We’re often inundated with ads and social media algorithms, so the content we see…is not exactly what we signed up for. But with newsletters, we can curate an inbox full of content we actually enjoy. 💌 Like physical mail, but without the heavy carbon footprint.

These 99 newsletters below span the gamut from current affairs to careers & money to Substacks from some of the industry’s best writers. While we don’t recommend signing up for all of them right now (otherwise, say goodbye to Inbox Zero!), we suggest picking a few that speak to you and taking them for a test run. Oh, and don’t forget to confirm your subscription if it requires a double opt-in!

Also: If means allow, consider upgrading to a few paid subscriptions to support independent writers and their content. Most are only about $5/month (less than a coffee these days, or your monthly Netflix bill), and your subscription means writers get to work for themselves and publish the content that matters most to them. Better yet, a paid subscription is a great zero-waste gift option for holidays and birthday ideas. 😉 No matter which newsletter you pick, we’re confident you’ll become better informed, more inspired, and more in tune with the world around you.

Which newsletters do you already subscribe to and love? Let us know in the comments! And if you’re not currently signed up for TGT’s newsletters, consider joining The Weekly for our top-read articles and The Daily Good newsletter for soothing playlists, sustainable recipes, and inspiring articles to your inbox every morning.

Best For Daily News & Current Affairs

The Know Newsletter

  1. Morning Brew. This daily read sent to 4M+ subscribers promises to make you smarter in just five minutes by covering news with wit and brevity.
  2. The NYT’s The Morning. A newsletter for New York Times news, of course.

  3. The GoodNewsletter. A free daily email filled with optimistic, positive worldwide news? Sign us up.

  4. The Skimm. Tailored by and for women, this daily email breaks down everything you need to know in the world of current affairs. Check out the link for previous editions.

  5. The Know Newsletter. This 5-minute newsletter is helping us feel informed but not overwhelmed. And we love the “cheer me up” section!

  6. 1440. This everyday read covers science, politics, and culture from an impartial view, with an audience of 2M+ readers and growing.

  7. The Newsette. Daily updates on beauty, business, and everything in between—with a cheeky twist.

  8. The 19th. Reporting on the intersection of gender, policy, and politics, this independent nonprofit newsroom shares news that actually represents you.

  9. ProPublica. Best known for its journalist deep dives and exposes, ProPublica has a number of newsletters to check out on current events, from weekly recaps to daily digests.

  10. Below the Fold. Prefer to keep up on less popular news? Consider this weekly email showcasing stories that you won’t see on the front page.

  11. Vote Save America. Keep up with political news locally and nationally with Crooked Media’s email list, perfect for election season. (Plus, we appreciate Crooked Media’s bias towards action!)

    Bonus: Do a quick google search to see if your city or state has an email newsletter to stay up-to-date with local news!

Best For Sustainability & Climate Change News

Sustainable Baddie newsletter

  1. Grist. One of the few newsrooms out there focused on the intersection of climate and justice; opt-in to The Beacon for positive and hopeful climate news or The Daily for everyday reportage and coverage.

  2. The Unpublishable. Jessica DeFino’s tagline says it all: “What the beauty industry won’t tell you, from a reporter on a mission to reform it.” 👀 Start with one of our favorite recent editions, Where Are All The Eyebrows?

  3. HEATED. Launched by Emily Atkin, her insights as a climate journalist are invaluable as we look towards the earth’s future—plus, we love her take on demanding accountability.

  4. Sustainable Baddie. From thoughtful content creators we love (including Jazmine Rogers AKA @thatcurlytop), this newsletter is “a place for fun and optimistic content surrounding imperfect sustainable fashion and living.”

  5. Unwrinkling Roundup. A newsletter by fashion and sustainability journalist Whitney Bauck reporting on climate and the environment.

  6. The Climate Crisis. From The New Yorker and American environmentalist Bill McKibben.

  7. Patagonia. While most brand newsletters focus on sales and products, we love Patagonia’s emails for environmental action alerts and climate-related news (in addition to sales + product launches, ofc).

  8. Judy. If it’s information you’re after, this newsletter from ready-kits brand Judy Co sends guides and tips for safety, including for natural disasters.

  9. The Farm Share Newsletter. For tips on what to do with all your CSA produce!

  10. Zero Waste Chef. From cookbook author Anne-Marie Bonneau, a newsletter for zero waste tips and kitchen hacks.

Best Lifestyle & Roundup Newsletters

Girls Night In newsletter

The Pause newsletter

  1. Good Digs. Tips for sustainable design, decor, DIYS, and more! Delivered in a digest every other Thursday.

  2. 5 Smart Reads. Curated by author Hitha Palepu and her team, this daily digest is for “the news you should know, the books to read, and the things that will make your life better.”

  3. Gloria. Similar to Britney Spears’ “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman,” this weekly newsletter is for women approaching midlife—not yet old, yet not still young.

  4. Girls’ Night In. Dubbed a “newsletter for downtime,” we love kicking off our weekend with these curated smart reads and trusted product recommendations.

  5. Oldster Magazine. Curated by bestselling writer, editor, and teacher Sari Botton, this substack newsletter is our favorite lifestyle reads. Subscribe for essays about “the experience of getting older, and what that means at different junctures.”

  6. The GIST. Whether you root for the Yankees or sit courtside at Lakers’ games, The GIST is your 101 on the sports world, sent four times a week.

  7. Bake with lovevivv 🙂. A newsletter with baking recipes and inspo—our favorite!

  8. Letters from Esther. Esther Perel, the renowned intimacy expert, shares her up-to-date monthly insights on relationships, love, and emotional intelligence.

  9. The Stripe. Grace Atwood’s blog has been an Internet staple for “stylish bookworms” for over a decade, and her newsletter rounds up the best internet reads, fashion finds, and home decor inspo.

  10. Nisha’s Internet Tote Bag. A Sunday newsletter of reads, recipes, and curated recommendations by Vox’s Managing Editor Nisha Chittal.

  11. Add To Cart. A newsletter by Eater for perusing and bookmarking the coolest (often food-adjacent) brands. Bookmark now, buy later.

  12. Suitcase Mag Newsletter. For your regular dose of armchair travel.

  13. What To Read If. For your next book recommendation, curated by writer Elizabeth Held.

  14. Recovering. We love this substack from author Holly Whitaker for all things self-care and going sober.

  15. The Pause. The On Being Project’s weekly newsletter (delivered every Saturday).

 Best Newsletters For Creatives

Feelings Not Aside newsletter

Lit Hub newsletter

  1.  Longreads. This weekly roundup shares five of the best long-form pieces on the Internet, curated by its stellar team of editors. Set aside 15 minutes; you won’t regret it.

  2. Memoir Monday. For curated essay and long-form writing recommendations, hot off the press every Monday AM.

  3. Maybe Baby. One of the GOATs of substack newsletters, in our opinion. A top culture newsletter by Haley Nahman.

  4. Feelings Not Aside. Not to toot our own team’s horn, but Senior Editor Kayti Christian’s Substack is one of our favorites for anyone who identifies as “sensitive”. Hint: Keep tissues nearby.

  5. Grief Bacon. Self-described as “A bunch of long, weird essays” (mostly about love).

  6. Not a Writers Club. We love this newsletter for “people who sometimes have a difficult time writing.” (It’s us, we feel seen.)

  7. Fog Chaser. This one’s not your typical email newsletter. Once a month, composer Matt Evans sends out what he calls “a moment of calm”, which includes an original instrumental composition and an accompanying visual.

  8. Britchida. A newsletter for algorithm-free art that spends time “exploring trauma/healing, queerness, connection and rest.”

  9. Before And After The Book Deal. One of the most helpful resources for newbie authors—subscribe for alllll the tips on how to get published (and paid for it).

  10. Poem of the Day. A daily poem curated by Poetry Foundation.

  11. Subtle Maneuvers. From the author of Daily Rituals: How Artists Work. A fortnightly substack newsletter on “routines, rituals, and wriggling through a creative life.”

  12. Agents & Books. Another one for aspiring authors! Kate McKean is teaching us everything we need to know about finding a writing agent.

  13. The Marginalian. Formerly known as Brain Pickings, this Sunday and mid-week newsletter helps us reflect on the search for meaning and beauty in the world around us.

  14. Wu Fei’s Music Daily. For original, daily music compositions.

  15. Brass Ring Daily. Subscribe for “a daily dose of encouragement for your work, life, and creativity.”

  16. DrawTogether. Learn to draw with #1 New York Times bestselling artist Wendy MacNaughton!

  17. The Fairest Newsletter. A free writing newsletter by author Meredith Talusan “as a way to try to make things more fair to those who cannot afford to go to [writing] fancy schools.”

  18. Lit Hub Daily. A daily email recapping the best of the literary internet.

  19. Opportunities of the Week. A twice-weekly newsletter with writing gigs, calls for pitches, and freelance opportunities.

Best Newsletters For Parents

  1. Dear Somebody. This weekly newsletter by Meera Lee Patel chronicles five things worth remembering and explores the art of motherhood.

  2. The New Fatherhood. We love love love this weekly newsletter by Kevin Maguire about modern fatherhood. Subscribe for “honest conversations between a community of dads who are trying to be a little bit better.”

  3. Apparently. A substack by mom blog writer Ilana Wiles. It’s about parenting—and also everything else.

  4. The Examined Family. If you’ve ever wondered how exactly we’re supposed to raise little humans in this broken world, this newsletter is for you.

  5. Now We’re Talking. “A newsletter about the lived experience of being a mom, in all of its wonderful, but impossible, and yet often absurd glory.”

  6. The Future of Education. An excellent newsletter for school-age parents about top trends in innovation in learning.

Best Newsletters For Career & Money Advice (Plus, Job Postings)

Money With Katie newsletter

  1. The Assist. Want to become a better professional? This is our go-to for career advice that’s actually enjoyable.
  2. Money With Katie. 401(K)s, IRAs, and tax bills, oh my! A personal finance newsletter that you’ll actually want to read, can easily understand, and will laugh at over and over again.

  3. Career Contessa. Go from entry level to managerial with this weekly email, chock full of resources, timely reads, and expert advice.

  4. The Bloom. Your next favorite newsletter for career tips, jobs, exclusive interviews, and connections—specific to the social impact space.

  5. The Financial Diet. Named one of the top online destinations for women to talk about all things personal finance, this weekly email shares DIY tips, self-improvement challenges, and access to exclusive events and resources.

  6. The Penny Hoarder. More tips to help save that money, bb!

  7. The Nerdletter. From The Hell Yeah Group’s Paco de Leon, this weekly newsletter has thoughtful insights and practical reads on all things money.

  8. Embrace Change NYC. Cynthia Pong—a former lawyer, award-winning career coach, and LinkedIn Top Voice—specializes in career support specifically for BIWOC. Find no-nonsense, cheeky, and insightful tips with this weekly email.

  9. Robinhood Snacks. New to the finance or investing world? See this daily read that breaks it down into bite-sized…well, snacks.

  10. AngelList. If you work in the startup space, don’t sleep on this weekly email covering new trends, the future of work, and tech jobs.

  11. The Wall Street Journal. It’s not just for your econ professor or dad to read anymore. Stay in the know about the economy and global markets with WSJ’s many newsletters tailored to your interests.

  12. The Browngirl Green’s Green Jobs Board newsletter is excellent for climate oriented jobs.

  13. Ask A Manager. New and seasoned managers will appreciate Alison Green’s thoughtful responses on effectively leading and supporting teams. Choose from daily digests or weekly updates.

  14. Jack’s Flight Club. The best newsletter for saving $$ on travel.

 Newsletters Making Us Smarter 

NPR Life Kit newsletter

  1. NPR Life Kit. Named after the eponymous podcast, this weekly newsletter helps you get your life together. (Not into this topic? NPR has over a dozen newsletters to sign up with.)

  2. NYT’s How to Do Everything. The New York Times’ Magazine’s column on all the things you wish you were taught in school, like how to talk to dogs or remember someone’s name.

  3. National Geographic. Get inspired by Nat Geo’s plethora of daily and weekly newsletters, with engaging and uniquely covered verticals like “Health,” “Animals,” and “Environment.”

  4. A Thing or Two. Erica Cerulo and Claire Mazur, two e-commerce experts and longtime friends, share the 10 new products they’re most excited about each week. (Think everything from chic candlesticks to new 3D-printed collectibles.)

  5. The Spy Museum. James Bond fans, historians, and aspiring techies alike will love this weekly email “briefing,” with news, book releases, and stories about spies and secrets.

  6. Atlas Obscura. Explorers, local and international, will be obsessed with Atlas Obscura’s newsletters—with stories on the world’s most intriguing food and drink to hidden places to travel to on every continent.

  7. Culture Study. With tens of thousands of paid subscribers, we love journalist Anne Helen Peteresen’s substack for our weekly think piece on all things culture (from politics and feminism to celebrity takes and consumerism).

  8. The Economist’s 1843. Named after The Economist’s publication date in September 1843, this weekly email explores events old and new, from Queen Elizabeth’s legacy to American barbecue.

  9. Atavist. This digital magazine focuses on one long-form story every month, from a troubling humanities magnet program in LA to FBI informants involved in murder and fraud. Incredibly researched and written.

  10. Love Notes. Whether you’re a parent or a partner, the Gottman Institute is the go-to for research-backed data on relationships. Enjoy the latest from the pros themselves on the art of love.

  11. Alienhood. This newsletter by writer Jesus Rodriguez is “an exploration of democracy through the eyes of an undocumented immigrant.”

Newsletters From Our Favorite Authors

  1. The Audacity by Roxane Gay

  2. Story Club by George Saunders

  3. sweater weather by Brandon Taylor

  4. Werk-In-Progress by Saeed Jones

  5. Cup of Stars by Carmen Maria Machado

  6. Lorain by Morgan Jerkins

  7. Men Yell at Me by Lyz Lenz

  8. Dear Sugar by Cheryl Strayed

  9. Badreads by Lauren Hough

  10. Somebody’s Notes by Ashley C Ford

  11. Out Of The Blue by Mari Andrew

  12. Burnt Toast by Virginia Sole-Smith

  13. The AF WKLY Newsletter by Ann Friedman

  14. Heartbeat (fiction) edited by Georgia Clark and Hannah Orenstein

Henah Velez (she/her) is the Senior Editor at Money with Katie at Morning Brew, as well as a writer at The Good Trade. She holds a Master’s in Social Entrepreneurship and is a proud Rutgers grad. Originally from NJ, Henah’s now in the Bay Area where she loves shopping small, hanging with her pets, or traveling. Say hi on Instagram!