Responsibly-Made Diaper Bags

A diaper bag is sure to start replacing your favorite purses once your little one arrives, and luckily we’re living in a time with options as chic as they are sustainable. When searching for a great diaper bag to call your own, it’s important to consider a few factors. You’ll want a bag that’s easy and comfortable to carry, cleans up swiftly, and fits all of your baby essentials. You might also consider gender neutrality based on which parent or parents are going to be carrying it most frequently.

1. Boutonné Mommy Diaper Bag

Price | $248

Sustainably-sourced and handmade leather goods company Boutonné has added diaper bags to its collection. While the bag includes a washable changing pad and pockets perfect for a bottle or two, you would never know this is a diaper bag from the outside. The company’s incredibly high-quality leather ages with grace and beauty, making this leather accessory an excellent purchase for both motherhood and beyond.

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2. FEED Diaper Bag

Price | $148

The FEED Diaper Bag will help you care for your children while providing micronutrients to a mother and child in need for one year. Equipped with functional pockets and a changing pad, another one of this bag’s superpowers is its ability to be tossed in the washing machine when it needs a good clean.

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3. State Bags Highland Baby Bag

Price | $165

This gender-neutral gem is excellent for a working parent on-the-go with pockets suited for all your baby gear, along with your laptop, keys, reusable water bottle, and pens. The straps ensure great weight distribution between your shoulders for commuters. Plus, every purchase from State Bags supports American children and their families.

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4. Cuyana Tote

Price | $195

Cuyana, the brand encouraging women to have “fewer, better things,” has a classic leather tote that is a timeless and refined option; you’ll forget you’re carrying a diaper bag at all. The Tote Organization Insert converts this minimalist bag into the baby gear organizer of your dreams. The entire Cuyana brand is rooted in sustainability and conscious consumption, and all of its products are ethically-made and designed to last a lifetime.

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5. Nisolo Cordoba Backpack

Price | $268

While not intended to be a diaper bag, this beautiful, gender-neutral leather backpack from Nisolo has lots of space, great compartments, and an easy-to-clean surface, making it perfectly suited for parents. All of Nisolo’s products are sustainable and ethically-made, so you can feel good carrying this bag.

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6. Patagonia Iron Forge Tote

Price | $129

This carry-all tote from the leaders in ethical and sustainable apparel is made from hemp—a very low-environmental impact crop—as well as recycled polyester. The Iron Forge Tote is as durable as it is sustainable, which means it will hold up through all of your great adventures with baby in tow.

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7. Beautycounter Classic Diaper Bag

Price | $98

The brand synonymous with toxin-free makeup and skincare products now sells diaper bags. Beautycounter’s Classic Diaper Bag has many baby-friendly features, including an easy-to-wipe-down surface. But how the brand achieves that makes all the difference: the bag has a non-PVC plastic coating.

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