(No, Not That Kind Of Pot)

Plants heal all wounds (yes, even wounds left from 15 months of not socializing). And whether the pandemic turned you into a plant parent, or you’re a millennial with a leafy love affair, a pot is just as important as the plant you stick inside of it—both for aesthetics and for plant health. 

There are a few things you’ll need to take into consideration when choosing your plant’s future home—like pot size and material. From ceramic (of the unglazed and glazed variety) to wood, to concrete or even plastic (oops!), almost everything can be used as a planter—just check for a drainage hole!

If you have to have that adorable pot from the flea market, which of course is so cute but lacking in drainage, keep your new leafy lover in its grower pot (the plastic pot from the nursery) or add a layer of gravel to the bottom to avoid root rot. Better yet? Try one of the Instagram-worthy pots below that’ll please your plants and up your interiors.

For more plant necessities, like gardening tools and plant sticks, try these sustainable brands. And if you’re looking for leafy greens delivered straight to your door, here are a few of our favorite online houseplant shops.

1. Front Range 

Sustainability | Handmade in Pasadena, CA, natural materials Sizes Available | 2”, 4″ Price Range | $12–$48

Front Range makes small terracotta pots (perfect for your prickly pals) in a range of modern, fresh shapes. We especially love its steps shape, which looks like the DEVO hat, and who wouldn’t want that in their home?! Unlike a glazed ceramic stoneware piece, terracotta (“baked earth” in Italian, FYI) is earthenware, meaning it’s porous, will absorb moisture, and develop a nice patina over time. Just make sure you place any terracotta pots on a non-porous surface to avoid damage to your floor, tabletop, etc.

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2. Hawkins New York

Sustainability | Made by artisans in Portugal Sizes Available | 7”, 10”, 13″ Price Range | $25–$95

Cement, like the kind at Hawkins New York, is a natural insulator. This means it can warm the soil and maintain temperature better than other materials—aka it’s great for warmer weather-loving plants. Cement planters are also heavy, making them suitable for outdoor use, even in high winds (think desert cacti) or more adverse weather conditions. The footed detail on these Hawkins New York planters make them *chef’s kiss*.

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3. Hasami Porcelain

Sustainability | Locally sourced materials, Edo-period process, handmade Sizes Available | 4”, 6″ Price Range | $27.50–$45

Hasami Porcelain sets itself apart from other porcelain homewares companies by maintaining the Japanese Edo-period handmade practices of the Hasami village. Whether glazed or unglazed, all Hasami pieces are offered in four neutral shades (blue, black, tan, and white). Planters come in two sizes, and a drainage plate is sold separately—they double as trays, as you’ll notice most can be mixed and matched! True Japanese functionality.

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4. Helen Levi Ceramics

Sustainability | Handmade in Queens, NY, low-waste production Sizes Available | 5.5”, 8.5″ Price Range | $110–$360

Helen Levi was one of the first to burst onto the more recent handmade ceramics scene—we may even argue that she started it, as far as popular independent makers go. These beach planters are made from tinted slip—liquid clay—that’s poured into a mold (see the amazing process here). This pot is glazed on the inside, which means it’s non-porous, has a drainage hole, and comes with a saucer, so you don’t have to worry about moving your plant to the sink or tub on watering day. These are made to order and worth the wait!

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5. Light + Ladder

Sustainability | Made in family-run facility in Vermont, USA, powered by renewable energy Sizes Available | 7.75”, 9.5”, 15.5″ Price Range | $45–$1,000+

Light + Ladder designs its pots in Brooklyn, then makes them in a family-run, renewable energy facility in Vermont, USA. And let us tell you: These planter pots are sculptural works of art. Made from interior-glazed ceramic or Carrera marble (!!), they’re as functional as they are beautiful. The standard version comes without a drainage hole, too, or you can add one and a watering tray for a small additional cost. 

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6. Foredays

Sustainability | Slow made by hand in a studio in South London Sizes Available | 7.75 cm–11 cm Price Range | £20–£34

Foredays is a London-based small-batch ceramics line. Each piece is hand crafted, and we love the textural detail of this carved black planter. Beware, this one has no drainage hole, so you’ll need to add a layer of gravel to the bottom, but it’ll be worth it when you see how your green frond friends pop against the matte black surface.

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7. Ella Reweti

Sustainability | Handmade in Melbourne, Australia Sizes Available | 13cm x 14cm  Price Range | AUD 139

Ella Reweti is a Melbourne ceramic artist we’ve just discovered and can’t get enough of. Her planters remind us of the daisy shape we see everywhere, so naturally, we need this for our plants! Complete with a drainage hole and a saucer to catch the water run-off, these cute slipcast plant pots come in a variety of soft, muted colors (we’ll take one of each). Shop Ella’s collection at different stockists; we’re particularly fond of Australian ethical and sustainable shop, Gingerfinch.

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