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Deal with sinus congestion, dry skin, or colds every winter? Happens to the best of us! That’s why we like to prep for the season with a reliable humidifier. Humidifiers add just enough moisture to the air to keep us feeling warm and hydrated.

While many big box humidifiers are popular, they’re not always the most sustainable, requiring plastic filters or large amounts of electricity. Instead, here are the best humidifiers for an eco-friendly home using energy-efficient technology, paper filters (or none!), and automatic controls. Many are even a combination air purifier and humidifier or humidifier and diffuser—a win for the winter!

If you’d rather have two separate devices, check out these sustainable air purifiers. Better yet, consider these indoor plants, which naturally clean and add moisture to the air in your home!

Best Overall —   Canopy Best For Small SpacesSaje Best For Large  SpacesDyson

1. Canopy

Best For | Purifying & humidifying Features | Paper filters, embedded UV lights, smart sensors, replacement filter subscription available, USB-C charger Size | Up to 500 sq. feet Price | $150

For a humidifier that’s good for the air and your health, look no further than Canopy. It hydrates rooms up to 500 square feet for up to 36 hours of running time, while also using anti-mold and UV sensor technology to keep the air as clean as possible. This air purifier and humidifier combo will help relieve dryness and dullness, alleviate nasal congestion and cough, and diffuse aromas as needed. Most sustainably, it only uses paper filters for a lower-impact clean.

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2. Saje

Best For | Cordless & recharging diffuser combos Features | 15+ diffusers, cordless & rechargeable options, natural ceramic & BPA-free plastic covers, automatic shut off Size | Up to 500 sq. feet Price | $45+

Infuse the air as you go with a diffuser (and therefore humidifier) from Saje. From the Aroma Om to the Aroma (Be) Free, these diffusers are designed to blend warm air with modern decor. (The cordless options will last up to eight hours!) Just add a few drops of your preferred essential oil blends, choose from continuous or intermittent mists, and instantly feel a sense of calm.

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3. Dyson

Best For | Humidifying and cooling Features | UV-C Technology, sealed HEPA filtration, deep clean cycle, solid-state formaldehyde sensor, control with remote, app, and voice services Size | Up to 400 sq. feet Price | $800–$940

The Dyson Purifier Humidify+Cool models are designed for a heightened climate of pollution and hygiene awareness. These machines use UV-C humidification technology to destroy bacteria growth, and full machine HEPA filtration, securely capturing 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns(!) like allergens, bacteria, pollen, and mold spores. Their newest model is even able to sense and destroy formaldehyde! This is our team’s go-to for serious humidifying. It’s sleek and gorgeous too and great in any room.


4. Vornado

Best For | Medium-sized spaces Features | Energy-efficient, auto-humidity control, water-level sensing, 5 & 10-year warranties Size | Up to 750 sq. feet Price | $80

Vornado, a leading air circulation and humidifier company, has an energy-efficient humidifier we love. The eco-friendly EVDC3000 covers up to 750 square feet at once, using 90 percent less energy than a traditional Dyson or Vicks humidifier. We love that it has auto-humidity control, low water indicators, and comes with an impressive warranty, all for under $100.

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5. Missed Global

Best For | Power & portability Features | Wireless, portable power bank, two nano-mist adjustable sprays, USB charger, 7-color lighting, multiple warranties & 30-day trial return policy Size | Up to 150 sq. feet Price | $85

Missed Global’s Stella, one of three in a collection, combines power and portability for the best air-care. It’s a wireless air humidifier with 12 hours of run time, making it perfect for the office, bedroom, or even car for road trips. Fast-acting, low maintenance, and portable? And it takes under 30 seconds to clean? Consider us intrigued.

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6. Objecto

Best For | Filter-free use Features | No filters needed, remote-controlled, automatic shut off, removable water tank Size | Up to 800 sq. feet Price | $300

Objecto’s H9 Tower Hybrid Humidifier is one of the only filter-free options out there—which means there are no single-use accessories involved. At three feet tall, it’s got incredible coverage for up to 800 square feet. And while it’s an investment, this hybrid humidifier comes with a remote control, aroma options, automatic shut off, and almost 22 hours of nonstop run time. The woodgrain finish is especially chic!

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7. Rumidifier

Best For | Zero electricity costs Features | No power needed, goes over floor vents, silent operation, child- & pet-friendly Size | Up to 1,000 sq. feet Price | $25–$55

For a more affordable humidifier, the Rumidifier doesn’t require any electricity! You simply place it over a floor or wall vent, and the circular filters get right to work bringing moisture to the room. Because there aren’t any charges or moving parts to worry about, it’s a great humidifier to keep in a child’s room, pet area, or plant nursery. Rumidifiers are available online or via Home Depot, Costco, and other major retailers.

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8. Brondell

Best For | Front and rear filtration Features | Dual True HEPA air filtration, natural evaporative humidifier, four operating modes intuitive touch control panel, air quality indicator, allergy setting Size | Up to 1855 sq. feet Price | $500

The Brondell Revive uses a dual HEPA filtration system that makes it move through twice the air in half the time as comparably sized machines. Its super-efficient evaporative humidification makes for a more consistent humidity level too, wicking water up through a specialized filter and passing air through evenly throughout your home without creating dense vapor pockets that could damage walls, furniture, or carpet. We love that this is both a humidifier and air purifier and that it can work as a white noise option while sleeping (level 5 is loud!). Plus, it has the option to turn the display lights off, making it a great humidifier for nurseries.


9. Carepod

Best For | Easiest to sterilize Features | Ultrasonic cool mist, three distinct mist settings, stainless steel design Size | Up to 600 sq. feet Price | $110—$350

Designed by a doctor, Carepod is a simple, award-winning design that comes in three sizes for your office or home use. Fed up with the complicated cleaning needs and pricey filtration subscriptions of so many humidifier models, Carepod is the first humidifier that can be sterilized, leaving it safe and 99.99% germ-free; simply boil the three parts in boiling water, and you’re done! Filter-free and without any additional hidden costs, we love how the minimalist design lets it fit easily into any space.

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