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There are few things more annoying than water stains and table rings—you know the ones. That’s why we’re all #TeamCoaster here! Plus, many coasters nowadays are more than just functional; they’re downright chic.

From countertop to tabletop, here are our favorites made with sustainable materials, crafted by artisans, and designed to last for your next decade of drinks and dinner parties (and beyond).

Is your table too far gone? Here are our favorite sustainable coffee tables.

1. Graf Lantz

Natural materials
OEKO-TEX® certified
Small business

Ethics | Sustainable materials, low waste
Materials | Felt wool
Price | $26 for a set of four

Los Angeles-based Graf Lantz designer is all about Merino wool—even for coasters—for a good reason: Naturally hydrophobic, felt wool is an ideal material to help keep your tabletops dry. These coasters are inspired by “Bierfilzl,” or traditional felt beer coasters, so they’re also extremely durable and heavy-duty. Grab your set of four in the colors of your choice!

2. Hawkins New York

American made
Natural materials
Small business

Ethics | Artisan-made, sustainable materials, ethically made in Swaziland, USA, India, Portugal & Columbia
Materials | Grass, porcelain, cork, marble, brass, felt & iraca palm
Price | Starts at $18 for a set of four

Few things are more confusing than the “whose glass is this?” debate, which is why Hawkins New York created its coasters to each look slightly different! The geometric marble coasters and cork coasters are handmade by artisans in India and Portugal, with each one finished in a variety of patterns and uncommon shapes. Besides these collections, you’ll find coasters crafted with materials such as porcelain and iraca palm leaf, making them a standout piece on your coffee table!


Climate neutral
Fair trade
Small business
Woman owned

Ethics | Artisan-made in Uganda, carbon-neutral shipping
Materials | Raffia, sisal, & banana fibers, organic dyes
Price | Starts at $27 for a set of four

KAZI’s mission is to offer gainful employment, training, and fair wages for local artisans across Africa. These Ugandan coasters are made with sustainable materials that can be found nearby—like sisal and banana fibers—then dyed with locally sourced inks. The result? Over thirty coaster sets with gorgeous designs, rich colors, and even a few with fringe.


American made
Small business
Woman owned

Ethics |  Artisan-made, biodegradable & sustainable fibers, carbon-neutral shipping
Materials | Cotton & linen
Price | Starts at $17.50 for a set of four

SUZUYA, based in Jacksonville, North Carolina, offers mats, napkins, and coasters sewn from eco-friendly materials. These linen and cotton coasters, which come in sets of four, are minimalist, quick-drying, and fully biodegradable. We don’t know about you, but we’ll be grabbing these simple coasters for our dinner parties—they add just the right touch of elegance.

5. Jeff Davis

American made
Small business

Ethics | Artisan-made, reclaimed materials
Materials | Reclaimed records
Price | $25 for a set of six

Music-lovers will love these coasters from Jeff Davis. Made from actual vinyl records, you’ll receive a set of six from different music genres—a surprise worth the wait. And not to worry, each disc is sealed so condensation won’t leak through. Handmade in Philadelphia, this is upcycling at its finest.

Featured image is from Graf Lantz