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Etsy—sometimes it feels like your best friend, other times sorting through its retailers is a daunting task. Supporting a small business by buying a handmade product from their Etsy shop is likely to be one of the year’s most satisfying purchases, yet sometimes it’s near impossible to sift through the mountains of Etsy sellers to find that authentic, perfect buy. That’s why we’re here to help.

We’ve rounded up 99 of our favorite Etsy shops—from clothing boutiques to home goods purveyors to jewelry makers—that are actual small businesses selling sustainably made and small batch goods. Many of them are BIPOC or woman-owned. No matter what you’re in the market for, whether it’s a vintage poster, a silk dress, a candle holder, or a new pair of sandals, take a look at our list of small makers. You’re bound to find a thing or two that tickles your fancy, and you can feel good about where you’re putting your money too.

Best Etsy Shops for Home Decor

A woven basket from Desmareon and Family
Desmareon and Family
  1. Cruel Mountain Designs: For one-of-a-kind and custom lampshades that go for between $50-$100, check out this North Carolina-based shop.
  2. Amsha Studio: Meaning “to awaken” in Swahili, Amsha sells breathtaking baskets woven by artisans in Africa that start around $15 and go up to $200.
  3. Arianna Bell: Arianna Vargas and her mother custom make these luxury throw pillows in California—starting at around $50 each, they’ve been featured in publications like InStyle and Better Homes and Gardens.
  4. Warwood Made: The Wardwoods craft wooden shelves, trays, and bowls in Austin—their goods cost between $40 and $950.
  5. Pepper Palm: Tennessee-based artist Pepper sells her colorful handmade plant pots, starting at $25, and a few more curated items including cute greeting cards, at this Black-owned shop.
  6. Lux Holdups: This Brooklyn-based design and fabrication studio makes custom lucite and brass drawer pulls that start at $30, curtain rods, and furniture that goes up to $2,500.
  7. Kiliim: For affordable rugs and pillow cases hand woven in Egypt, check out this Cairo-based shop—rugs start at just $69.
  8. Cozy Brown: The Seoul-based shop specializes in linen drapes and pillows with beautiful patterns, and everything is under $200.
  9. The Starbird Pottery: Vermont-based potter Julie Neville Keller creates simple, timeless ceramic lamps from her solar-powered studio—they go for between $350 and $700.
  10. Sian Zeng: Award-winning artist Sian Zeng creates whimsical, hand-painted wallpaper that starts at around $120 per roll. 
  11. Quilts by Caster: Caster Pettways sells her handmade quilts for around $200 to $1,000—one of the world renowned Gee’s Bend Quilters, she works in present-day Boykin, Alabama.
  12. My Saratoga Style: This houseplant shop located in Schenectady, NY sells their handcrafted plant pots and mid-century-style wooden stands—they’re all designed for medium to large plants, and most are under $100.
  13. Blaithin Blair Shop: The dried flowers from Virginia’s Blaithin Blair Shop are perfectly preserved and start at $10—but you’ll get free shipping on orders over $75.
  14. Cai Cai Handmade: You’ve seen sculptural candles, but not like this—the Texas-based seller’s soy and beeswax candles are quirky, beautiful, and start at just $13.
  15. Desmareon and Family: Gail Wright comes from seven generations of Gullah basket weavers—her authentic and functional sweetgrass baskets start at $90. 
  16. Moon Tea Studio: The Seattle studio’s hand printed tea towels, linen napkins, and wall art start at just $12.
  17. Beton Creatif NYC: For a vibe that’s both grounded and playful, this Brooklyn-based studio creates concrete decor in neutral colors, like candle holders and vases, that cost no more than $55.
  18. Heart Department Co.: The handmade wooden goods at the Black-owned Heart Department Co., based in Texas, help you create beautiful photo and art displays for less than $50.
  19. Little Design Co.: This Tulsa-based home design studio sells original, fabric-forward decor like linen pillows, ottomans, and cocktail napkins that start at less than $100.
  20. Sew and Cloth: Sew and Cloth, based in Idaho, sells linen pillowcases in soft, relaxing colors and patterns that go for around $50 each.
  21. 24 Degree Studio: Designed and made in Japan, the geometric, whimsical lighting fixtures at this shop typically cost between $100 and $200.
  22. The Longest Thread: Based out of Nashville, the Longest Thread sells affordable, authentic Turkish hand towels, bath towels, and blankets starting at just $12.

Best Etsy Shops for Furniture

A wooden bedframe from Mobello Furniture
Mobello Furniture
  1. Vintage on Point: This LA shop, located at 1216 East 18th St., sells refurbished mid-century modern furniture (between $100 and $10,000), ceramics, wall art, and other secondhand home decor.
  2. Crafted Glory Design: This Black-owned shop sells handmade modern wooden tables from a North Carolina-based husband and wife team—each table is made to order and costs between $300 and $4,500.
  3. Libitii: A family-run business, Libitii celebrates Moroccan craftsmanship through their handmade wicker furniture, pendant lights, carpets, and baskets—furniture like chairs and stools start at less than $100.
  4. Rowe Station Woodworks: Based in Maine, this husband and wife team creates handcrafted wooden shelves that start around just $20.
  5. Naan Furniture: This Spanish shop creates natural, Mediterranean-style wooden furniture in its Valencia workshop—their shelving units and tables go for roughly $100 to $1,000.
  6. Orbit Anywhere: Handmade from birchwood in Texas, these simple side tables and desks come in fun flower shapes and pastel colors and cost between $250 and $800.
  7. Liven Up Design: This California-based design studio makes custom, high-quality furniture—their custom headboards, mirrors, console tables, upholstered benches, and skirted benches are all under $2,000.
  8. New Times Finds: This Dutch vintage store sells highly curated secondhand mid-century modern furniture, lighting fixtures, wall decor, and pottery starting at less than $40 (but their vintage design pieces come in around $1,000).
  9. Betsu Studio: This Philadelphia-based studio sells a lineup of funky, beautiful secondhand rediscovered objects, from a $2.50 glass cup to a $7,000 pink sofa.
  10. Hedge House: Indiana-based brother and sister team Philip and Katlyn work closely with their craftsmen to sell sleek, high-quality wooden furniture of all kinds that goes for $500 to $3,500.
  11. Mid Century Sacramento: This Sacramento-based furniture store sources and restores vintage furniture like tables, couches, and chairs, selling their goods for around $100 to $2,000.
  12. Deja Vu Decors: Browse this LA shop’s wide selection of secondhand and vintage furniture, including $100 chairs and full sets for up to $6,000.
  13. Mobello Furniture: Handcrafted in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the minimalist tables, chairs, and bed frames from this Massachusetts-based studio are rooted in Japanese and Scandinavian design principles and cost around $200 to $4,000.
  14. Urban Americana: This California-based shop sells vintage, retro furniture and home goods, ranging in style from understated to quirky and in price from $60 to $7,000.

Best Etsy Shops for Ceramics

A handmade painted ceramic vase from La Fleur Artisane
La Fleur Artisane
  1. Hanselmann Pottery: These hand thrown ceramics made by master potters in New Mexico are simple, practical and elegant—the dishware costs anywhere between $30 and $100.
  2. OTY Ceramics: Owned and operated by Black artist Keira Thompson, OTY Ceramics sells gorgeously made mugs, pots, and other ceramic dishware that’s speckled, glazed, and just the right amount of colorful. 
  3. Pottery by Joanne: Joanne Qi hand makes her pottery in San Francisco—her matcha bowls and mugs go for around $20 or $30.
  4. Antique Old Art: Based out of Hungary, this shop sells painted, authentically antique and vintage plates and pitchers, many of which are under $30.
  5. Ins Ceramics: Insuk Son creates wheel thrown functional pottery like artsy plates and rice bowls that are all in the $50 ballpark.
  6. Ditsy Pottery: Based out of Florida, Ditsy Pottery sells handcrafted freeform mugs, espresso cups, and plates—each piece is one-of-a-kind and costs around $40 or $50.
  7. Eleni Pal Ceramics: Eleni Palaiologou hand makes her functional ceramics in natural textures and colors, like mugs, bowls, teapots, and soap dishes, from her Athens studio—most go for under $100.
  8. 1220 Ceramic Studio: Handmade in Tel Aviv by Lior Shachar, this minimalist ceramic dishware is both functional and beautiful and starts at around $20 per piece.
  9. Convivial Production: The minimal, refined pottery at this Kansas City-based design studio includes geometric dishware, hanging potters, and lots of white, and most goes for less than $100. 
  10. Co Ceramics Studio: These playful, quirky ceramics made in Warsaw include dishes in the shape of animals, anthropomorphic platters, and stunningly detailed mushroom bowls that cost anywhere between $25 and $400.
  11. La Fleur Artisane: This Toronto-based ceramic shop sells freeform mugs and other ceramic goods like vases and incense holders that cost between $50 and $100, highlighting adorable patterns like ditsy florals and pumpkins.

Best Etsy Shops for Art

A Carla Llanos framed print in a styled room.
Carla Llanos Prints
  1. Candice Luter: Selling a cross between art and home decor, Candice Luter’s shop was an Etsy Design Award winner in 2021—the Iowa-based Black-owned business sells stunningly artistic mirrors, wall hangings, shelves, and ceramics, starting at $50 and going up to over $2,000.
  2. Lemons and Yarn: Helsinki-based fiber artist Heli Savila sells her gorgeous punch needle artwork on Etsy for between $100 and $1,000.
  3. MO Photography Prints: LA-based photographer Mina Okamura sells her landscape and architecture photography of places like Big Sur, Tokyo, and Scandinavia starting at just $15.
  4. Amanda Tanner Art: The Atlanta-based artist sells her original oil and watercolor paintings of serene landscapes for as low as $200—and her prints are even more affordable.
  5. Mirlande: Baltimore-based artist Mirlande Jean-Gilles was a 2023 Etsy Design Award finalist—her collage art, made from magazines and books, features Black women and lots of color and go for less than $50 for prints and around $300 or $400 for originals.
  6. Ranran Design: Based in Bali, Belen Senra creates beautifully intricate woven wall hangings, most of which cost around $1,000 or $2,000.
  7. Lazy Beam Arte: Find colorful prints with themes of female empowerment from artist Manuela Guillen, many of which are less than $20.
  8. Chaos and Wonder Design: Located in Virginia, artist Michelle creates classical-inspired artwork with modern twists (like replacing heads with flowers) and sells the chic, eclectic art as downloadable prints for less than $15.
  9. Clare Elsaesser: California-based Elsaesser’s prints of her whimsical, impressionist paintings go for between $35 and $185.
  10. Diana Corredin: We love these intensely colorful prints featuring flora and fauna from Latinx artist Diana Corredin that start at $7—she also makes some stunning printed silk scarves for $100.
  11. Meenal Patel Artwork: Perfect for children’s bedrooms and adult spaces alike, these prints by Minnesota-based illustrator Patel are colorful, sweet, and cost around $32 each.
  12. Silkart Desedamas: Sisters Cecília and Mercè create textile art with hand painted silks from their Barcelona studio—the colorful quilted art starts around $200 and goes up to $2,000.
  13. Studio KMO: Karen O’Leary creates these hand-cut paper maps from her North Carolina studio—they cost between $36 to $1,400 depending on size, and she can make custom maps of any city.
  14. Julia Ockert: Australian artist Julia Ockert sells prints of her hyperrealism and colorful, feminine drawings at Etsy for $30 or less.
  15. Naoshi: Made by a Japanese artist living in LA, these sunae (sand art) works show colorful people in dreamlike scenarios—Naoshi’s originals cap out at $1,000, but she makes washi tape and stickers of her art, too.
  16. Heirloom Print Shop: Female-owned and North Carolina-based design shop Heirloom sells vintage-inspired and artist enhanced wall art prints—almost all of which are under $20.
  17. Lily and Val: Pittsburgh-based Valerie McKeehan draws the art for her cozy, charming prints, which are all under $30, on chalkboards.
  18. Kate Shrine: Hawaii-based artist Kate Shriner creates mixed-media prints that incorporate real flowers, cost between $25 and $55, and feature botanical and celestial themes.
  19. Carla Llanos Prints: Chilean artist Carla Llanos, based in the U.K., sells her abstract and minimalist illustration prints, featuring lots of flowers, earth tones, and women, for around $60 each. 
  20. Out of Copenhagen: The curator of this Danish vintage poster studio sources original vintage posters from all around the world, some of which are over 100 years old—most cost between $100 and $200.
  21. Desiree Pfeiffer: Based in San Francisco, Pfeiffer makes fine art photography prints that are vibrant and eye-catching, and go for $40 to $70.

Best Etsy Shops for Clothing

A denim coccoon coat from Adroit.
  1. Sand Snow Linen: This Lithuania-based textile shop creates linen tops, bottoms, and sets of all styles, along with towels, bedding, and couch covers, too—their clothes cost around $50 to $200.
  2. Noss Boss Creations: Black artist Nosse Ovienmhada makes crocheted tops, scarves, and home goods like macrame hangings, most of which are under $200—she sells patterns, too, for those who want to make their own.
  3. Ford and Guy: Suzie Ford handmakes all clothing items, which cost between $100 and $300, at her U.K.-based shop, specializing in fun colors and textures like cotton velvet.
  4. Adroit: A woman- and Asian-owned business, Adroit sells handmade shirts, cardigans, and kimonos starting around $60 that are all cut, dyed, and sewed in California.
  5. Frett Knitwear: We love the chic, timeless, handmade knit blouses and dresses from this Tel Aviv-based studio—prices are between $100 and $300.
  6. Lila Vintage Shop: This U.K.-based curated vintage shop sells timeless, elegant, elevated pieces that typically fall between $25 and $100.
  7. Marcella: Designed in New York and handcrafted in Europe, Marcella’s clothing like tees, cut out tops, knitwear, and jackets are made of natural materials and go for between $45 and $375.
  8. Rimmba: Bali-based Rimmba creates trending, elegant clothing in high-quality natural materials, like silk dresses and blouses, cotton pants, and regenerated nylon swimwear, and prices range from $58 to $300.
  9. Vigilante Labs: This Denver-based clothing studio is the perfect place for custom fitted silk shirts, vests, and wool jackets—custom clothing starts around $400.
  10. Blossom Blue Vintage: The curated vintage clothing at the U.K.-based shop has a cozy Grandma-core vibe and costs between $15 and $150.
  11. Salt and Sol: The Santa Barbara-based studio makes all of their cotton, cool girl graphic tees to order with sustainable dyes, many of which are under $30.
  12. Off On: This family-owned brand makes all of their high quality clothing, like corduroy blouses, breezy cotton dresses, and mother/daughter sets, at their Lithuania factory, selling them all for around $200 or less.
  13. The Delicate Store: This Turkish womenswear studio creates timeless garments from natural fabrics like linen and silk, selling them for between $100 and $400.
  14. Linen ID Studio: Another Lithuanian brand, Linen ID Studio specializes in made-to-order linen staples, most of which cost less than $150.

Best Etsy Shops for Accessories

A Te Hotu Mana pearl and gold necklace.
Te Hotu Mana
  1. Ana Koutsi: Based out of Athens, Anastasia Koutsikou creates simple, wearable leather bags in fun colors, starting at around $100.
  2. Buo Jewelry: This Vancouver-based jewelry brand run by Jamie Ignacio sells small batch, high quality minimalist gold jewelry that won’t break the bank—nothing is over $100.
  3. Oklahoma Thirty-Nine: Find intricately beaded earrings for $65 and under at Oklahoma Thirty-Nine, a Native-owned artisan collective.
  4. Te Hotu Mana: Hawaii-based artist Tevaihani Williams makes jewelry out of Tahitian black pearls that starts at $60 and can go up to $1,000.
  5. Pine and Sprout: Washington-based brother and sister team Jenny and Robbie Nakata sell tons of handcrafted knickknacks and accessories like acrylic key chains and earrings—almost everything is under $40.
  6. House of Hopkins: An Iroquois native, Kathryn Hopkins creates stunning beaded earrings that include sea coral and quills, and go for between $100 and $400.
  7. Chico Craft: This California-based shop sells adorable, tiny animal charms made into jewelry like bunny stud earrings, cat brooches, and dog necklaces, starting at $30.
  8. Kionas Sandals: This Athens-based brand specializes in Greek leather sandals made to  stand the test of time and start at $55.
  9. Juniper Dreams by April: Indigenous-owned shop Juniper Dreams by April sells handmade beaded earrings, cuffs, handbags, and barrettes that cost between $50 and $350.
  10. Hemleva: Seattle-based Samantha Leung has either designed or handmade everything at Hemleva, from the botanical-inspired earrings to the stickers to the pins, which start at $12.
  11. Envero Jewelry: This New York-based jewelry studio specializes in made-to-order pieces with recycled gold and silver and ethically sourced gems—their stud earrings start at $70, while their fine jewelry like engagement rings can go up to $9,000.

Best Miscellaneous Etsy Shops

Mountainess tins of organic lavender citrus lip balm.
  1. Clap Clap Design: LA-based stationary brand founded by Mimi Kim sells beautiful, floral greeting cards and even passport covers, starting at $26.
  2. Aplat: Based out of San Francisco, Aplat sells neat culinary linens like wine bottle totes, bowl covers, and casserole dish totes—almost everything is under $70.
  3. Kindred Essence: Mother and daughter team Jennifer and Sandra are behind this Black-owned organic skincare brand, specializing in natural soaps and candles that start at $10.
  4. Aerangis: Sustainably made in small batches, these candles by Alicia Tsai have been featured in Cosmopolitan, Martha Stewart, and Better Homes and Gardens and start at $39.
  5. Marley’s Monsters: This Oregon-based shop sells eco-friendly living essentials like reusable paper towels and facial rounds, and nothing is over $100.
  6. Mountainess: Mary Harrington creates natural soaps, lip balms, soy candles, and deodorant using herbs from her Maine garden—almost everything is under $20.

Natalie Gale is a Boston-based freelance journalist. When she’s not writing about art, food, or sustainability, you can find her biking to the farmers’ market, baking, sewing, or planning her next Halloween costume. Say hi on Instagram!