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Looking to support your gut health? Us too. Gut health is essential to wellness and feeling good in our bodies, and “our microbiome actually helps to shape our immune system,” according to transplant gastroenterologist Dr. Shilpa Ravella. The below brands are the best of the best when it comes to science-backed and clinically proven pre-, pro- and postbiotics. From third-party testing to sustainable production to superb ingredients that ensure our guts are healthy and happy, these gut health supplements keep everything regular and flowing. 😉

**This review is not health advice. Please talk to your OBGYN or healthcare provider before adding any supplements to your diet.

1. Seed

Natural & Organic | Vegan; free from gluten, dairy, soy, nut, shellfish, corn, and sesame; glyphosate/AMPA-free, no binders or preservatives; prop-65 compliant
Standout Features | Ships in boxes made from biodegradable algae paper, refillable glass jar, bio-based trays for shipping
AFU (Active Fluorescent Units) | 53.6 billion
Price | $49.99/month

Seed‘s daily synbiotic (probiotic + prebiotic) is formulated with strains to support digestive health, gut barrier integrity, gut immune function, and even cardiovascular and dermatological health. The brand has set the bar incredibly high with production standards, testing, biofermentation, and survivability—Seed’s ViaCap technology ensures the probiotic makes it to your colon while still alive. This is the best of the best when it comes to caring for your gut health and microbiome. Even better, the brand has impressive sustainability initiatives and subscription options (monthly refills come in biofilm sachets!) so you never miss your daily dose.

2. Ritual

Natural & Organic | Vegan, gluten-free and allergen-friendly, non GMO, third-party tested
Standout Features | Monthly subscriptions, recycled packaging, traceable supply chain
CFU (Colony Forming Units) | 11 billion
Price | $54/month

Ritual‘s Synbiotic+ is a 3-in-1 clinically-studied prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics to support a balanced gut microbiome. It includes 11b CFUs for digestive support, plus two of the world’s most clinically studied probiotic strains. We love that Ritual uses Made Traceable® ingredients and that you only have to take one capsule—which is formulated as a delayed-release capsule so it reaches your colon while still alive.

3. AG1

Natural & Organic | Vegan; organic ingredients; non-GMO; free of fillers & preservatives; free from gluten, corn, eggs, peanuts, dairy, and animal by-products
Standout Features | Independently tested, monthly subscriptions, travel packs for on-the-go
CFU (Colony Forming Units) | 7.2 billion
Price | $99/month (discounted subscriptions)

Our editors are big fans of AG1 (formerly Athletic Greens) for daily greens, vitamins and nutrients, and—yes—pre- and probiotics. (Read the review here!) One yummy scoop of this green powder (mix with water or add to your morning smoothie) includes 75 superpower ingredients for gut and whole body health—including nutrient-dense extracts, herbs, and antioxidants, digestive enzymes, phytonutrients, multiminerals, and so much more. We love that AG1 can be enjoyed as a morning beverage, especially if you have difficulty swallowing pills. The travel packs make it an easy option to take with us on the go so we never miss our daily serving.

4. Perelel

Natural & Organic | Gluten-free, soy-free, non-GMO
Standout Features | OBGYN-founded, reduced carbon footprint, additional line of multivitamins and prenatals
CFU (Colony Forming Units) | 10 billion
Price | $24.50/month

Perelel Health is the brand we love for our conception journey, whether we’re trying. to get pregnant, currently growing a baby, or recovering from postpartum. Founded specifically by an OBGYN, the brand has a line of prenatal vitamins with bioavailable ingredients specific to each trimester (including a men’s multi-packs) for the most effective supplements, as well as a daily probiotic for maximum gut support. Thanks to a Carbonfree partnership, Perelel supports carbon offset projects and uses eco-friendly packaging for its supplements, which is better for you and the planet.

5. Needed

Natural & Organic | Non-GMO, allergen friendly, third-party tested
Standout Features | Monthly subscriptions and bundle options; B Corp certified
CFU (Colony Forming Units) | 30 billion
Price | $59.99/month (save with subscription options)

Needed is another one of our editor-tested and approved brands for daily vitamins, including prenatals and probiotics that target microbiome support for you and your baby. Formulated in partnership with leading perinatal and microbiome experts, this pre- and probiotic includes clinically studied spore-forming and non-spore-forming strains and supports key perinatal needs like vaginal balance, digestive comfort, and iron absorption. Needed is a certified B Corp and we love the subscription options, as well as the various plans to save on monthly supplies of vitamins and supplements for both partners.

Featured image by Seed