Lifestyle websites try to cover everything for everyone, but as women, femme and non-binary people, we’re multi-layered with unique needs and interests—and we deserve media that recognizes our interests.

We follow these 9 websites that are as resourceful as they are empowering and uplifting—covering everything from personal finance to mindful meditation.

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1. The Cut

Our Go-To For | News & politics
Topics | Style, self, culture, and power
A Feature We Love180 Female Execs Launch Time’s Up Advertising

When The Cut was launched years ago, it was an online publication for women with style and self in mind. Today, they’ve grown to be a leading resource for politics, current events, and the honest, challenging conversations we’re having with one another. Content some days will talk about Danity Kane and ‘Vanderpump Rules,’ while others revolve around March for Our Lives, career advice, and breastfeeding at work. Because what it means to be a successful woman can include style, self, and discussion around current events.

2. Salty

Our Go-To For | Body positivity
Topics | LGBTQIA+ lifestyle, sex & body, relationships, parenthood
A Feature We Love | How I Finally Liberated My Black Fat Femme Body

Unapologetic and intersectional, Salty is not here for censorship or the corporate brand of feminism. This volunteer-run, independent website is dedicated to amplifying the voices of women, trans, and nonbinary people on topics others may otherwise shy away from. Their perspectives around #MeToo, sex work, and body positivity are refreshing and insightful, and we’d all benefit from taking some time to dig in and read. With core tenets such as inclusivity, community, fun, and respect, their content celebrates and uplifts authenticity and living the most truthful lives we can. 

3. The Good Trade

Our Go-To For | Ethical & sustainable living
Topics | Lifestyle, fashion, beauty, self, home, culture
A Feature We Love | The 9 Best Meditation & Breathing Apps to Reduce Anxiety

Over the last seven years, The Good Trade has covered content around sustainable living and investing with socially conscious brands, knowing that we often vote for the world we want with our dollars. Today, it has grown to reach millions of readers with engaging content ranging from mindful living to personal finance to seasonal fashion. If you’re interested in fair trade fashion picks, local and sustainable spots to check out, or inspiring curated reads from across the Internet, you’ll especially love The Daily Good, a 30-second read sent each morning full of the team’s personalized recommendations.

4. Blood + Milk

Our Go-To For | Empowering wellness information and stories
Topics | Sex, body, menstruation, mental health, motherhood
A Feature We Love | Sacral Healing + The Importance Womb Healing 

Blood + Milk is more than an online publication or website for leisurely reading. It’s a community resource; a call for awakening; a collective cry for gender rights and the end of oppression for women. The editorial branch of organic tampon brand Cora, Blood + Milk is our favorite site for longer editorials, empowering stories, and inclusive advice about sex, body, menstruation, and more. For the kind of articles you’ll be forwarding to all your friends, add this site to your bookmarks. 

5. Darling Magazine

Our Go-To For | Inspiration
Topics | Culture, relationships, travel, style, creativity
A Feature We LoveThe Habits of Highly Successful Women Condensed in One Infographic

Darling Magazine was born as a print mag to redefine the art of being a woman: all images they use are untouched and their content is written to empower readers. But today, Darling has evolved to so much more than just a print magazine—it’s the ideal resource whenever you need inspiration and motivation. And if you’re not sure where to start, they’ve handpicked choices for you when you’re feeling ambitious, overwhelmed, or adventurous. With powerful features from the likes of Meghan Markle, Joanna Gaines, and Rupi Kaur, Darling is media that makes us feel loved, not less.

6. Autostraddle

Our Go-To For | LGBTQ+ lifestyle
Topics | Arts & pop culture, sex & dating, community, identities
A Feature We LoveHow Queer and Trans Women Are Healing Each Other After Hurricane Harvey

A past winner of the GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Blog, Autostraddle has transformed the lives of lesbian, bisexual, and queer women (as well as non-binary people) for nearly 10 years. They offer a fresh voice and empowered perspective to make all women feel like they’re valuable, equal, and noticed, so it’s no wonder that they’re the number one lesbian lifestyle website worldwide. And what we love most are the values they apply to all of their content: never critical or teasing of women’s physical appearances, quality over quantity with a point, and diversity and inclusion with both imagery and written content. The Autostraddle team is also more than just online: they host worldwide meet-ups, sell merch, and arranged getaways, because their ultimate goal is to create a community wherever they reach.

7. Career Contessa

Our Go-To For | Career advice
Topics | Career tips, interviews, jobs, coaching & webinars
A Feature We Love | Empathy At Work—And Why It (Really) Matters

Whether you’re beginning your career, navigating a transition at work, or negotiating your next raise, Career Contessa has the resources you need to make the most of it. We love that they have resources for women in a wide array of industries, and their library of downloads, courses, and podcasts is unlike any other. Kickstart the career of your dreams with their guided 28-day plans for finding a new job, making more money, or learning new skills—or just browse their archives for plenty of valuable career content.

8. Create & Cultivate

Our Go-To For | Entrepreneurship
Topics | Career advice, women leaders, digital & tech
A Feature We Love3 Entrepreneurs Share Their Secrets On Building A Smart Brand

Create & Cultivate’s mission is to support women looking to create & cultivate the career of their dreams, and they follow through. The ladies behind Create & Cultivate are chock full of sage advice and resources for both budding and established entrepreneurs, from year-one tips to starting a business to handling an especially slow day at work. And they’ve taken their content on the road too, with their beautifully-branded conferences and pop-ups so you can engage with them online or IRL.

9. them

Our Go-To For | LGBTQ+ culture & essays
Topics | Pop culture, style, politics, news
A Feature We Love | Inqueery: Indigenous Identity and the Significance of the Term “Two-Spirit”

For our weekly dose of pop culture, style, politics, and news, you can find us reading them, a proclaimed next-generation community platform chronicling and celebrating the LGBTQ+ community. In addition to sharing excellent and informative content (we love both the written articles and videos) them also sends out a newsletter for anyone who “wants the best of what’s queer” delivered right to your inbox.