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Our team has researched and tested dozens of essential oil diffusers for safe, high quality, and affordable options— these are our top seven picks.

Essential oils have been used for centuries, aiding with sleep, relaxation, and overall healing. We love using them often, too (see our top essential oil picks for a good night’s sleep). It only takes a few deep breaths to understand how soothing these aromas can be!

We especially love diffused oils for homes that need alternatives to candles—whether you’re prioritizing for pet and child safety, have sensitivities to certain ingredients, or just want a home fragrance you can set and forget without worry.

Why look for non-toxic essential oil diffusers? 

Nontoxic essential oil diffusers are a must if you’re looking to maintain a healthy and clean home. BPA-free and ceramic diffusers are a great option to help eliminate the potential of harmful chemicals being released into the air when the diffuser is heated. Another way to prevent this is by going for a non-heated or non-electronic diffuser (we’ve listed some options below!).

Diffusers are also a safe and nontoxic alternative to candles for scenting your home, as they use water and essential oils (which are safe when used correctly), rather than synthetic fragrances which are found in many conventional candles and can pollute our homes. As always, be sure to use care when introducing essential oils in your home, being especially mindful of how, when, and where they are used around children and pets.

These fragrance diffusers and nebulizers maximize their reach and fill our homes, offices, and home offices with natural and therapeutic scents. Plus, the essential oils we’ve paired them with use natural ingredients, and are responsibly sourced so you can breathe easy!

Our criteria:

  • NONTOXIC MATERIALS | We’ve compiled the best essential oil diffusers made with nontoxic materials that are BPA-free and safe for the home.
  • DESIGN AND QUALITY | We’ve selected high quality essential oil diffusers that are impeccably designed, will look beautiful (or discreet!) in your space, and that are made to last. 
  • AFFORDABILITY | We’ve made sure to include affordable essential oil diffuser options for both small and large spaces, so we can scent our homes while staying cost-effective.

If essential oils aren’t for you, our guides on nontoxic candles and eco-friendly humidifiers will keep your home smelling fresh and your air quality on point. And for keeping your home in tip top shape, these eco-friendly cleaning supplies will make cleaning easier and safer for your health and your space!  

Best Overall | Best For Large Spaces | Best Non-Electronic 

1. Aera

American made
Cruelty free
Recycled materials

Features | Fills rooms up to ~1000 sq. feet, app-controlled, pet- and kid-safe fragrances, ethically sourced
Price | $95–$199
Pair It With | Aera Lilac Daydream

Aera uses the cleanest ingredients for its plug-in diffusers. Each one is made in Milwaukee and features Microdroplet Technology, which converts the fragrance capsules into droplets 50 times smaller than traditional aerosol droplets to fill your room with fragrance. The fragrance capsules are hypoallergenic last up to 60 days. Best of all, Aera fragrances are cruelty-free, ethically sourced, and safe for the entire family to enjoy—pets and infants too! We especially love the Lilac Daydream scent, and place our Aera in high-traffic areas of our home for the perfect swoosh of fragrance each time we pass.

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2. Saje

Cruelty free
Family owned
Natural materials
Recycled materials

Features | Heat-free, up to 22-hour run time, three timer settings, auto shut-off, fills rooms up to ~1200 sq. feet
Price | $51–$152
Pair It With | Saje Balsam Fir

Transport yourself to a natural oasis with Saje’s Aroma Om Deluxe Stone Diffuser. This function-heavy diffuser comes with desirable features, including up to 22 hours of continuous use, an LED light fixture, whisper-quiet operation, and a 1200 sq. ft. reach. Best of all? It’s made with concrete and BPA-free plastic, and is stylish enough for any home. If healing and reinvigoration are your end goals, this essential oil diffuser is well worth the investment. (And if it’s not quite your style, we love all of Saje’s design forward diffusers—choose from 14 different styles.) We’ve used a Saje diffuser at The Good Trade studio, and love putting evergreen scents in around the colder seasons!

Saje Review | “Exactly what I was looking for. The look is subtle that it blends into my interior. The smells are delightful and fill my entire house even with only one diffuser. It brings a peaceful atmosphere to our home.” – Michelle (See all reviews). 

3. Vorda

Budget friendly
Cruelty free
Natural materials

Features | Non-electric diffuser, sustainably-sourced wood, travel friendly, sound-free, 6-hour run time, fills rooms up to ~100 sq. feet
| $45–$50
Pair It With | Vorda Zen

Vorda’s essential oil diffusers might be unlike any other diffuser you’ve seen before. Handcrafted by a single block of sustainably-sourced beech wood, this essential oil diffuser requires zero electricity to operate! Simply add 4-6 drops of your favorite essential oil to the top of the wooden diffuser, and you’ll be welcomed with a relaxing fragrance in minutes. This minimal, yet innovative diffuser disperses up to 6 hours of essential oil aromatherapy throughout your space. It’s also travel friendly and doubles up as decor. (Pro tip: take it with you to your next sauna session to amp up your experience!)

Vorda Review | “Love this diffuser! I love that you can put your bottle of oil under the diffuser where it’s always convenient. If you use electric diffusers you have a lot of residue on furniture, lamps etc. Not with this diffuser, a game changer for sure!” – Kathy (See all reviews)

4. Juniper Ridge

American made
Budget friendly
Cruelty free
Family owned
Natural materials
Recycled materials
Small business

Features | Sustainably sourced bamboo cover, BPA-free water dispenser, ultrasonic vibrations, gives back, 4-hour run time
Price | $55
Pair It With | Juniper Ridge Redwood Mist

Bring a bit of nature into your home with Juniper Ridge. Founded in Oakland, California, this small family-owned business has been running since 1998 and continues to manufacture cruelty-free, sustainably sourced diffusers and essential oils right at home. Their Natural Bamboo Essential Oil Diffuser is crafted with all natural bamboo and runs via ultrasonic vibrations to avoid heating and burning any added essential oils. Made by hand and with zero synthetics, you can trust that Juniper Ridge delivers on quality. 10% of all profits support their Western Wilderness Defense Fund. 

Juniper Ridge Review | “I first encountered Juniper Ridge’s products about 10 years ago at a Whole Foods market in Southern California. At the time, the packaging looked different- solid brown with black woodblock prints. Since having relocated, I haven’t seen Juniper Ridge’s products in the retail realm, but was delighted to find the company’s products direct to purchase via the website. The quality is just as I remember- it’s like stepping out of your home and into the woods…” – Amanda S. (See all reviews)

5. Seasons

1% for the planet
Cruelty free
Made in the UK

Features | Waterless technology, 360 leak stop, ultra quiet technology, large space coverage, portable, operates up to 15 hours, fills rooms up to ~1200 sq. feet
Price | $69–$148
Pair It With | Seasons Summer Blend

For a cordless essential oil diffuser that makes a statement, check out Seasons. Running off no water or heat, Seasons’ diffusers—made from a stone-like resin—use patented waterless and anti-leaking technology to naturally aromatize your home. It’s also rechargeable, with certain collections including an attached vegan leather strap for easy carrying. We love the bold eye-catching colors that’ll bring some cheer, wherever you go! Pair with the brand’s “seasonal” essential oils like Winter or Summer, for a whiff of your favorite time of year.

Seasons Review | “This mini diffuser is my new fave! The fact that it’s portable and doesn’t need water means it’s always by my side, literally everywhere I go. My boyfriend and I will throw it on for a quick 5 minutes, no more, just to jazz up a room with a fresh scent. It’s got that powerful punch but feels like it’s carrying no weight at all. Total game-changer!” – Kassandra (See all reviews)

6. Vitruvi

Cruelty free
Family owned
Natural materials

Features | Matte ceramic outer, BPA-free plastic, 4-8 hour run time, ambient LED light, fills rooms up to ~500 sq. feet
Price | $85–$249 CAD
Pair It With | Vitruvi Nightcap

Vitruvi’s collection of award-winning diffusers is one of our top choices for a classic bedroom diffuser. Voted Best Diffuser of 2023 by Wirecutter, Vitruvi’s Stone Diffuser will transform your space into an oasis with its earthy aesthetic and high quality essential oils collection. With its long run time options and 500 sq.ft. reach, this diffuser is perfect for misting a soothing essential oil blend to aid a restorative night’s sleep.

Vitruvi Review | “Such a powerful and beautiful device. Love the aesthetics it brings to my apartment.” – Valentina F. (See all reviews)

7. ECO.

Cruelty free
Recycled materials
Woman owned

Features | Heat-free, waterless, timer setting, works via USB cable, 2-hour run time
| $67
Pair It With | ECO. Pure Clary Sage Oil

Fragrance lovers, meet the ECO. Nebulizing Diffuser, which disperses oils directly into the air without any heat or water. Crafted in Australia, this diffuser is 100 percent safe to use, recyclable, and energy-friendly, and pairs beautifully with the brand’s quality source-to-bottle essential oils. ECO. also offers a range of ceramic, glass, and ultrasonic diffusers. Grab an ECO. diffuser if you’re interested in subscriptions, sleek design, and sustainability! Ships free to the US, Australia, Canada, UK and more with a minimum purchase of $20.

ECO. Review | “Great to have used many times already and with the 2hr timer it’s safe to put on and know it turns off automatically” – Chantu G. (See all reviews)

Featured image by Vitruvi