If you’re not feeling the Valentine’s Day vibe to go out this year, try celebrating a cozy Valentine’s Day at home. Perhaps you want to save money and try your hand at whipping up a special dinner for your loved one, or maybe you’d prefer to spend the day indulging in self-care. There are many ways you can get festive with a relaxing celebration at home, with your friends, kids, partner, or yourself. With winter temperatures in February and shorter days, it’s a great time to snuggle up and get comfy. Whether you have a romantic partner or want to kick back with your roommate, these suggestions will give you ideas on how to unwind and savor a cozy Valentine’s Day. 

Enjoy Home Cooking

Valentine’s Day often comes with fancy dinners or celebratory drinks, but you don’t have to go out to experience a special meal. Cook up some vegan comfort food, or try making a dish you usually order at restaurants. Whether you’re vegan or flexitarian, you can find an appetizing recipe online and whip up something tasty. Try this vegan mac and cheese or these vegetarian comfort food recipes

February can be a humdrum month after the holidays but before the warmth of spring. If you’re feeling the itch to travel, you can choose a recipe from a destination you’d love to visit. If you’re celebrating with friends, you can each cook a dish from your theme country and indulge in a delectable potluck. For a solo observance, choose a main dish to make and you’ll have plenty of leftovers to enjoy. If you’re not up for cooking, order some tasty takeout from a local eatery that fits your theme.

For a cozy romantic evening with your sweetheart, indulging in a delectable dessert is a classic way to celebrate Valentine’s Day together. Experiment with a natural aphrodisiac in your baking and see what happens! Try putting some maca powder in your dessert to enjoy a spike in libido and elevated mood. For a mental boost and delicious flavor, add fair-trade cacao to your dessert. 

Toast to Relationships

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that centers on relationships, but this doesn’t need to be confined to romantic partners. Whether you’re part of a couple, celebrating with friends, or solo, you can concoct a special drink and toast to love. Try a fruity or floral cocktail recipe or choose from one of the many non-alcoholic drink options now on the market, and enjoy sipping something special in honor of love in its many forms. Mix up a flavorful mocktail with one of these recipes for the best mocktails. Make it a special occasion with some intimate mindful conversation topics (or use the list to reflect and journal on your own!). 

Get Crafty

Holidays are a great opportunity to slow down and create arts and crafts. Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with your partner, child, roommate, or friends, it’s a good time to enjoy some cozy creative activities together. For solo crafters, it’s a perfect opportunity to relish some alone time. 

Here are some ideas for celebrating a crafty Valentine’s Day at home:

  • Go old school with your Valentine’s cards: Use recycled paper, scissors, and cut out some hearts! Include a love note to yourself, your loved one, or a friend in the card– crayon optional.
  • Make lipstick art. Pucker up with some bright lipstick and kiss a blank card or poster to create original artwork of lipstick prints celebrating love. 
  • Learn to paint. Take an online art workshop and try your hand at painting. If you’re celebrating the day with a partner, make a date of the event and pop open a bottle of champagne while you create together. Invoke a love theme for your painting in honor of the day. 

Get Cozy and Romantic

If you’re observing Valentine’s Day with your partner, create a romantic ambiance with some nontoxic candles and an essential oil diffuser. Some swoon-worthy scents for romance to choose from include jasmine, patchouli, lavender, rose, vanilla, and sandalwood. Rose oil is a natural aphrodisiac that you can add to your diffuser to enhance desire. Set the mood with a romantic playlist of your favorite songs together. For more entertainment, you can watch old romance movies or take a YouTube partner dance class. 


If you’re flying solo on Valentine’s Day, it’s an opportune time to practice self-care. Taking care of yourself helps to build your arsenal of self-love, an invaluable tool to fight stress. Self-love is compassion and unconditional acceptance of yourself and it takes practice to strengthen it, as with any relationship. Practicing self-care helps reinforce your self-love. 

Get comfortable with some organic tea and practice self-care rituals:

  • Pamper yourself with beauty rituals. Indulge in a bath, try a facial, and practice some winter skincare that nourishes your body. 
  • Meditate. Seize the moments of solitude and relax with some meditation. Use a guided meditation soundtrack or podcast for help, or practice deep breathing exercises to the tune of relaxing music. 
  • Read a book. Unwind and lose yourself in the pages of a good book you’ve been wanting to read. 
  • Move your body. Exercise improves mood and combats stress so give yourself a boost with some movement you enjoy. Dance, walk, stretch, move, and feel your worries melt away. 

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, how you choose to celebrate is entirely up to you. Indulging in a cozy day at home can be the perfect way to pick your spirits up when the weight of winter settles in. Creating a relaxing, intentional day can help you connect more deeply with yourself or those you care about. Cheers, to love in its many forms.

Marnie Kunz is a NASM-certified trainer and USATF- and RRCA-certified running coach and the founder of Runstreet fitness community. She enjoys running, weightlifting and going on long, slow walks with her Akita in Brooklyn, NY.