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Who else is just a few organizing sprees away from their dream home? There are few chores as fulfilling (and as frustrating) as tidying up clutter and finding space for our various knick-knacks. (We’re looking at you, bills, blankets, and buttons.) To upgrade your home into a more eco-conscious and plastic-free space, we’re sharing organizational options you can use, from rattan boxes to recycled crates.

Take a look and see what might work best for your needs—you might actually look forward to your next deep-cleaning session. If you’re moving towards reducing your waste, check out our guides to creating a zero waste kitchen and a plastic free beauty routine!

1. Wooden Crates

Try | Etsy
Best For | Toys
Price Range | Starting at $16 for wooden crate

Looking for something sturdy yet aesthetically pleasing? We love Etsy’s platform which offers reclaimed wooden crates. By purchasing from these eco-conscious sellers, you’re investing in small businesses and repurposing goods which might otherwise be wasted. Plus, recycled crates are easy to pull together for a seamless look, and affordable enough to stock up with. Check out ArtfulHorizon and Reclaim & Refurbish.

2. Canvas Bins

Try | Verishop
Best For | Blankets
Price Range | Starting at $62 for large basket

Perfect for any bedroom, living room, or playroom, canvas bins are an ideal way to store larger items, like blankets or quilts. Verishop offers storage bins that come equipped with handles for easy use, including ones designed specifically for children’s spaces. Elevate the look of any room with these stunning canvas options.

3. Glass Jars

Try | Hay Container
Best For | Kitchen & bathroom goods
Price Range | Starting at $30 for glass container

If you’re interested in a better way to organize smaller goods, check out Hay’s glass jars. Multi-purpose and practical, they make sorting easier, keep dry goods (like spices) fresh, and are ideal for any plastic-free home. With Hay’s varying sizes and colors, you can craft a long-lasting glass storage collection that works for any cluttered counter or closet.

4. Baskets

Try | Minna
Best For | Home office & entry
Price Range | Starting at $30 for small baskets

Minna’s ethically woven baskets look beautiful no matter where they’re placed in your home. They’re our go-to for everything from plants to magazines to umbrellas. Available in a number of sizes, you can also mix and match for your organizational needs.

5. Rattan Boxes

Try | West Elm
Best For | Media & magazines
Price Range | Starting at $15 for small woven box

Native to tropical regions across Australia and Africa, rattan is a durable material that can withstand a little weight. That’s why we love West Elm’s rattan boxes for media & magazines or paper filing. Combining form and function, they’ll last a long time. Best of all, these boxes are handwoven, relying on methods that have been around for generations. Add some artisan work to your home.