It’s no secret that we’re big fans of writing and reading newsletters—if you’re not yet subscribed to The Daily Good, here’s your subtle hint. 😉 As of late, our team has also jumped on the Substack train—reading, sharing, and even creating newsletters of our own. I myself joined Substack just over two years ago, creating a weekly newsletter with essays, music, and recommendations for sensitive people. I’ve loved the connections I’ve been able to make over there, and it’s become one of my very favorite corners of the internet, especially in such a highly saturated, video-favored space.

To celebrate the writing happening over there and to champion the business model (we believe writers should be able to create the content they desire and get paid for their work), here are a few of our editors’ very favorite Substack newsletters—ranging from culture and news to music and personal essays.

We hope you find a few you love, and please drop your own recommendations in the comments so we can add them to our reading list! xx

AmyAnn, CEO + Founder

Feelings Not Aside | A newsletter for sensitive people by our Managing Editor, Kayti Christian
ParentData | A newsletter that aims to give you the numbers and decision-making tools you need to feel more empowered as you make your own pregnancy, parenting, and health choices. Written by author and professor at Brown University, Emily Oster.
Maybe Baby | A top culture newsletter on Substack by Haley Nahman, the former features director of Man Repeller.
Recomendo | A newsletter with six brief personal recommendations of cool stuff.
The Cereal Aisle | A fashion newsletter about clothes and style, with a particular emphasis on how to get dressed with clothes you already own. Written by Leandra Medine Cohen, the founder of Man Repeller.
A Newsletter From the Desk of Austin Kleon | Weekly art, writing, and creative inspiration from author Austin Kleon.

Emily, Editorial Director

Adulting With ADHD | A newsletter by Rach Idowu about adulting with ADHD, including strategies, tips, & self-reflections.
Dear Somebody, A Letter From Me To You | A weekly newsletter from artist and writer Meera Lee Patel with five things worth remembering a year from now, including reflections on motherhood, notes on my artistic process, and creative inspiration.
On Knowing Yourself | A newsletter by author and writer Natalie Lue helping people listen to themselves so that they can figure out and honor what they need, desire, and deserve.
Sustainable Baddie | A newsletter for fun and optimistic content surrounding imperfect sustainable fashion and living.

Kayti, Managing Editor

Fog Chaser | A monthly newsletter for original instrumental music compositions with accompanying visuals and poetry.
Small Stories | Meditations and writings for seekers of everyday beauty.
Not A Writer’s Club | A newsletter for people who sometimes have a difficult time writing. 
Inner Workings | A newsletter about mysterious women’s diseases, work culture, mothering, money, and power.
Gentle Company | A newsletter by writer-poet Jess Janz with creative prompts, notes on writing, and thoughts about softness.
Letters From A Stranger | A weekly digital journal by writer, photographer, and podcast host, Nneka Julia.
Monday Monday | A weekly newsletter on creativity and attention.
starting from nix | A newsletter with writings about identity, introspection, and relationships, among other things.
Musings From A Broken Heart | A newsletter for theology, poetry, reflections, and meditations.

Henah, Staff Writer

try a little tenderness | A newsletter that offers a quiet place away from the noise (subscribe for the most nourishing and delicious recipes + writing).
The Unpublishable | A newsletter about what the beauty industry won’t tell you—from a reporter on a mission to reform it.
The Audacity | A newsletter from none other than Roxane Gay.
Whetstone Media | A newsletter dedicated to telling stories about food origins and culture. 

Stephanie, Contributing Editor

Subtle Maneuvers | A newsletter on routines, rituals, and wriggling through a creative life, from the author of Daily Rituals: How Artists Work.
homeculture | A newsletter about capitalism, care, and the home.
In Pursuit of Clean Countertops | A newsletter unpacking momfluencer culture by author Sara Petersen.
Life is a Sacred Text | A newsletter about true things, with ancient stories serving as mirrors and lights. Written by Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg.
Burnt Toast | A newsletter dismantling diet culture and anti-fat bias, especially in health, fashion, and parenting.
Culture Study | A newsletter to help us think more about the culture surrounding us.
Story Club with George Saunders | An interactive newsletter about writing short stories with prompts, exercises, readings, and more.

Silsila, Contributing Editor

Yeldā | A newsletter focused on how to build character and community.
upward spiral | A newsletter with personal essays and intimate conversations with writers, artists, and creatives of all kinds.
Boy Movies | A weekly newsletter about the binary between boy movies (think Taxi Driver, Ghostbusters, the complete works of Michael Bay) and girl movies (think Mamma Mia!Lady Bird, the complete works of Nancy Meyers).
April’s 90s Musings | A newsletter for 90s nostalgia.

Kayti Christian is the Managing Editor at The Good Trade. She has a Master’s in Nonfiction Writing from the University of London and is the creator of Feelings Not Aside, a newsletter for sensitive people.