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With all the recent stressors of everyday life, we’re in need of some better sleep; one way to improve rest is with the help of blackout or privacy curtains. Since our bodies are usually regulated by Circadian rhythms and influenced by sunshine (or a lack thereof), curtains that block unwanted light can help get us to sleep sooner.

Whether you’re looking for white blackout curtains or sustainable privacy curtains, we’ve got the goods. These are sustainably sourced with natural materials like linen, organic cotton, and hemp, so you can breathe (and rest) easier.

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1. Barn & Willow

Materials | Belgian linen & organic cotton
Colors | White, black, neutrals, grays, blues, greens
Length | Up to 108”; custom sizing available
Price | Starting at $210

For the best in sustainable blackout curtains, we love Barn & Willow. The brand teams up with a Belgian linen factory, GOTS certified organic cotton producers, and artisans in Delhi, India to produce custom drapery and shades that elevate your home. Because every purchase is made-to-order, the brand offers exact sizing, dozens of colors, and your choice of privacy or blackout lining, made from 100 percent organic cotton.

2. Pottery Barn

Materials | Flax linen & cotton
Colors | White, black, neutrals, grays, blues
Length | Up to 108”
Price | $159–$339

Bring warmth and style (and privacy) to any room with Pottery Barn’s Fair Trade Certified blackout curtains. These curtains are sewn with a blend of flax linen imported directly from France and sustainable cotton, produced under safe and fair working conditions. Available in a mix of widths, lengths and colors, each panel includes blackout lining made of 100 percent cotton—ideal for enhanced light filtration.

3. OM Home Brand

Materials | Linen
Colors | Black; custom orders available
Length | 104.3”; custom sizing available
Price | $99.99

Let the light shine in (or keep it out) with OM Home Brand’s sustainable privacy curtains. Designed to block out about 60 percent of incoming light, these all-natural curtains are both VOC- and plastic-free. And because they’re black, your space will look exceptionally regal. (And an extra tip: If you have a specific style, size, or color in mind, OM Home Brand also accepts custom orders.)

4. Rawganique

Materials | Organic cotton, linen, & hemp
Colors | White, black, neutrals, grays, blues, reds, oranges, greens, purples
Length | Up to 86”
Price | $99–$169

Since 1997, the Rawganique team has been practicing organic living through and through, especially as off-the-grid islanders. The brand grows, weaves, knits, and sews products entirely in-house, so each blackout curtain is ethically made and free from dangerous chemicals or gases. Rawganique recommends doubling up on darker curtains or adding layers underneath to fully block out light. With affordable prices and a range of colors, it’s never been easier to get your preferred style and the perfect night of sleep.

5. West Elm

Materials | Cotton
Colors | White, black, gray, blue, yellow
Length | Up to 108”
Price | $70–$298

West Elm’s ethically made and sustainable privacy curtains are ideal for insulating windows while also keeping light at bay. As a proud member of the Better Cotton Initiative, these cotton curtains are sustainably sourced, prioritizing reduced water usage and reduced synthetic fertilizers. Depending on your preference, you can opt for cotton canvas or cotton velvet, both of which exude luxury and elegance.

Header image by Emily Henderson via Barn & Willow