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I never thought I would be one to easily hop onto the “biker shorts” trend. As a teenager, I often poked fun at photos of my mom and her friends from the ‘80s and ‘90s in their oversized graphic tees and block-printed biker shorts—always complemented with high socks and sneakers. So when biker shorts made a comeback last summer, I may have rolled my eyes a little—okay, a lot—and promised myself to never hop on the bandwagon.

But then I learned the bandwagon is actually comfortable, and if you know me in real life, you know that comfort is my biggest selling point. The seller in this case? Beyond Yoga, a local brand in my Los Angeles backyard. 

Founded in 2006 by Jodi Guber Brufsky and Michele Wahler, Beyond Yoga is known and loved for its “buttery soft” yoga essentials and loungewear. I first discovered the brand’s Spacedye Caught In The Middle leggings—they have no outside seams and literally melt into your skin. The leggings also offer a tush lift, as a friend kindly pointed out, which made me all the more excited to wear them quite literally every day last winter. 

“I learned the bandwagon is actually comfortable, and if you know me in real life, you know that comfort is my biggest selling point.”

But I live in Los Angeles, and I also work from home. Yoga pants, while my preferred wardrobe staple from fall to spring, leave my legs feeling claustrophobic and sweaty from June until September. Now that we’ve all settled a bit more permanently into remote work, I knew that I’d need a yoga pants alternative for the warmer temps.

Enter Beyond Yoga’s Spacedye Biker Shorts. That’s right; the brand that makes (in my opinion) the softest yoga leggings also has soft biker shorts crafted from the very same spacedye fabric. More technically, the fabric is 87% Polyester, 13% Lycra, has UV protection and is also Bluesign® Certified. That means it meets “the strictest chemical safety requirement for textiles, ensuring harmful chemicals are kept out of the manufacturing process.” According to Beyond Yoga, “Bluesign® works with factories and brands to operate more efficiently, reduce water, energy and chemical use and minimize pollution, as well as protect workers from exposure to chemicals.” 

Another perk, these biker shorts offer the same high-waisted, seam-free tush lift as the sister leggings. I tested out three pairs, which all had fairly high price points. But as we’ve learned with conscious clothing brands (and especially those made in the USA), price tags tend to be steeper to reflect fair labor and quality fabric costs accurately. Here’s what I tested: 

All three of these biker shorts had positive reviews (4.7 stars and above), which I carefully read through before making my final selection of all neutral colors. I know, I know, how boring. But my closet includes mostly blacks and blues and greys. The shorts do come in bright seasonal colors and fun waterless prints for those who prefer a bit more vibrance in their look.

As you’ll note, my shopping cart also only included high-waisted options, which is a must for me because I like that extra shaping component. Most of Beyond Yoga’s biker shorts have a higher waistband, though some have shorter inseams. The brand also makes maternity biker shorts and biker shorts up to 4XL.

When my package arrived (very quickly, likely because it was coming from a local Los Angeles warehouse), it came in a 100% recycled Polybag, which Beyond Yoga notes on its sustainability efforts page. But I was a bit disappointed to find that, inside, each pair of shorts was individually wrapped in plastic, likely to keep them protected in the mail; but I’d like to see the brand move away from that in the future and implement more sustainable packaging options. 

As for the garments themselves, they exceeded my hopes and expectations, especially for my very first pairs of biker shorts. They slid on effortlessly (true to my size) and stretched in all the right places. The Heather Rib shorts were a bit tighter and didn’t offer as much give, so I exchanged them for a Studio Crop tank, which I love love love.

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve worn my biker shorts, and I can honestly say I reach for them most days. I’ve worn them for errands, for work, for walking my dog. And I’ve also worn them for a few workouts, though I do find they ride up a bit during HIIT classes and I’m consistently adjusting them. I’ll probably just use them for daily wear and yoga moving forward.

All in all, 10/10 recommend, even with the investment prices. I’m confident these shorts will last me for many summers to come. I’ll also be keeping my eye on Beyond Yoga for future lounge and workout staples—I’m especially eager to watch their sustainability initiatives grow and evolve. 

If you’re looking for a pair of soft biker shorts with just the right amount of compression this summer, look no further. Beyond Yoga is your one-stop-shop.


Key Takeaways:

  • Beyond Yoga is a Los Angeles-based brand making soft loungewear and yoga apparel. Everything is made in the USA.

  • The brand’s biker shorts are made with 87% Polyester and 13% Lycra. They have UV protection and are Bluesign® Certified.

  • Aside from being super soft and comfy, these bike shorts offer a nice tush lift and a gentle amount of compression in all the right places. While steeper on the price point, the quality of these biker shorts can’t be missed. I know I’ll be wearing these for many years to come.

  • These biker shorts are available in sizes up to 4XL and there is a maternity collection.

Kayti Christian (she/her) is the Managing Editor at The Good Trade. She has a Master’s in Nonfiction Writing from the University of London and is the creator of Feelings Not Aside, a newsletter for sensitive people.