Summary: After one week of sleeping on Avocado organic cotton sheets, I recommend this luxury bedding to anyone looking to improve their quality of rest. They’re cushy and cloud-like, temperature regulating, and, importantly, organic and nontoxic.

When it comes to my home life, I prioritize feeling cozy. My interior decorating aims to make my apartment a place of rest and creativity, always evolving with the seasons. I spend my days at home amongst low-light lamps, plush throws, shelves lined with books and journals, comfy pillows, a growing record collection, and lots of wall art. But what about when I shimmy into my sheets at the end of the day? Regretfully this had received less attention — until I discovered Avocado.

About Avocado

The full Avocado organic cotton sheet set.
The full Avocado organic cotton sheet set.

Founded in 2016, the company began with a mission to make a sustainable and nontoxic mattress. To combat the lack of affordable options, Avocado designed one directly for the consumer. Since, Avocado has expanded its offerings to include bedding, pillows, furniture, towels, robes, and more that are all made with organic and MADE SAFE® certified materials. (FYI: This certification process includes a screening for more than 6,500 harmful substances, including banned substances, toxic chemicals, pesticides, and dyes.)

With a stringent screening process for toxic materials, this certified B-Corp manufactures products in line with high-quality standards that include low-waste and Earth-friendly practices. This includes ethically grown source materials and packaging (see more on their plastic-free packaging below). Oh, and did I mention that in 2019 Avocado became the first Climate Neutral certified mattress company and is now climate negative? Color me impressed.

This brings me back to my quest for coziness in the bedroom, specifically my interest in Avocado’s organic sheets.

Why try Avocado’s organic sheets?

Quality sleep is essential for hormone and stress regulation, plus mood balance, focus, and overall body function and well-being. And when I realized the positive impact of nontoxic and natural materials, I was beyond ready to curate my home in one of the most important, yet overlooked places: The bedroom.

Avocado sheets promote better sleep with their nontoxic, temperature-regulating materials — but these health benefits weren’t the only reason I was excited. The brand’s organic sheets have a super luxe, satiny feel so I would be getting an upgrade in the comfort department too.

Delivery & setup

Avocado’s organic cotton sheets come in six sizes, four colors, and two thread count options. There’s a deep pocket version, too. I have a king-size mattress, so naturally, I went with that option in the higher 600 thread count (there’s a 400 thread count option too). I chose the natural color to accompany my bohemian vibe.

The sheets arrived at my apartment building in a cardboard shipping box — but inside, the sheet set (including a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two pillowcases) was rolled into an organic cotton bucket-like tote (with handles!) of the same natural swatch.

This sustainable packaging is plastic-free (the tags are loops of simple paper and rope!), and the tote will be great for storage when I change out my sheets.

After taking the set out of the tote, unrolling the items was easy and putting them on my mattress was even easier. The four stretchy corners easily slipped over my mattress and kept in place, with no slipping or sliding off.

While I was placing the sheets on my mattress — and my dog was sniffing the new additions to our sleeping area — I couldn’t help but notice how smooth and plush this silky sheet set felt. But, the real test of the Avocado organic sheet’s coziness would come after a night or two of deep snoozing.

Are the Avocado organic cotton sheets soft and silky?

Even dogs love rolling around on silky-smooth luxury sheets, who knew?
Even dogs love rolling around on silky-smooth luxury sheets, who knew?

In one word, yes. Upon fixing up the sheets and putting my favorite soft-as-a-cloud duvet cover on top, I was excited to see how my sleep experience turned out.

Now, my nighttime routine is a big deal. And by a big deal, I mean that I engage in an enjoyable and stress-free winddown routine. It’s not rigid, but it tends to follow this flow: 1) Put on a night serum and moisturizer, 2) Chat with my partner for a bit, and 3) Curl up with a book (with my phone charging away from the bed). 

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by how cushy and cloud-like these organic cotton sheets felt to the touch. And snuggling up with them in bed? Even more plush and cocoon-like. I was really impressed with the texture of the sheets and the quality. They managed to keep my body warm, without overheating. My husband even remarked something similar: He felt warm during sleep without feeling sweaty or sticky (and he tends to run hot while sleeping).

After a few nights of 40 winks under the organic cotton sheets, I began looking forward to my nighttime routine more than usual. In short, my sleep started to feel luxurious. These sheets allowed for calmer and more supported sleep, not least because I’m sleeping in completely organic and nontoxic sheets. This gives me (and my skin) some major peace of mind.

This new development of comfort-meets-sustainability even made me wonder how else I could elevate my sleep routine, making it more restful and healthy for my body and the environment. Maybe I’ll go for a new duvet next? With a one-year limited warranty, there’s little risk and a lot of reward.

Are the Avocado organic cotton sheets worth it?

The organic sheets impressed me. They’re a worthwhile investment for the silky, cushy feel and warmth, as well as nontoxic, organic textiles. The only downside is that for some budgets, they may be a bit costly. My particular set costs $249, while the lowest price (for a 400-thread count twin set) sits at $109. Depending on how much you prioritize your overnight comfort and quality of rest (and how much time you spend in bed!), this could be an easy decision to make.

Avocado’s commitment to organic materials, transparency, and sustainable sourcing and practices tips this sheet set over the edge for me and I give it my stamp of approval. I want to treat my body and the world around me with the utmost care, and greenwashing companies give me the ick. The feel and temperature regulation that comes along with these ethics is rarely if ever found in sheets that cut corners with materials.

So, would I recommend Avocado sheets to friends or loved ones? You betcha. My sleep benefited, plus the joy and comfort I got from lounging in bed was unbeatable.


  • Avocado is B-Corp certified and it’s the first Climate Neutral certified mattress company.
  • The brand adheres to MADE SAFE® standards for its full line of products, meaning they undergo a rigorous process that screens for over 6,500 harmful substances.
  • All of the packaging is sustainable, completely recyclable, and plastic-free. The tote my sheets arrived in is reusable too, and great for storage.
  • These bed sheets are naturally wrinkle-resistant and satiny, giving my bed setup an elevated look and feel.
  • The natural and organic materials used translate to super-effective temperature regulation. These sheets kept me warm without ever overheating.


  • While I found Avocado to be worth the cost, some king-size sets run up to $318 and may be cost-prohibitive for certain budgets.


Stephanie Valente is a copywriter and editor covering wellness, commerce, lifestyle — and more — for publications like Brooklyn Magazine and The Good Trade. Based in Brooklyn, she’s often writing poetry, getting lost in a book, or hanging out with her dog.