Price | $299 (stool)–$1999 (bar cart)

At The Good Trade, we get especially excited seeing women-owned businesses, and Greta de Parry is no exception. Winner of Best Furniture from Dwell Magazine, Greta handcrafts contemporary furniture with a functional purpose. With a background in Sculpture and Designed Objects, Greta is an expert woodworker who aims to go beyond the grain. Her stunning stools and bar carts, made with hand cast concrete and solid steel, are sure to be conversation starters in your kitchen. You’ll have the Pinterest lover’s dream furniture.

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7. Crafts Manhattan

Furniture Type | Tables, end tables, nightstands
Features | Made in USA, natural & sustainable materials
Where to Buy | Online
Price | $180 (end table)–$2400 (concrete dining table)

Don’t be thrown off by their name: Crafts Manhattan is actually based out of Los Angeles, CA. Between Patrick, Lex, and a three-generation family of manufacturers, they embrace everything it means to be a community. Their line of end tables, nightstands, and dining tables embody contemporary and modern styles with a minimalistic twist. What we love most is their edge side tables, made with wood or concrete—each one is custom and unique. If cleaner, simpler tables are your thing, they have those too. No matter what table you’re looking for, they’ve got everything you need.

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8. Vaughan-Bassett

Furniture Type | Bedroom sets
Features | Made in USA, natural & sustainable materials, plant tree for each tree used
Where to Buy | Online and in store (varies across country)
Price | $760 (queen bed)–$2500 (bedroom set)

For 99 years, the Vaughan-Bassett family has crafted bedroom sets made to last with sustainability in mind. With 700 employees, they have been born and bred in the US, namely Virginia and North Carolina. And, over 99% of their lumber comes from within 500 miles of their factories, making them a true leader in the Buy Local movement. They offer bedroom sets for both adults and children, with themes ranging from cottage to rustic wood, with nearly a dozen pieces. Makeover an entire room easily, affordably, and sustainably with their collections.

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9. Copeland

Furniture Type | Collections for bedroom, living room, dining, and home office
Features | Made in USA, natural & sustainable materials
Where to Buy | Online and in store (varies across country)
Price | $700 (chair)–$5500 (bed)

Copeland isn’t only a furniture store—they’re also the largest employer in the a little Vermont town. Their sustainable wood furniture is inspired by their natural Bradford, VT environment and comes within 500 miles of their factory. Whether you’re looking for a classic dining set or a modern home office desk, Copeland has the style and quality that you’re looking for. You can find their collections both online, in stores, or through retailers like Wayfair. They truly do embody what it means to be American made.

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10. Egg Collective

Furniture Type | Sofas & sectionals, chairs, stools, tables, desks, and mirrors
Features | Made in USA, natural & sustainable materials
Where to Buy | Online, showroom in NYC
Price | $1400 (side table)–$21,000 (dining table)

Started by 3 female designers in 2011, Egg Collective is a New York-based furniture and woodshop that combines natural materials like wood, stone, and metal into simple forms. Perhaps the most “millennial” of these brands, their style adds gold and geometric patterns to handcrafted furniture designed to withstand the test of time. We are most obsessed with their Haynes mirror and Oscar dining table, adding flair to any space. All finishes are hand-applied and if you want the piece to be uniquely you, they offer customizations on certain products. Add that sophisticated yet glam aesthetic to your space, we know you won’t regret it.

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