For Your Next Serene Soak

After a long day, a warm bath filled with bubbles, aromatic scents, and fizzing salts can help relieve sore, aching bodies and tired minds. It’s almost a cure-all!

For your next self-care spa day, enjoy these bath soaks and salts—often made in small batches with natural, sustainable, and organic ingredients. Plus, most of these are in eco-friendly packaging, locally sourced, and benefit small makers. A good soak never felt so good.

If you’re a shower-over-bath person, you may love these soap bars and scrubs instead!

1. Reed + Gwen

Ethics | Certified B Corp, organic & natural ingredients, vegan, cruelty-free, recycled packaging, made in the USA Ingredients | Magnesium flakes, Himalayan sea salt, flower petals, rose clay, essential oils Price | $38 for 32 oz

Reed + Gwen is the newest venture from Avocado, one of the best sustainable brands out there. This new skincare brand’s Snoozy Bath Soak is radically clean and free of more than 6,500 ingredients suspected to harm people or ecosystems. Instead, the formula includes magnesium flakes, Himalayan sea salt, and lavender and calendula for the most soothing soak. We know it’s the best—we’ve tried it! Check out the team’s Reed + Gwen review to learn more.

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2. Herbivore Botanicals

Ethics | Organic & natural ingredients, vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly & recyclable packaging Ingredients | Baking soda, coconut milk powder & pulp, vanilla oil Price | $18 for 8 oz

If your skin is aching for some hydration, you’ll love Herbivore Botanicals’ Coconut Milk Bath Soak. Combining both coconut milk and pulp, this milky, indulgent formula will leave your skin feeling softer than ever. If you’re a fan, you can upgrade from the eight oz. jar to the 16. Like all Herbivore products, you can repurpose or recycle the packaging, too.

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3. Fat & The Moon

Ethics | Organic & natural ingredients, eco-friendly packaging, gives back, small batch & made-to-order Ingredients | Oat flour, arrowroot & honey powder, mustard seed, kaolin & rhassoul clay, essential oils Price | $18 for 6 oz

Fat & The Moon’s organic products meet you where you are, so you can choose from the “Self-Care,” “Soothe,” or “Under the Weather” bath soaks. These mineral-based formulas are thoughtfully crafted to ensure powders and clays float and envelop you gently, instead of just sinking to the bottom. “Soothe” is perfect for the entire family, too, to help relieve rashes, eczema, and more.

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4. Ethique

Ethics | Certified B Corp, natural ingredients, cruelty-free, vegan, gives back, carbon-neutral, compostable packaging, environmental initiatives Ingredients | Baking soda, babassu & flaxseed oils, cacao butter & coconut milk powder, essential oil Price | $10 for 2.12 oz

Launched in New Zealand, Ethique is a certified B Corp that’s 100 percent plastic-free, climate-positive, and cruelty-free. And it’s affordable, too! Consider the Bath Mylk, made with luxurious ingredients like babassu oil, cacao butter, and lavender; four tablets are just $10 USD. You (or your little one) will enjoy such wonderful rest and relaxation; even your sleep will benefit.

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5. Maude

Ethics | Natural ingredients, cruelty-free, vegan, made in the USA, eco-friendly packaging Ingredients | Baking soda, dead sea salt, dehydrated coconut milk powder Price | $32 for soak & bath salt set

For a solo (or partnered!) sensual soak, check out Maude’s Tub Kit. This two-product duo contains a salt soak of your choice and a coconut milk bath—all of which are free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. The mix of coconut milk powder and dead sea salt will help soften your skin and relieve sore muscles. Between two people, you can enjoy upwards of 10 soak baths.

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Ethics | Natural ingredients, vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly practices & packaging, carbon-neutral, gives back Ingredients | Baking soda, red seaweed, tapioca starch, lavender & plumeria extracts Price | $48 for 16 oz

OSEA’s Gigartina Therapy Bath harnesses the power of red seaweed—known for hydration, exfoliation, and antioxidants—in this fine powder. Since this formula is slightly effervescent, it’s a little bit like your favorite bath bomb, slowly releasing the soothing effects. If you don’t have access to a tub, you can also use it as a paste! It’s clean in more ways than one.


7. House of Medicinals

Ethics | Organic & natural ingredients, made in small-batches, plastic-free & eco-friendly packaging, cruelty-free, vegan Ingredients | Dead sea salt, oats, orange peel & petals, herbs & essential oils, root extracts Price | $26 for 16 oz

House of Medicinals is a family-owned brand from the heart of Austin, Texas. This husband-and-wife duo leverage plant-based ingredients like peels and petals for all-natural nourishment. The Herbal Bath Teas are made in small batches in reusable containers and supplemented with biodegradable tea bags for easy use. Choose from eucalyptus, lavender, jasmine, or rose.

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8. Bathing Culture

Ethics | Natural ingredients, vegan, cruelty-free, biodegradable, carbon-neutral, recyclable packaging Ingredients | Epsom & dead sea salts, French green clay, jojoba seed & essential oils, hemp Price | $30 for 6 oz

Bathing Culture’s Big Dipper Mineral Bath will help “melt away mind and muscle stress.” With four types of salts, French green clay, and CBD, you’ll feel pure bliss in just 20 minutes. Not only are Bathing Culture products biodegradable, but the brand is carbon-neutral as well. The only footprint you’ll leave behind is when you’re getting out of the tub.

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9. Sounds

Ethics | Natural ingredients, cruelty-free, vegan, recyclable packaging Ingredients | Pink Himalayan & dead sea salts, essential oils, lavender & butterfly pea flowers Price | $24 for 6.75 oz

Sounds, based in the Big Apple, is a thoughtful design studio offering the best in life, work, and home. The Mystic Bath Salts double as a soak and aromatherapy session, drawing out scents of palo santo, vetiver, and florals. Everything is locally made and sustainably sourced, including the recyclable packaging. Cruelty-free, conscious, and comforting!

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10. Vertly

Ethics | Organic & natural ingredients, cruelty-free, vegan Ingredients | Epsom & dead sea salts, baking soda, flower extract, hemp, essential oils Price | $24 for 8 oz

If you’re feeling extra worn out, you’ll benefit from Vertly’s CBD Infused Bath Salts. CBD is often recommended for pain and muscle relief, so this formula includes 100 mg of hemp-derived CBD per bag. (In addition to sea salts and CBD, you’ll find lavender, lemon, and clary sage, which have all been slow-extracted, in every handful.) Consider this skin care as self-care, and vice versa.

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11. Triple J Farm

Ethics | Organic & natural ingredients, recyclable packaging Ingredients | Dead sea salt, baking soda, coconut milk, seaweed & sunflower oils, essential oils Price | $24 for 8 oz

Triple J Farm’s Bath Salts are wonderful no-waste products to consider adding to your bathroom. There’s the Detox, meant to purify your skin, made with dead sea salt, seaweed, and sunflower oil. Or you can try the Indulge, crafted with coconut milk and oil, baking soda, and vanilla oil. When you’re done, you can recycle or repurpose the glass packaging—maybe for a DIY formula of your own!

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