I’ve been sleeping on my Avocado Luxury Organic Ultra-Plush Mattress for over a month now, and still, without fail, I wake each morning thinking about the ballroom scene from Romeo and Juliet, when Romeo, seeing Juliet for the first time says, “I never saw true beauty till this night.” Only in my daydream, it’s me, in my bedroom, leaping onto my mattress and exclaiming, “I never slept on a true mattress till this night!”

“Most mattresses are a toxic soup of chemicals and flame retardants that can disrupt our immune, endocrine, reproductive, and nervous systems.”

Actually, Avocado and I do have a history. When my 7-year-old was diagnosed with cancer caused from environmental toxins, I researched some of the top offenders in the pediatric cancer world and realized most mattresses are a toxic soup of chemicals and flame retardants that can disrupt our immune, endocrine, reproductive, and nervous systems. At the time, I purchased Avocado mattress toppers for our whole family as a first step to healthier sleeps.

So, I was excited to go the distance and try one of Avocado’s Luxury Organic Mattresses — and let me tell you, this mattress is the real deal. It is the result of over 30 years of handmade mattress-making in Los Angeles using certified organic materials, many of which are farmed and processed by the company itself. Their Luxury Organic Mattress offers 17 premium layers of certified organic and natural cotton, hemp, silk, wool, and latex — from there, you can select medium, plush, or ultra-plush depending on your preference.

My model includes seven ergonomic support zones so no matter how I sleep, I wake up comfortable and refreshed. Seriously: I use a sleep tracker at night, and since I started sleeping on my Avocado, I sleep longer hours with less tossing, turning, and waking during the night.

“If you do one healthy upgrade in 2024, spring for an Avocado nontoxic mattress.”

My recommendation? If you do one healthy upgrade in 2024, spring for an Avocado nontoxic mattress. If you opt for the queen Ultra-Plush, it’s a worthy investment at $5799. (Note that this can be paid with rates as low as 0% APR for anywhere from 6-36 months.) This has been a major win for getting better, toxin-free sleep. There’s simply no other product in your life that gets as much use as the bed you sleep on, which means no other product has more potential for positive (and negative) impacts on your health.

Why Avocado?

While there are over 175 bed-in-a-box mattresses to choose from, it was Avocado’s exemplary commitment to nontoxic, organic materials that brought me some relief. Their mattresses are GREENGUARD Gold certified for low emissions, MADE SAFE certified, and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX certified for human and ecological safety.

It doesn’t hurt that they’re also the world’s first mattress brand to achieve Climate Neutral Certification for negative carbon emissions, along with a #1 Consumer Report rating and a Certified B Corp award for “Best for the World.”

Plus, as I mentioned, Avocado mattresses are super supportive and comfy.

How is the Luxury Organic Ultra-Plush Mattress made?

The luxury in Avocado’s Luxury Organic Ultra-Plush mattress starts with five total inches of boxtop, including three inches of FSC-certified Talalay latex foam cushioning. Add in 17 layers of natural, organic, and GOTS-certified fabrics, some sourced from their own farmers, and you have discovered a mathematical equation that results in unparalleled mattress comfort.

The Luxury Organic Ultra-Plush mattress also features needle-tufted rosettes made from pure white organic wool. This technique, dating back to the 17th century, is a highly durable way of binding mattress layers together by pulling ribbons through the entire mattress in up to thirty-two locations (instead of using chemical solvents or water-based adhesive binding agents).

I am hard-pressed to find any other mattress that combines this level of quality construction with certified organic materials at a reasonable price point. It’s making everything I’ve slept on until now seem like a bed of (non-organic) nails.

How supportive is it?

Imagine yourself supported by up to 2,581 individually wrapped recycled steel micro-coils distributed throughout the mattress in seven zones of body-hugging yumminess, and it becomes clear why their Luxury Organic Ultra-Plush Mattress is a perfect fit for side sleepers looking for pressure relief for their shoulders and hips. I am primarily a side sleeper, but I also sleep on my back, and find my mattress to be perfectly supportive in both positions.

Most plush mattresses lack body support, resulting in the toss and turn of neck and back pain. But Avocado’s two responsive innerspring units allow for epic levels of motion isolation. I tested this out by putting a full glass of water on my bed and then climbing onto my mattress, fully expecting the glass to tip over. It did not. So now I sleep with a glass of water on my bed for maximum accessible nighttime hydration. (Kidding… but I might start! 🛌🥛). Hint: This means if you sleep with a partner, you will not roll into their body unannounced in the middle of the night, unless that’s a thing you like to do.

Avocado’s balance of softness and support is something that I can only aspire to in my relationships. 🙂


No joke! Quality materials weigh a lot (like 151 lbs). It took two men to carry this in, cut open the plastic, and then gently place my new best friend onto my bed frame.

Avocado mattresses are ready to ship within 2-3 business days. For an additional fee, their in-home delivery team will schedule a time within a 4-hour window to set up your new mattress and remove your old one. Because natural mattresses can be heavy (like 19 inches plus 21 layers of goodness heavy), most of their mattresses ship compressed in a box, making it easier to navigate around tight corners and up stairs. However, the Avocado Luxury Organic Ultra-Plush Mattress always ships flat, never roll-packed. (Note that mattresses that deliver compressed are eligible for free standard shipping, while the Luxury model will come with a shipping cost!)

Delivery day arrived and I got the white-glove treatment — meaning two muscly men carried my mattress into my house, set it upright in my bedroom, cut open the plastic wrapping, placed my mattress on my bedframe, wished me “sweet dreams,” and left, leaving me to do what I do best. Take a nap with my Bernedoodle.

Set up

Other than putting on sheets — note that you’ll need deep pocket sheets to cover the 19 inches of plushy goodness — I didn’t have to do a thing to my mattress before taking my nap. 

There was no need to “break it in” by making it comfortable, and no weird smell. Avocado doesn’t use flame retardants, rayon blends, chemical treatments of any kind, or fiberglass fiber fire socks (which sounds horrible — who wants a fire sock?!).


First things first, I needed to test the plushness. Being a regular human and not a mattress expert, I did what seemed right: I felt for the Goldilocks balance of just enough cushiness that I would sleep like a baby, without so much cushiness that I would, like a baby, not be able to get out of bed by myself.

I didn’t know I could sink into a mattress without getting lost in it, or that as a side sleeper, I could wake up without my spine protesting from the pressure I put on my hips and shoulders. Most mattresses feel too firm, and if I sleep on one that promises to be soft enough, it’s too smooshy, making me feel like I’m drowning in mattress fluff.

I also didn’t know I could somehow stay cool and wake up warm — after Googling, I realized this is because Avocado uses a latex comfort layer plus a coil-based support layer to allow the free circulation of air around my very grateful body.

Trial & Warranty

I’m never leaving my bed. Why would I? I’m going to stay right here on my gorgeously plush 17 layers, thank you very much.

I will take advantage of Avocado’s 1-year trial period before the need to make a final commitment — however, I’m already obsessed and don’t anticipate the glow wearing off. They also offer a 25-year Limited Warranty. That means there is no reason not to let yourself fall in love with an Avocado Luxury Organic Ultra-Plush Mattress.

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain — most notably, a lifelong love affair with sleep, whether you lie down alone, with a glass of water, a Bernedoodle, or a soft and supportive human. And now through January 8th, you can save 20% on a Luxury Organic Ultra-Plush mattress for yourself.


  • Avocado makes certified organic mattresses using certified natural and renewable materials, and they are the first mattress brand to achieve Climate Neutral Certification.
  • This mattress is not only super soft, it is super supportive making it great for us side sleepers or folks who shift throughout the night.
  • The motion isolation is out of this world. I tested this out by putting a full glass of water on my bed and then climbing onto my mattress. No spill! Read: Perfect for partners whose sleep schedules don’t always align.
  • Avocado keeps you temperature-regulated using a latex comfort layer plus a coil-based support layer to allow the free circulation of air. Likely one of the (many) reasons it improved my sleep score.
  • Don’t forget to buy deep pocket sheets to cover the 19 inches of plushy goodness!


Trinity Wilbourn is a Denver-based freelance writer, mind/body coach and intuitive guide. As an educational consultant, she works at the intersection of Social Emotional Learning, Mindfulness, and the science of nervous system regulation. In her free time, she can be found hanging with her four kids, spooning her Bernedoodle, singing opera, and dancing in the kitchen. Learn more and explore her offerings at www.trinitywilbourn.com or follow her on Instagram.