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Unfortunately, increased climate change means more natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, or blizzards, and that ultimately means our homes are more at risk of blackouts and long-term outages.

To be safe, it’s best to invest in a home generator that can provide backup power as needed. While many bigger home generators run on liquid propane or gas, there are a number of newer models that run on solar energy. If you’re looking for something easy to store, free to charge, available to use right when you need it, and portable enough to carry everywhere, you’re probably looking for a portable solar generator. 

“As the name implies, a solar generator will combine a portable power station with solar panels.”

As the name implies, a solar generator will combine a portable power station with solar panels—the panels generate the electricity needed and store it within the power station. It’s a great investment in clean energy, too, so they’re a sustainable way to rely on power.

Here’s what to look for when searching for a solar generator:

  • Decide what size you need. The easiest way to do that? Know how much actual power you’d use. Add up the running watts needed for the various tools or appliances you plan on using, and then add in the starting watts you’d need to get them up and running. This formula and guide can help.
  • Calculate how many panels or batteries you need—and weigh that against your potential savings. Depending on the generator capacity you need for your lifestyle, you may want to invest in multiple solar panels or extra batteries. While this is a more expensive upfront cost, remember that solar energy can save around $1,500/year (plus tax credits!)—a cost that can easily offset the price over time.
  • Figure out how often you’ll use it. Most solar generators are made to last, but some are heavier or require longer charge times than others. So, you’ll want to know if you plan to store these away at various seasons or if you’d like to use them every day for years to come—that’ll affect which model is best for you (i.e., ones with more battery cycles or ones that retain their charge longer). 

We’ve rounded five of the most well-known brands below to consider—nearly all offer quick-charging, portable models, impressive energy capacities and outlets, and flexible warranties and payment plans to help offset those costs. ⚡

1. EcoFlow

Best For | Midsize solar generators
Notable Specs | Portable options, up to 3.6 kWh capacities, quick charging models, water resistant, smart remote control, warranties & payment plans available
Price | $849+

EcoFlow products provide “reliable power for unpredictable times,” and the DELTA series is the one we’d look to for a top-of-the-line midsize solar generator. These bad boys can generate multiple kilowatt hours daily and charge in under six hours—so your home essentials will be more than covered. If you need additional energy, like for heavy-duty appliances, you can also check out the discounted bundles that come with extra batteries. These are so durable, they’re meant to last for 3,000 full “charge and drain” cycles—aka nearly a decade straight of everyday use.


Best For | Small solar generators
Notable Specs | Portable options, up to 2 kWh capacities, quick charging models, BLUETTI app, warranties & payment plans available
Price | $299+

If you don’t need a large solar generator or just prefer one that’s portable, we like BLUETTI’s power stations starting at under $300. The capacities go up to 2 kWH and can be charged up to six different ways—from solar power to the car’s cigarette lighter to a regular ol’ wall outlet (you can even combine them all for a faster charge). Either way, many options charge up to 80% in 30 minutes so it’s great for urgent use or emergencies. With such an affordable price, thoughtful and long-lasting use, and a 2-year hassle-free warranty, Bluetti’s power stations are worth trying—especially for beginners getting their first solar generators.

3. Jackery

Best For | Large solar generators
Notable Specs | Up to 24 kWh capacities, portable options with quick charging time if needed, water & weather-resistant, Jackery app, warranties & payment plans available
Price | $1,597+

If you need more of a workhorse, you can’t go wrong with Jackery’s pro options. Whether you’re hoping to go off-grid for days at a time, powering up your home after an outage, or living on a boat for weeks on end, these powerful solar generators are a force to be reckoned with—with models offering up to 24 kWh capacities. (And even with that much of a charge, they only take a few hours or so to be ready!) They’re light enough to carry around, shock-resistant, and fire-retardant so it’s as strong as can be. If you’re not sure if Jackery’s Solar Generator Pros are for you, try them out with a 30-day money back guarantee and a multiyear warranty—though we have a feeling you’ll use it for all 4,000 cycles available. There’s a reason it won a CES Innovation Award and was featured in publications like CNET and Popular Science, after all.

4. Geneverse

Best For | Multiple outlets
Notable Specs | Portable options, up to 2.4 kWh capacity, weather-resistant, 4-hour charging time, Geneverse app, 5-year warranty & payment plans available
Price | $2,499

Want a solar generator primarily for emergency preparedness? Geneverse’s HomePower TWO PRO fits the bill. There are seven outlets total on the body including USB ports and AC outlets, so you can back up your fridge, sump pump, charging devices, and so on simultaneously—no need to worry about competing priorities. And while this one’s a bit heavy (59 lbs), the TWO PRO comes with ergonomic built-in handles, and once it’s charged, it can hold the power for up to one year at a time, so you can quietly store it away. Then, when you need it during an outage, you can set up the generator in 30 seconds and use it via the mobile app. For easy, effective, and efficient energy, this one’s a clear winner.

5. Anker

Best For | RVs & outdoor living
Notable Specs | Portable options, up to 2 kWh capacities, waterproof protection, quick charging models, Anker app, multiyear warranty & payment plans available
Price | $2,199+

Anker is best known for its powerful portable phone chargers—and that same quality extends to solar generators, too. The Anker SOLIX 767 line are long-lasting portable power stations that can be used for up to 10 years. The solar panels themselves are easy to set up and fold back up, and the actual generator comes with a helpful handle, so it’s simple to bring along for outdoor adventures, RVs, and trailer living. (For example, the SOLIX 767 could power a portable freezer for up to a whopping 30 hours at once.) And sustainability matters for Anker, too: The team uses eco-friendly materials, plastic-free packaging, has select carbon-neutral products, and supports ocean conservancy efforts. Go green with your lifestyle in every way.